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Who is Squalo?
   First off, the word squalo comes from the Itailian word shark. It is in Itlaian because I think that some of the most beautiful women in the world are Italian as well as some of the surrounding countries in the mediterranean. I am a fantasy writer by hobby who is fascinated with sharks and all their power. I also have an obsession with beautiful women in bikinis. I love having the two come face to face. I am not a sexist. I truly love and respect women. I also don't want readers to get the impression that I think sharks are viscious man eaters. They are truly dangerous, but not out to eat any person that gets in their path. In fact like many scientists I feel that when a person is attacked, it is a case of mistaken identity for their favorite food, the seal. 
   I love the idea of femme fatales or damsels in distress and I take it to the extreme in my fantasy writing. The real excitement is in the danger that awaits them. I do not believe in torturing women in my stories. My only extreme is that the victim is enjoyed as food or nourishment. I think women are very dilectable.
   I think the belly or abdomen is the most beautiful facet that a woman has. To me it is a bountiful playground. It is also one of the most vulerable parts as well. I find a woman most vulnerable when her belly is exposed and stretched out with nothing to protect it.
   So the Idea of something so vulnerable facing something so dangerous is exciting to me and hopfully to the reader as well.