By Mostanol

The ropes dug tightly into her wrists, she tried for the umpteenth time to twist her hands free from the binds behind her back but as before she was unsuccessful.

Rachel felt the car go over another bump and her whole body lifted momentarily up, banging her head hard on the roof of the trunk.
She moaned through the gag, only softly though, not so much that the driver and his friend would hear her, she didn't want to anger them again. Earlier on when she had tried shouting for help and kicking against the metal above her they had pulled over and opened up the trunk, the skinny one had lit a match and held it so close to her wide frightened eyes that she had feared her lashes were going to set ablaze.
"You gonna keep quiet?" he had asked her and she had nodded her response before the lid was slammed down on her again.
No. By now she had decided the only way she was going to survive this was to just keep calm and do exactly what they told her.

It was madness, only two hours ago Rachel had been excitedly talking to her boyfriend on the telephone, he had been away to visit relatives for the past fortnight and tonight he was coming back, he had arranged to meet her at her flat at eight. She had missed him so much and now... Now it looked like she was never to see him again.

No! Don't think like that, of course you are going to see him again, of course you are.

But the voice in her head was far more confident than her reasoning, they hadn't worn masks, she had seen their faces, they weren't just going to let her go now were they?

Shut up! Shut up! Of course they'll let you go, just do whatever they want, donít make them angry again.

Another bump and her body jolted again, she felt her giant bosom propel her suddenly upwards and then squash back out again on impact. 
She cursed it.
That was something else she had been talking to her boyfriend about on the telephone. Her breasts. Or more importantly the new uniform that Carl was making them all wear at the cafe. The little black micro skirt and black tights and the body hugging white t-shirt with the cafe's logo. It was hardly subtle on Rachel, she had never been a small girl and the logo was thrust a good 20cm's out in front of her by her enormous supple breasts, she had only been wearing it a day and already six of the male customers had brushed against her boobs on their way about the cafe, far too many to have all just been accidents.
Her boyfriend had laughed, had said he couldnít wait to see her in it and that she should just enjoy the attention that it got.
Oh it had gotten attention alright, it had certainly gotten the attention of the two blokes in the car park, one of whom had climbed out of his car supposedly to ask for directions whilst the other one had snuck around behind her and.... Well, it was all a bit of a blank then until she had woken up bound and gagged in the trunk of their car.

Rachel suddenly felt the car slow, heard the engine wither and die and heard the car doors open and close.

We've arrived, whatever they want from me I am going to find out now.

She heard footsteps on gravel.

If they want to rape me I'll just let them rape me, if they want me to go down on them then God help me I'll go down on them... I'm just going to do whatever they want just so long as they don't hurt me..... Just so long as they let me live.... Oh please Jesus let them let me live.

The trunk lid opened.

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Bright light stabbed at her senses, it was sunny. For some reason Rachel had thought it was nighttime, how long had she been in the trunk?
The two men leered down at her, the fat, unshaven Hispanic rubbed a hairy hand over his mouth, his skinny Caucasian friend smiled a yellow toothed grin.
Rachel stared up at them with her saucer eyes, the very eyes she had used so successfully to flirt with a thousand men before, she adopted the pitiful look that had always served her so well on one night stands.

But donít use it now! Donít let them see you pitiful; it'll excite them more...

The fat man wiped his hands down his trousers the way a mechanic does, before reaching them towards her, in a second they were covering her huge breasts, squeezing them tightly through the t-shirt, so hard that it hurt.
Rachel moaned in pain and the fat man laughed.
"Titties on that!" he told his companion.
"Let's get her out." the skinny one replied and they both lunged forward.

Minuets later Rachel found herself being marched down a long corridor, she had been finding it hard to hold on to her sanity but knew that if she was going to get through this she had to.

Just concentrate Rachel, take in your surroundings, and remember everything.

She tried, the exterior of the building looked derelict, she thought it had looked like an old supermarket but one that had been closed down for a long time, the interior seemed to confirm this as she was walked stiffly along the cracked plaster passage, the two men on either side holding her fast by her arms, her hands still bound behind her back, her mouth still gagged.

"Look at 'er bouncin!" skinny said.
Rachel was aware of it too, her gigantic chest visibly wobbling up and down so harshly they were marching her.
"Yeah," said fatty, "We aint gonna have this one long!"

They're not going to have me long!

Rachel cracked; she suddenly began shouting through the gag and dug her heels into the floor, refusing to walk along quietly any more.
"FUCK YOU DOING!" screamed fatty, so angrily it made her instantly stop and turn to him, "Fuck you doing?" he repeated, calmer now that he had her attention, he fished a small pocket knife out of his pocket and opened it up before pushing it into her breast. She felt the sharp tip of the blade pushing into her left nipple, not enough to tear through the fabric and flesh but enough to make her hurt. A tear rolled down her cheek, her big doe eyes filled quickly with water.

"Awww!" said Skinny in a less than caring way, "I think she's crying."
"I'll make her fucking cry." Fatty laughed, pushing the blade harder.
"Hgrhpplss." Rachel said through the gag, her words inaudible but her tone pitiful.
"Take off the gag." Fatty said and Skinny tore it away.

"Oh please donít hurt me!" Rachel sobbed the second she could speak.
"Hurt you? Hurt you?" mocked Fatty finally releasing the knife and returning it to his pocket, "Oh I aint gonna hurt you hunny!"
"What are you going to do to me?"
"I'm gonna fuck you!" Skinny told her, laughing like someone from a bad horror movie, then he clasped her breasts and squeezed them whilst his blistered lips homed in on her trembling mouth.
"FUCK YOU ARE!" Fatty screamed suddenly slapping his companion hard across the face.
"Whats up with you?" Skinny asked as toughly as he could master but it was obvious he was scared of his co-worker.
"We dont fucking touch em, you know that. You wanna feel her titties? Go on and give em a squeeze but we donít kiss em and we sure as hell don't fuck em."

The two men stared at each other silently, Skinny broke eye contact first and they continued their march down the corridor.

They're not going to fuck me! 

She should have been relieved but she wasn't 

Then what the hell are they going to do?

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At the end of the passage was a large metal door, it didnít suit the rest of the building, it looked like something they had put in themselves, skinny fished in his jacket for a key and eventually unlocked it, they pushed her through.

Rachel screamed.
The room ahead of her was like something from a nightmare, it was a big square room that had been divided into small separate cells, in each cell was a bed and a young woman, all of them attractive, all of them in their late teens and early twenties.... All of them terrified.
There were six cells in all and only one of them was empty. The men pushed her towards it.

"What's your name?" asked the redhead.
Rachel kept her head down, the men had pushed her into the cell and finally unbound her, skinny had grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, lifted up her t-shirt and laughingly rubbed his face in her chest, he had then started to slip his other hand down her skirt until Fatty had grabbed him and dragged him off. They had slammed and locked the cell door and Fatty had leant through and pointed at her, warning her to keep absolutely silent. Then they had gone.

"What's your name?" the redhead repeated.
Rachel turned to look at the girl in the cell next to her, she guessed she must have been about twenty two with shoulder length chestnut red hair and a slim attractive figure, she looked dirty, like she had been there some time.

"They told me to keep silent." Rachel said.
"It's okay." said the redhead, "You can talk, my names Carol."
Rachel was scared, too scared to disobey her captors.
"We can hear them when they come down the passage." called another one of the girls, "They echo all about the room, you are free to talk."
"I'm Rachel." Rachel said finally.

After the others had all introduced themselves to her she asked them what was happening, but they knew as little as her, they had all been captured and brought here in a similar style, some had been here days, some weeks. Others had come and gone, what happened to them they didn't know but the two men would routinely come in, sometimes with another party, and pick one of the girls who would then be taken off and never returned. A couple of days later their cell would be occupied by a newcomer.

"Has anyone tried to escape?" asked Rachel, looking about her cell.

My cell has a flat light on the roof, just mine and the girl opposites... I'm sure I saw something in a film once....
"There is no way out of here,Ē said Carol.
"I just wish I knew what they fucking do to us!" screamed a blonde called Tracy from across the room.
"Kill us." a pretty oriental replied.
"Shut up! Shut up!" Tracy hollered at her.
"What else do you think they do hun? Make us a nice meal and send us on our way?"
"Now listen." said Carol, "Don't start talking like that, it doesn't help us any."
The light, the light, the light.

"But surely somebody must have tried to escape?" Rachel asked.
"What's to try?"
"Well what about this light?"
Rachel grabbed her bed and pulled it into the centre of the room, she clambered on top and reached up to the ceiling, her long fingernails clamping around the flat light on the roof. With a tug she pulled it away and it hung loosely down by its wires. Behind it left a huge hole.
"What are you doing you stupid bitch!" shouted the Tracy, "You're going to piss em off!"

"I'm trying to save our lives." Rachel retorted before looking across at the girl in the cell opposite, the only other cell to have a light fitting, "You try yours."
The girl nodded and did the same but to her despair found the light wouldn't remove. Rachel pulled herself up into the gap and examined the inside.

"There's a vent!" she cried, "Just to the left inside here, it's big enough to crawl down."
"Oh my God." said Carol.
Rachel dropped back down again.
"I could escape, get help and come back for you."
"But when they find you missing..." stuttered Tracy, "They'll kill us all."
"They'll kill us all anyway,Ē said the oriental.
"Rachel, " said Carol, "You must try."
Thud! Thud! Thud!

Rachel leapt onto her bed and quickly started trying to fit the light back into place, she could hear the key turning in the lock and only just managed to fit it back on and climb down just as the door opened and Fatty and Skinny walked in, this time with a third.

Their new companion looked out of place, a small smart besuited man who didn't at all resemble the sort of person who would associate with Fatty and Skinny. He also looked very ill at ease and lagged along behind the captors.

The girls were quiet; some of them had seen this scenario a dozen times before.

"Its always a pleasure to do business with Mister Cristasin." said Fatty, "Did he have any specific requests this time?"
"" it was obvious the besuited man was avoiding eye contact with any of the ladies, "He's after a girl breasts."
Oh my God!

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For the third time in so many days Rachel cursed what God had given her.
"You're in luck Stan!" laughed Skinny, "We just got a new arrival in this morning, she got the biggest pair of titties I ever saw."
Fatty and Skinny led Stan over to Rachelís cell and pointed at her.
"Whadda ya reckon?" Fatty asked.
Stan looked shyly at Rachel.
"Well she is very pretty..."
"Get yourself over here." Fatty commanded, Rachel walked slowly over to the cell door, "Go on Stan, give em a quick squeeze!"
"No, no, that's quite alright."
Stan spoke posh. This really didn't seem to be his sort of place.
"Go on fella, you know you want to. Don't worry, we won't tell the governor."
"Yeah!" agreed Skinny, "Cop a feel mate."
Stan continued to look awkward and embarrassed but he reached his hands through the bars any way and gave Rachel a quick grope.
Oh God what are they doing? Oh please just let them go away, if only I'd had more time.

"Nice huh?"
"Lovely, but I am afraid Mister Cristasin requested a blonde."
"A blonde?" said Fatty looking at Rachel's long black hair, "Well why didn't you fucking say so?"
"Cos he wouldn't have gotten his feel." laughed Skinny.
"Alright then, check this one out."
The three men walked away from Rachel and over towards Tracy's cell, Rachel breathed a sigh of relief and exchanged glances with Carol.
"Oh no! Oh no!" Tracy started to stutter.
Stan looked her up and down; she was exactly the sort his employer had requested, tall and leggy with long blonde hair and a milky complexion. She certainly wasn't lacking in the breast department either, the flimsy tight top she wore showed a cleavage you could park a bike in.
"She's perfect," said Stan.
"NOOOO!" Tracy screamed.
Fatty and Skinny started to laugh as they unlocked her cell door; in seconds they had gotten in and bound her hands behind her back.
"Mister Cristasin had one other request," said Stan producing a small box from his inside pocket. He opened it up and showed it to Fatty, "He wants her to wear this."
"Tasty." said Fatty and the three of them led the struggling Tracy out of the cell, she was crying, really crying, her big lips trembling so much she could hardly speak.
She looked suddenly over at Rachel.

Oh shit! She's going to tell them about my escape plan, she's going to tell them to try and save herself.

Rachel slowly shook her head at Tracy.

Come on girl don't be a fool, if you tell them then you're blowing our only chance.

Tracy turned away.
Fatty gave her a huge slap on her cleavage, her breasts wobbled for a good four seconds.
"I'll be honest with you Stan." he said, "I'll be glad to see the back of this one, she's one winging little bitch."
And with that she was led out of the room and away.

"Who was that?" Rachel asked as soon as the footsteps had died away.
"I don't know," said Carol, "He's been a few times before."
"Get out now!" the girl opposite shouted.
"She's right," said the oriental, "Once they have taken someone they're away for a good hour."
"Go." said Carol, "Go get help. Get us out of here."
"I will." said Rachel, "I promise."

The shaft was narrow but there was enough room for Rachel to adequately squeeze herself along, it was dark but their were portions of light up ahead, clearly from other vents, she just prayed one of them would lead to the outside. 
She had been crawling for ten minuets now at least and so far every vent she had passed had not been removable, but she was approaching another now, perhaps this time.
Rachel crawled closer to it, this one was on the floor of the shaft, she eased herself over and looked down. It didn't lead to the outside, it led to another coridoor, not the one she had been marched up, she pushed her face up to the grid and tried to get a good look at where she was, she could see a door...
Suddenly it opened.
Rachel held her breath.

The three men emerged pushing Tracy before them, she had clearly gotten changed and was now dressed in a tiny blue bikini, her breasts looked even bigger now in their tiny new home, Skinny grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her from side to side so that they bounced left and right.
"He wants her to wear this?!" he laughed, "Man your boss is one sick puppy!"
"Oh please please please tell me what you are going to do." sobbed Tracy.
"He's sick?" asked Stan, "You chaps are the ones making all the money out of this. My employer is just the one who pays you."
"And pays us well." said Fatty, "Mister Cristasin is one of our best customers."
"Pays you for what?" begged Tracy, "You're going to kill me aren't you?"
Another cleavage slap from Fatty that made her cry more.
"Oh rest assured honey, you aint dying from our hands."
They all laughed at that one, even Stan, and then walked out of sight.
Rachel continued to listen to them as they walked away.
"So when we going to meet him anyway?" she heard Skinny say.
"How about never." said Stan. "He's too important to mix with you."
"He's someone famous isn't he?" Fatty guessed.
"Is it Jim Carey?" asked Skinny, "I've always had my suspicions about him."
The voices died away and Rachel continued her crawl.

Another good two minuets of crawling along the shaft later and Rachel was no nearer finding an escape route, every single vent was welded shut and now before her she could see one final one dead ahead.


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Oh my God, that's the last one, if that doesn't open then there is no way out.
Her nipples, which had been erect with fear ever since she had arrived were now beginning to ache from the friction of rubbing against the hard metal shaft, shakily she reached out to push the vent but then she heard voices again, she moved her face closer to look into the room.

This room was big, as big as the cell room but seemed to consist of three large swimming pools and a series of what looked like movie cameras set up around them.
The men and Tracy entered.
"So whats he want this time?" Fatty asked.
"Shark." said Stan, calmly.
"Again?" laughed Skinny, "Dont know we bother keeping the piranha's and crocs."
"What can I say?" asked Stan, "He likes his sharks."
"Shark it is." said Fatty, "Tank number one again."
They pushed Tracy forward.
"Shark?" she whimpered, "What are you talking about?"
Then she saw it, Rachel saw it too, a huge black fin rose up out of one of the tanks, circled for a moment and disappeared back under again.
Tracy went ballistic. Her screams of actual terror made Rachel start to feel sick.
"You got it babe!" laughed Fatty and with one last squeeze of her chest he slipped his hands on to her buttocks and pushed her in.
Tracy's screamed continued the second she re-surfaced, she tried desperately to swim to the edge but with her hands tied behind her back it was fruitless.

Stan slowly turned and faced the wall.
"You never watch." said Skinny, "You don't know what your missing."
"Sorry." said Stan, "Its just not my thing."
"Please! Please!" Tracy shrieked hysterically, "You can't let it...."
Her words were cut suddenly short and blood started to pour from her mouth, she was suddenly propelled upwards out of the water and Rachel saw for the first time the giant head of a huge grey shark, it's jaws clamped firmly around her belly, blood pouring down its snout, her legs already deep inside of it, it held her out of the water for a second, shaking her from side to side, the blood from her mouth dribbling down her huge shaking breasts.
Then for one second her eyes made contact with Rachel through the vent, they widened in horror and disbelief before the giant beast pulled her back down into the pool and the waters calmed... Moments later a torrent of blood came pouring up, soon the entire pool was a crimson red.

"It's over." said Fatty.
Stan turned back around, he almost balked at the sight of the pool. Fatty and Skinny laughed.
"Okay." said Fatty, "You know the procedure, we'll get the films out of the poolside camera and the ones underneath the tank, it'll take about and hour to get them edited together and then your Mister Cristasin'll have his movie."
"Here's your money." said Stan, passing Fatty a thick brown envelope.
"A pleasure doing business with you as always." said Fatty.

The girls watched as Rachel's legs dangled down from the hatch and she dropped back onto the bed. She had been crying and her face looked white as a ghost.
"Well?" asked Carol.
The other girls stared in silence.
Rachel had tried to open the vent and it looked like it would have moved but there had been a pool right below her, it looked like it was full of small fish that she could only guess were piranha.
"We..." she said, her voice shaking and the tears returning, "We...We're all going to die."


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