Shark Snack

By The Marquis

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Tina looked much better now that she was dangling by her wrists from the underside of the railroad bridge. Two feet of good, strong rope had transformed her haughty arrogance into supple, yielding terror. The transformation was purely one of attitude, however; she was still the same magnificent young body she had always been. Tina Jo was a muscle girl, a professional fitness babe. Her body was a carefully sculpted work of art: powerful almost to the point of being dangerous, but still feminine enough to be immensely desirable. Her round, pouting breasts defied the skinniness of her waist; she rippled with musculature, from her breathtaking biceps to her astonishing abs. Today she had chosen to showcase her bod in an outrageously tiny red bikini. Her top was no more than two brief patches of red lycra nipple coverage. Below was a minimal thong held on by a fishing line which was so inviting, as if to say "Look here! Beneath this patch lies my cunt, the essence of my body!"  She teased and tormented the numerous men who tried to pursue her. But no more. No more.

A convenient ladder ran up the length of the bridge's pylon. I balanced casually on one of the rungs of this ladder, hooking an elbow through another rung for support. It was a comfortable enough position from which to watch her kick, and I could reach her if I needed to. Soon enough I would do that, but for now I just wanted to enjoy the show.

I think she understood that I meant to kill her. She had been her usual bitchy, defiant self at first, but that had changed now. I had melted through her defenses, and now she was scared. She wasn't quite crying, yet, but her voice had that frightened edge to it. I closed my eyes and savored the sound of it. She was almost ready.

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"Look, I'm really sorry, OK?" she said, trying to keep the panic out of her voice. "I really didn't mean to lead you on like that. I'll give you my number, all right? I'll go out with you and everything."

I'm afraid it's too late for that, Tina. You've been using your body as a weapon for far too long. You're in the habit of it now. Sure, you might fuck me now to save yourself. But if I let you go, you'll be making some other poor bastard's life a living hell within a week. You're a cocktease, Tina. You parade around practically naked, and then you don't follow through. You don't put out. It's offensive. In fact, with a body like yours, it's a capital offense." I pulled my blade from its sheath.

Her eyes grew wide with terror. "Oh, Jesus...please don't cut me."

"Relax, bitch. I'm not going to hurt you. Much." Without warning I drew a long, shallow diagonal line across her taut, hard belly. She emitted a soft, strangled whimper, then began to squirm in pain.

It was no life-threatening wound, but it was certainly unlike anything Tina had ever experienced before. All she could think to do was kick and writhe and struggle, and her convulsions did fantastic things to her bikini-clad form. The bright blood, such a contrast with her brown skin, began to drip down into her g-string, over her thighs and (most importantly) into the water.

"Did you know that there are sharks in this inlet?" I asked conversationally as I returned my knife to its sheathe and took out the first hypodermic needle. "And not just the little ones. There are some real woman eaters. I had no idea. I would have thought the water was too shallow for them here, but it's deeper than you think. As you know, the scent of human blood drives them out of their minds. They go into a complete frenzy over it. And they can smell it for miles." I glanced down meaningfully at the small dark slick which had formed beneath her dangling body.

Her lips trembled. Looking past her glasses, I saw that her blue eyes were moist. She was so close to tears...another sentence or two would do it.

"Please," she whimpered. "For God's sake, don't do this..." She cried out as I slid the needle into her arm.

"Hold still, or it'll hurt more," I advised.

"Wh--what's that?" she asked weakly.

"It's a blood coagulant. It'll keep you from bleeding too much. Keep you going longer." I almost had her. I could taste it. Her fear was intoxicating and sweet. The stronger a woman is, the more satisfying it is to break her. Tina was very strong.


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I prepared the second hypo. "And this is a stimulant, to keep you from going into shock," I said casually. "I wouldn't want you to miss anything, after all." She whimpered as I slipped the needle under her skin.

I glanced down at the surface of the water. There was definite movement down there; we had company. "Looks like our friend is here. Are you ready, Tina? Ready to give him a treat? I bet you'll be delicious. You're a nice looking piece of shark food."

Now came the tears, right on time. Her confidence, her maturity, her power--all were gone. I confronted a scared little girl inside a magnificently molded, fully fuckable form. "Please," she said again. I drew my blade, reached above her head, started to saw through the rope. I cut the part between her wrists, to ensure that her hands would be free. I wanted to give her a chance to attempt escape. I knew she'd fail. But this girl had a lot of fight in her, and I wanted to use that.

The rope parted before my blade, and Tina plunged, screaming, into the chilly water. Her long, muscular legs kicked instinctively as she fell, inviting the shark. I glimpsed it moving beneath the surface: it was a huge white beast, with just one thing on its prehistoric mind. It was on her in an instant; I was amazed at the speed with which it moved. This thing was in its element; there was absolutely no way Tina could hope to resist it.

It took her left leg first. The strike was beautiful, precise, surgical. The immense jaws opened wide. The shark swam up, engulfing Tina's flailing leg in its sleek entirety. The beast swallowed her limb all the way up to the hip, then slammed its jaws shut with awe-inspiring finality. Tina howled in torment. I glimpsed her spectacular body twisting in the water, blood pumping out of her severed artery. But now the drugs took over. The coagulant kept the bleeding under control; the stimulant kept the shock at bay. She was still alive and awake when the beast came around for her other leg. How big was this thing's stomach? How much of her could it swallow at once? The answer seemed to be: plenty. It took the second leg just like the first, with patience and precision. It was toying with her, as I had hoped it would do.

The next strike was the most beautiful of all. As Tina's legless body thrashed about in the water (would it be crueler to pull her up now, and let her live like that? Perhaps--but this foreplay was having an effect on me. I had a taste for snuff now.), the shark came up at her from below. It engulfed her hips, her thighs, her belly, the parts of her that made her who and what she was. The invincible jaws closed just above her navel, razorsharp teeth slashing through tender flesh. The shark pulled away, having consumed her cunt and much of the rest of her.

I will never forget what I saw next. Tina's tortured torso, pumped full of adrenaline, endorphins and stimulants, made a last-ditch escape attempt. Her powerful biceps flexed and strained as she strove to swim out into the bay. She was absolutely magnificent: huge, proud breasts straining and striving, intestines trailing along behind her.

The shark let her get a hundred yards or so before it caught her. The end wasn't easy for Tina. The beast chewed her to pieces with a cruelty which amazed me, the sharp teeth puncturing her breasts in a hundred places as the creature devoured her without remorse. She howled in horror and agony as the monstrous animal pulled what was left of her down into a watery grave. I nodded in satisfaction. Justice had been served.


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