The Reincarnation

By Mostanol

 They were coming.

 I could hear their footsteps on the stairs, I could see the flashing blue lights outside the window. They were coming.

 I slipped into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me before leaning against it and breathing deeply. This was it, it was over, in a way I was glad. The gun still lay on the sink, the one I had used to get her in here, I glanced from it to the girl in the bath, her hands and feet tied, her dead eyes staring accusingly up at me, her mouth open in a grim look of surprise.

 The guilt was unbarable.

 There was a knocking on the front door and moments later I heard the splintering of wood as they battered it down, no escape now.

 I snatched the gun and cocked it, for a moment I considered swinging open the door and firing, taking out as many of them as I could before they returned fire, going down in a blaze of glory so to speak...

 But no. I didn't want to do that, I didn't want to kill them anymore than I had wanted to kill the girl, something inside me had made me do that, something I didn't understand - something primordial.

 "The bathroom." I heard someone say and I realised I only had one real option left.

 As the lock began to bulge under the pressure from outside I pressed the barrel to my head and pulled the trigger... 

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For the umpteenth time that day Jake couldn't believe his luck, here he was; a fat, balding middleaged man, an ugly sweating shortarse and yet here he stood on a makeshift stage on a sunny beach with a swarm of some of the most beautiful women around stood before him. All of them gazing up at him, nervously chewing their lips, their bikini'd bussoms heaving.

 So many breasts. If he had the time he would just happily stand and count them all, instead he just allowed himself a moment to take in the ocean of cleavage, pondered on how visible his erection was beneath his Burmuda shorts and took the mic.

 "Ladies!" he said, "The turnout here has been fantastic and I want to thank you all for coming - to me you are all winners!"

 There were a few woops from the crowd, some breasts jiggled excitedly and Jake thanked Christ he had chosen that photography course over law school all those years before.

 "Sadly, " he continued, "There can only be one real winner here today for only one girl is to recieve the prize of a six month modeling contract with 'Baxters Bikini Monthly' which as I'm sure you all know will include at least one guaranteed cover photo."

 More woops, more jiggling.

 "But before I announce that winner lets first congratulate the runners up, no contract for them but they will join myself and the winner this afternoon for a one off photo shoot." he left a dramatic pause which he felt neccessary on these occasions, "In third place... Samantha Paxman!"

 The crowd applauded, somewhere in the middle a nineteen year old gasped, hugged her friend and made her way up onto the stage.

 She was gorgeous, real Baywatch material with her shapely legs, impossibly flat belly, fountain of wavey blond hair and tiny red bikini, the top half of which looked as though it was little more than two tiny red triangles she had painted over her nipples. As she jogged excitedly up onto the stage her enormous breasts promised to escape from their skimpy prison, but they didn't. Small the bikini may have been but it held her firmly in place.

 Jake hardly had time to wipe the drewl from his mouth before kissing her cheek and handing her the certificate.

 He took the mic again,

 "In second place... Nicola Blair!"

 More clapping, more jiggling and now it was the turn of Nicola to take the stage.

 It was easy to see that she was model material; tall, thin with improporianetly large breasts that were completely covered by her strapless silver bikini top. Her hair was jet black and short with an oiled fringe that hung over her forehead, her eyes were probably her most attractive feature - pierceing blue in an odd but enduring contrast to her dark looks.

 She took her certificate and walked on to join Samantha, as she walked away Jake couldn't help but stare almost hypnotically at her pert G-Stringed buttocks.

 "But..." he said, tearing himself away from them, "The winner... With a six month contract for "Baxters Bikini Monthly"... Is... ... ... DAISY POUNDER!!!"

 "OH MY GOD!" Daisy wasn't exactly the shy, retiring type, she screamed and screached and leapt up and down, hugging anyone near to her as she waded her way through the crowd.

 Jake watched her wide eyed, it had been his job to announce the winners and take them on the photo shoot but the actual winners were picked by someone else, in this instance though he would have made the same choice - she was stunning; undoubtably a bimbo, that much was clear from her looks and manner but so what? Her blonde hair was short and covered in small, tight, self applied curls of the ringlet variety. Her bikini was a strange choice for a prize winner, the top half was skimpy enough, like two tiny polka dot handkerchiefs tied together with string but the bottom was strangely old fashioned, like something Marilyn Monroe would have worn.

 She bounded onto the stage and skipped over to Jake who reached to kiss her, she got there first, giggling and wrapping herself around him, her giant busoms squashing against his upper arm, he tried to negotiate his ever hardening erection away from her but she swung further around, forcing him to do nothing but press it into her belly. To his surprise she either didn't notice or didn't care. He got the kiss in, handed her the certificate and turned back to the crowd.

 This, he thought, is going to be a very good day.


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It was dark - I was numb.

 I couldn't feel my body, I couldn't hear and I couldn't move,

 Was this what it was like to be dead? No heaven, no hell? Just nothing. Nothing for ever and ever and...


 Suddenly there was a noise, a huge explosion that seemed to come from all around me and then there was a light, a huge bright shiny orb that was either above me or behind me or... Christ knows, I'd lost all perspective I had no idea which way I was facing.

 Then voices.

 A multitude of voices.

 The light became brighter and somehow sharper, almost as if it were cutting me. I had a sudden feeling that I was on an operating table, that somehow the bullet hadn't killed me and that....

 Then dark again.

 And then...


 I could see again, I could feel... But it was different somehow, everything was different. I don't know how to explain it, I was seeing things differently, I seemed to be seeing everything on either side of me but nothing infront yet in merged together and somehow it made sense, I knew I was seeing differently than before but my mind was pieceing it together and it looked just as it would have done if all was normal.

 It was dark, it should have been too dark to see but somehow I was able to and what I did see made me wish I hadn't.

 Fish, rocks, sand, algae.

 I was under water, God, somehow I was underwater.

 I tried to kick my legs, shoot for the surface but this action just led to me gliding forward. My legs didn't feel right, they felt as if they were somehow melded together, I couldn't get upright either, I was swimming along on my side and worst of all I couldn't hold my breath, I seemed to be involuntarily inhaling the water... Salty water, I was in the sea.

 I waited to drown.

 But no, I felt a movement in my side, felt the water escaping from me in some strange way and it was just as if I had taken a breath of clear fresh air.

 What was this?

 A big fish swam close to me, I watched it with interest until suddenly something inside me seemed to crack, I found myself lunging forward, my mouth (too big, far too big) opening wide, my whole body twisting on its side and then with a crack I bit the fish clean in two, crunched it and swallowed.

 The water around me turned red with blood and oddly it smelt stronger than anything I had ever smelt before, It danced in my nostrels, I loved the smell. It was like cigarette smoke to someone who had only been quit for a week.

 Then I knew.

 A sudden realisation, a sudden understanding, a sudden resurgance of distant memories.

 I was a shark.


 Within what I assume would have been a few hours, for the concept of time seemed to have lost its meaning, I was adapt to my body and surroundings, like all was natural, like this was the way it had always been, the way it was meant to be.

 I felt a calmness I had never felt in my normal life, a sense that I was in the right place, that my human form had been a mistake.

 I was home.


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Jake was at the wheel, he could hear the girls laughing and looked over is shoulder at them sat on the deck.

 They looked happy, beautiful and happy, sprawled on the deck, excitedly talking amongst themselves.

 God he must be in heaven.

 He had suggested the idea of a photoshoot on board a yacht but he hadn't expected "Baxter's Bikini Monthly" to provide him with the boat themselves. But as soon as they had heard he was an amateur sailor they had jumped at the chance and now here he was, alone at sea with three of the most beautiful babes he had ever seen in his life.

 Someone up there liked him!

 "Right!" he announced, switching off the engine, "This'll do."

 He walked back onto the deck.

 "Are you ready for the pictures now?" Nicola asked.

 "You bet." he replied bringing out his camera.

 "So where do you want us?" questioned Daisy, smiling a smile that made his stomache do summersaults.

 "Over at the back." he said, "Daisy, I want you to lay on your side across the seat and Sam and Nicky on the floor beneath you, feet to feet."

 The girls quickly set themselves up in the required position and Jake focused in on them with his camera. He slyly hit the zoom, angling in on Daisys magnificent chest and clicked off a picture, one for himself.

 A sudden thought struck him, he wasn't sure if he could get away with it but he sure wanted to try.

 "Is everything okay?" Samantha asked.

 "Great." he told her, "Just great, you all look great but the picture needs a little something else."


 "I think I need to wet you a little."

 "Wet us?"

 "Yeah, I'll show you. Just stay like that."

 Jake walked over to the side of the yacht and leant towards the sea, cupping a handful of water in his palms, he walked back over and knelt down next to Samantha.

 "The picture will come out better if I wet you slightly, add some shine you know?"


 Tentatively Jake rubbed his hands together and began to rub them over Samantha's shoulders. She kept still. He moved them furher down her chest, rubbing the water into her body in a circular fashion. The others just watched.

 Here we go, he thought.

 Slowly he ran his palms over her breasts.

 She didn't move, she didn't complain, neither did the others.

 Oh my God it was working, they were so convinced he was just helping to do a proffessional job that they were going to let him do this.

 He rubbed harder, pushing firmly into her boobs, one of his fingers slipping underneath the flimsy red triangle that held them up, gliding over her nipple.

 Samantha giggled slightly, more embarrassed than annoyed.

 "Now you." he said to Nicola as he returned to the yacht side for more water.


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My hearing was incredible, I heard strange noises from the ocean bottom that I knew were many miles away, I could hear bubbles popping, whales singing, seals barking.

 There was a new noise now though, an oddly familiar one, it was from above, from outside of the water.


 Human voices.

 I swam towards it.


 This can't be happening! Thought Jake as he slip his wet hands further into Nicola's crotch, I can't believe she's letting me do this.

 But she was, infact she seemed almost interested, believing that she was watching a professional at work.

 All the time though Jake was keeping one eye on Daisy, she was the most incredible thing he had ever seen, she looked like she had been born of a thousand mens fantasies and any second now he was going to get his hands on those lovely titties.

 "Now you." he said.

 "Okay." she replied.

 Jake had difficulty walking to the yacht side such was the straining in his shorts, he really could not believe that any second now these hands were going to be all over the lovely Daisy Pounder.

 He leant over and took a hand full of water.

 Something big rose at him.

 Something clasped sharply round his hands.

 Jake tumbled head first over the yacht side.


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I had him, a fat ugly looking man, his face a picture of horror, his eyes struggling to open against the salt water to see what had taken him down.

 Above me I heard voices again, soft voices and running footsteps, I looked up through the wall of sea and atop I could see three figures leaning over the yacht side shouting out the name "Jake".


 They were women, and God were they beautiful, three stunning babes clad only in bikinis, leaning over the side looking down at me.

 They couldn't see me though, I was too low down.

 The fat man, his hands still firmly clasped in my mouth was struggling, I looked at him and felt a sudden disgust, I didn't want to eat him, who in their right mind would want to eat him?

 I wanted them.

 With one swift move I bit off the mans head and let it instantly escape from my mouth before ramming my huge snout into the side of the hull, I heard the figures scream and then nearby I heard a crash as one of them hit the water.


 "NICOLA!" screamed Samantha.

 Nicola hit the water and went instantly under, emmerging a second later, her short black hair drenched right over her eyes, she trod water, her silver bikini had slipped down showing even more of her ample busom which bobbed up and down in the water as she tried to clean her eyes.

 "Oh my God." whispered Samantha, as she spotted the blood further out from the yacht, "What's happened to Jake."

 "LOOK!" shrieked Daisy.

 Further back but homing in on Nicola was a gigantic black fin.

 "SHARK! SHARK!" Samantha and Daisy screamed almost in unison.

 "What?" gasped Nicola, then she too saw it, panic gripped her, she splashed desperately towards the yacht, her hands reaching up to her waiting friends he were stretching to reach her.

 The fin sunk.

 Nicolas fingers barely brushed the tips of Daisy's when she was suddenly under and gone.

 "Oh my God!" Daisy sobbed, "Oh my God."

 Daisy and Samantha held each other and backed slowly away from the edge.

 Suddenly there was another explosion of water and Nicola shot back up again.

 For a moment the girls thought she was somehow getting out but then they saw what was beneath her.

 The gigantic shark followed her out of the water, it's jaws clasped tightly around poor Nicola's belly, her legs already somewhere down it's throat, she was very much alive though, screaming in terror, beating desperately at it's snot but all to no avail.

 They waited for it to take her down again... But it didn't.

 The shark just seemed to sat there, in a way that defied science, keeping perfectly still with Nicola struggling in it's jaws. After a moment she too realised things weren't going to tradition and screamed insanely towards the girls.


 Her silver bikini top was now all but off, hanging down just above her nipples, she looked down to the teeth that were pressing into her belly, they just seemed to be holding her, no skin was pierced.

 "What's it doing?" asked Samantha in disbelief.


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I wanted to enjoy this meal, I wanted to savour it but more than that I wanted the others to watch and I wanted them to know that the same fate awote them. That there was no escape from me.

 This felt good, I could feel her delicate body writhing in my powerful jaws, her tiny bum rubbing the inside of her mouth as she struggled to free herself.

 She was going nowhere.

 Slowly I tightened my jaws around her, my teeth finally splitting the flesh around her belly, my mouth filling up with her delicious warm blood.

 "It's eating me!" I could hear her scream, "IT'S EATING ME!"

 I loosened my grip enough for her to slip further in, right up to her shoulders, her breasts forced up into her own face by my closing teeth, I felt them pierce bones, I heard sickening cracking and I heard and felt her struggle stop.

 I watched the two remaing girls on the yacht back away in absolute disbelief in what they had seen and then I sank back under to finish her off.


 "What are we going to do?" Daisy asked, "Can you sail us out of here?"

 "I don't even know how to switch the fucking engine on." Samantha answered, barely disguising the panic in her voice.

 "Did you see it? Did you see it eat her?"


 Daisy was crying now, her mountainous breasts rising and falling with each sob.

 "I don't want to die."

 "We're not going to die Daisy." Samantha said, trying to sound like she meant it, "It's eaten now. It'll leave us alone."


 I had always been one for dramatic timing.

 After I had finished off the black haired girl I had swam under the boat and listened to their conversation.

 So they couldn't start the yacht again eh? So they were stuck here.

 I had intended to circle them for a bit, toy with them but upon hearing the words 'It'll leave us alone now...' I just couldn't resist it.

 With great force I rammed myself up the very bottom of the boat, splintering through the wood onto the deck and locking my jaws around one of their legs before sinking back down, dragging her with me.

 This one was wearing the tiniest red bikini I had ever seen, once I was far enough away from the yacht I released her and watched her slowly swimming back.

 Above me I could hear the other girl shouting,

 "Swim Sam! Swim!"

 Blood was pouring from Sam's leg, forming red clouds all around her, it smelt fantastic, almost drug like.

 I watched the rhythm of her paddel and waited until her legs were spread apart before flying up between them with my jaws wide and biting her hard around the stomache, her legs either side of my head, her breasts squashed against the tip of my snout.

 With one swift bite I ripped her into two pieces and greedily swallowed the bits down.


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Just hours before this had been the greatest day of Daisy's life and now suddenly here she was desperately using her tiny hands to try and bail out the torrent of sea water pouring in from the hole the shark had made.

 She was crying, her tears pouring down her face and settling onto her chest like pools of sweat.

 "Oh please." she kept saying over and over again to nobody in particular.

 But she knew in her heart that all was lost.


 When I was a human something inside me had made me want to go out and take girls, it had made me want to choke the very life out of them but it was not something that had ever given me pleasure. Somehow I think I had wanted to possess them, to make them a part of me but whatever enjoyment I may have had from the experience had more than been eradicated by my feelings of guilt from taking anothers life.

 Now it was different.

 Now I was a shark, I was meant to do this, was it my fault if I enjoyed it as well?

 Now I could really possess them, now they were really a part of me. I had two babes inside me already. Room for one more.


 Daisy was still crying as the last portion of the boat dissapeared beneath her and she was alone in the sea.

 She trod water for a second and wondered how far away land was, she couldn't see it.

 Something brushed against her side. She screamed, but it wasn't the shark, it was an arm. Jake's arm to be precise, the rest of his body floated limply beneath it, Daisy screamed and kicked away from it, her breasts pushing against its hand as she did so.

 So he'd got to touch them after all.

 The shark definitely seemed to be gone, she seemed all alone.


 "Oh my God!" she screamed as she saw the fin cutting through the water towards her, she saw it sink beneath her and closed her eyes awaiting the pain...

 But it didn't come.

 When she opened them again the fin was still there but it was swimming around and around her, circling her the way a sheepdog circles cattle.

 Fuck this, she told herself, there was no escape but she was damned if she was going to be some fishs' lunch. She would rather drown.

 Slowly Daisy pushed her head under the water and prepared to take in a good lung full.

 The sea was suddenly still.

 Then she was up again, lifted from the water by the shark, held side ways in it's mouth her legs kicking out one way her arms beating it's snout the other.

 It held her above the water like some grim trophy and started to swim away.

 She was held fast but it's teeth had yet to pierce, she wondered what it was waiting for.


 I held this final beauty in my mouth and swam away, ensuring her head was above water at all time, didn't want her drowning on me did I?

 I planned to take her to the beach, close enough to the shore to tease her with helpless promises of freedom and then...

 I think I'm going to like my new life.


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