The Beacon

By The Shark


Selena had just spent the last two weeks of her vacation enjoying the sun and fine beaches of west Australia near Perth. During this time she went snorkling, scuba diving and had just recently been taught to surf by her new found friends. Today was the last day of her vacation so she decided to surf one last time as the tide was beginning to come in. Selena, and the two other girls with her, ran into the ocean and mounted their boards and began paddling out in three different directions, away from the shore.

The shark swam gracefully, left then right on a never ending quest for food. This was the only thing this great beast thought of. This particular shark was the most aggressive and the most feared of its species. It's size alone commanded respect in both the sea world and in man's world. It was a great white shark, the most feared predator of Australia's waters...and it was hungry.

Selena lay face down on her board gently paddling when she raised her head to look behind her so as to see how far from shore she was. "A little further", she thought and resumed paddling both with her arms and her legs. Selena, an Italian, had long sexy legs which had bronzed in the Australian sun. Her short black hair had become mussed in the wind and her green eyes, squinted in the sunlight, made her face look incredibly sexy. She was wearing a red two-piece thong bikini, the colour of which matched the nail polish on her fingers and her toes. Her tanned buttocks looking like perfectly ripe tomatoes as were her breasts. Around her waist was a gold chain and around her left ankle a silver anklet chain. On her right foot Selena had a silver toe ring. She again looked behind her to judge her distance and this time satisfied sat up on her board and began to turn towards shore.

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The great white was about five-hundred yards from shore when it noticed something shiny in the water ahead of it. Swimming closer it's senses also picked up movement at the water's surface. It started swimming faster now using the shiny blinking object as its target. It closed in on it and began to slowly surface, its dorsal fin slicing above the water. With its massive snout, the beast rammed the surfboard from the bottom sending something splashing into the water near it.

Selena, taken by surprise ended up in the water before she could hold her breath. Surfacing, she gasped for breath but could only cough up sea water. She looked around wildly to see which one of the girls had pushed her in but could only make out Sarah who was surfing towards shore. Selena saw her splinttered surfboard floating away from her and now started to scream for help. Before she could utter a sound, she was pulled under water by a tremendous force.

The great white had honed in on the small shiny "beacon" and opening its massive jaws removed the offending object easily. The shark chewed the severed meat and found it tasted good and turned back to get more. The foot was impaled on its right side teeth with the toes of its victim twitching. Upon its return, the shark noticed another glimmer in the water and along with fresh blood to attract it swam towards the object.

As Selena rose to the surface she was conscious of a burning sensation in her right foot. She reached down to touch it and discovered it was missing just past her heel. Suddenly the thought of a shark being in the water with her caused her heart to start pounding. She started becoming hysterical, remembering the stories she had read about people who had been eaten alive by a shark. As the terror started to sieze her, Selena emptied her bladder into the ocean. Suddenly, with great force she was pulled under the water for the second time. When she surfaced she became aware of intense pain in her left leg, the pain was shooting into her groin now and, mustering all the courage she could gather, felt down for her leg only to find it gone. Wildly she searched around to find the stump, anything, but could not. Selena felt her groin area and realised to her horror that not only her leg was missing, so was her left buttock and along with it, her bikini bottom. Still reeling in shock and terror her hand made its way to her vagina and found her left labia had been torn from her as well. Realising now that she was about to be eaten alive Selena released her loose bowels into the sea as well.

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The shark, having torn a large chunk of meat off again swam away, chewing. From one end of the sharks mouth protruded a finely shaped female foot, well pedicured toes with red toenail polish. The toes were clenching and unclenching themselves spasmodically. From the other end of the jaws protruded red meat and bone. The leg had torn away with a loud pop but required no real force in which to do so. Its prey fell apart easily. Still attached to the leg was a well honed buttock and also around this area some vaginal meat with hair around it gently waving with the current. The shark snapped the leg into three pieces and swallowed hungrily. It turned back to its new found meal and again saw a glimmer of light although its attention had now become focused on the blood which was pouring into its world. The shark had also sensed its victim was in distress.

For the first time, Selena saw her attacker. Clearly it was at least twenty feet long. No doubt about it, she thought; she was about to be eaten by a great white. The next thing she knew she was being pulled underwater and there was a tremendous pressure in her belly. She thought that her eyes were going to pop out of her head. Selena could feel herself being shaken wildly, from left to right, and then she heard and felt a pop within her. "Oh god", she thought, "please let that have just been my hip being dislocated." As she rose to the surface and tried again to scream for help she could taste copper in her mouth and she knew it was blood.

With jaws clamped, the shark was tearing meat and intestines and began thrashing back and forth. The blood sending the great beast mad with desire. All of its senses came alive at that moment. Intestines, kidneys, bladder and stomach were being destroyed. Then the right leg which was haging out the side of its mouth was severed and began to sink to the bottom. Intestinal muck was now being forced out of its severed housing into its mouth as well as making its way out of her anus. Its jaws grinding, a resounding pop could be heard and away again it swam with its new prize. Inside its mouth, the vagina was the first of the meat to be opened up followed then by the anus which soon exposed the womans rectum. The right buttock and groin were then swallowed greedily. Intestines had become impaled on the razor-sharp teeth. In the distance, a shiny gold chain slowly floated to the ocean floor.

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The blood oozing from Selena's mouth made her realize that she must have suffered a massive injury. Looking down, she stared unbelievably at what she saw. Parts of her large intestine and her liver were hanging out of her. Feeling her head swim from shock and the loss of blood she knew she could not try to swim back to shore. She wasn't even strong enough to scream. The only thing she could think about was the fact that she was going to eaten by this shark, she was going to die in this ocean. A sudden spasm of pain now gripped her and with it poured dark red blood from her mouth. As she started choking on her own blood she came face to face with her attacker. The great white raised it's head above the surface, jaws open. The suction caused in the water by this great beast forced Selena to slide into the shark's mouth, severed end first. As the jaws crashed down into her, fresh blood squirt from her mouth and nose and splattered onto the massive snout of this beast, killing her instantly. As the jaws opened again, her blood could be seen on the shark's gums and her intestines were hanging from it's teeth. Her still impaled right foot with the toe ring could be seen "blinking" as the sun hit it. The great white's mouth closed around the dead woman's rib cage breaking every rib in her body and forcing some to pop out of her chest from the pressure. As she slid further into the mouth the shark began tearing her heart and lungs out of her chest. Every chew brought with it a chrunch that happily she would not hear. Finally the jaws buried itself in her neck, severing her head, and with a small splash, fell into the water. The shark swallowed the mangled remains of Selena and swam away contented looking for her left leg and her head.

"I don't understand where she could be" , exclaimed Sarah. "She should have been here by now."

"Maybe she suffered a cramp", offered Monica. "We better go look for her before it gets dark."

The two girls jump into the ocean once again to look for their friend.

The shark was content...for now. Not knowing where it's next meal was coming from or when, it continued to swim. Just as it started to head away from shore something caught it's attention. It looked like a blinking light calling to it like a beacon. It started to head towards it much faster now.


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