Story 20: 
Return to Gargantuan Island

   Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote killing them. All piranha and ant behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story only as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

Kristine & Traci were best friends and had planned a vacation together island hopping in the South Pacific. Kristine had platinum blonde hair and in her mid twenties with a very pretty face, a nicely fit, tight body and packed well in her shirt. Traci was a bit younger with golden blond hair that flowed down to the middle of her back with a beautiful smile. She had a real down to earth country girl look about her with beautiful bronzed skin.

They had booked the trip way in advance and had their tickets and reservations all ready. That Friday came and before they knew it, they were on the plane to the South Pacific. After hours of flying and a transfer flight in California they finally made it there. The weather was always in the 70's and it was always sunny except for the quick patches of rainfall that came every once in a while.

They were boating around one day speeding through the water aimlessly just enjoying the sun and sea spray hitting their faces. Kristine wore what looked like a safari outfit with tan khaki shorts a pink tie-dye shirt and hiking boots. She walked around barefoot on the boat though.  Traci wore light blue shorts with a white top and white skips. Her outfit really complimented her beautiful skin. 

They had a little island in sight ahead of them and they decided to stop there to take a break. When they got closer, they didn't see any people inhabiting it. It must have been either a private island or just simply deserted. They were now 200 yards from the shore and noticed a single fiberglass boat that was wrecked up on the sand. They both thought to themselves that maybe someone was stranded on this island. Maybe it was some cute guys that wrecked their boat. 

When they arrived, they anchored their boat & went to shore to investigate. As they left the boat, Traci asked Kristine where she put the boat key. Kristine replied, "looped on the lace of my boot". They walked along the beautifully white sandy shore and saw no signs of life anywhere. They began to walk in through the green foliage to investigate a little further in the island.

They came across a small river. The heat was sweltering and they just wanted to cool off and also to see what was on the other side. Kristine decided to stay in her khaki shorts and her pink tie-dye t-shirt. All she did was to toss her boots & socks over to the other side of the river. Traci was already stripped down in a white mesh micro bikini that she just purchased for their trip. Kristine was shocked when she saw the tiny bathing suit on her. Traci laid her belongings down carefully over a pile of leaves. As soon as she turned away from them, they began to sink and disappear beneath some quicksand. Traci asked Kristine if she was going to strip down, but all Kristine did was open her shorts and pull them down to moon Traci with her pink micro thong panties on. Then she pulled them back up and proceeded to enter the water.

After a minute, Kristine had already entered the chilling water and was almost at the center of it. Traci began to dip her feet into it and couldn't believe how cold it was and that Kristine was already in it at the deepest part. At the center, the river level only came up to Kristine's waist. The cold water sent goose bumps up her body. Kristine had tied the bottom of her shirt up high enough that her ribs were visible and almost high enough to see the base of her breasts bulging from the bottom of it. She dunked herself in up to her shoulders which soaked her shirt making her hard nipples noticeable through the thin cotton shirt. She made a shivery sound on her way back up.

Kristine let out a yelp when she felt something swim up into her right pants leg. She couldn't shake it out so she had to unbutton and unzip her shorts to free what was squirming around in there. As she opened her shorts, below the surface of the water she saw a large silver fish with fang like teeth snapping up at her. She screamed at the terrifying sight and at that very moment something hit her hard in the back of the leg behind the knee. The impact forced her to fall to her knees which brought her shoulders down to the waterline. Kristine realized that she couldn't get up and screamed for Traci to help. She could not feel her right leg below the knee. Traci was about to run in to assist her when she saw the school of fish flapping across the waters surface coming straight toward Kristine. Traci backed off in horror and screamed out Kristine's name. Kristine saw what was approaching and prayed it wasn't more fish like the one in her shorts. Kristine screamed at the top of her lungs but the scream came out choppy. Kristine didn't know what pain was until now as the piranha were hitting her midsection like bullets riddling her as if she was being shot by a machine gun. It was worse because as these fish hit her they would grab her and tear off a chunk of flesh. These were not normal sized piranha, but quite large and were tearing quite large chunks of flesh from her. 

Kristine could see them popping holes in her tied up shirt. Her precious cantaloupes were going to become a bountiful feast for a pack of hungry fish. They were hitting her tight midsection, puncturing her delicate flesh. Each one taking a chunk out of her, each one inflicting a seriously painful wound to her. She could feel them grabbing her ribs and pulling them from all around her. They pecked through the back of her shorts and were ripping the flesh from her buttoks. She screamed in agony and Traci screamed in horror at the sight. Traci could not believe what she was witnessing. Her entire body was in agonizing pain and a bloody mess. Her tight youthful legs were just lean hocks of meat to these fish. She could feel the excruciating pain of them tearing away at her calves. She now wished it would all be over.

She let out another blood curdling scream, but this one was garbled by the blood that was coming up from her throat. The water looked like a boiling pool of blood surrounding Kristine. There was nothing Traci could do but watch in horror at the sight of her friend being consumed by hundreds of piranha. Traci thought her mind was going to snap from the overwhelming situation she and her friend were in.

Kristine could feel her life slipping away as the fish were already working on her innards tearing & stripping the soft tissue from her body. There was no life left in her by the time the piranha penetrated up into her chest cavity. Traci fell to the ground crying her eyes out at the last sight of Kristine's blonde head submerging under the bubbling crimson water. It was over. Kristine would just be a pile of bones at the bottom of that river.

Traci turned her head at the sound of rustling in the trees behind her. She jumped up knowing it had to be a rescue team there to save her. She yelled, "Help! I'm over here". But she heard no voices. She moved closer to the noises and also looked down to see that her clothes were gone. Then she thought someone was playing a sick joke on her. She stood there practically nude and as vulnerable as she could possibly be wearing only this miniscule white mesh micro bikini. Maybe Kristine was in on this big joke and was just under the water swimming out of sight from her. 

Traci then said with a shaky voice, "OK, I get it. This is all one big joke." She got no response and she heard the rustling get ever so close in the dense brush. Traci had second thoughts about this being a rescue or a joke and began to turn back towards the river realizing that the only way she might make it off this island would be to recover the boat keys that are fastened on Kristine's boots on the other side of the river. Also she could use the boots to wear since she was walking around barefoot with 2 tiny pieces of lycra spandex on. As she turned, out of the brush came 2 giant thorn sharp pincers that grabbed her. One poked the middle of her back and the other poked her right in her navel. She was caught by what looked like the head of a black, giant insect. Her scream was loud and high pitched, it would have sent shivers down the spine of anyone that would have heard it. She looked down to see dribbles of blood running down from her navel. On top of the sharp pain she felt in her back, she could feel the blood dripping down between her butt cheeks as well. The giant insect began to lift her off the ground. She tried all she could to keep her feet touching the soil below her by standing on tipped toes. The pain increased as the insect took the weight off her legs. Traci didn't want to die this way. She looked around her to see it there was something that could help her to escape. All she saw was what looked like giant ants the size of mini-vans around her. She screamed and cried at the sight of what looked like an inevidable death and feast for these ants. Then out of desparation, she took her hands and placed them on each pincer and began to seperate them. They pulled apart with little effort. The pincers scratched her stomach & back as she began to drop from the ants clutches. The thought of escaping no matter how redilulously slim it seemed helped her to think clearly in split-second timing. She had to get across the water somehow to escape the ants. Traci ran for the edge of the river and looked for a log that she could somehow cross. There was no such luck. The ants were closing in on her and she was either going to be ant food or a pile of bones stripped of all her flesh at the bottom of the river. She noticed the tall tree only five feet to the side of her that was rooted right at the edge of the river. She decided to climb it in hopes that the ants could not climb. She ran & jumped trying to reach the first branch, but it was too high. Traci had to wrap her arms and legs around the tree to climb to the first branch. On her way up she scoured her skin on the inside of her legs, her arms, and all along the front of her torso. She held her legs tight around the trunk of the tree and reached her arms up to the first branch. Her legs released when she had a good hold on the branch. Her legs dangled and the ants approached snapping their pincers up at her. One of them caught one of her legs and she screamed, "No!". She attempted to free it only scraping her upper thigh against it's pincers. Traci knew it was over. But then she took her other foot and lifted it in order to plant it dead smack on the top of the ant's forehead. She was able to lift her leg free and use it's head to climb up on the branch. She stood up on the branch and kept climbing until she was way out of reach from the ants down below. Traci sat high upon a branch to catch her breath looking down & hoping she could wait & wear out their patients. She began to cry thinking that this must be some kind of nightmare. She saw the ants began to climb the tree. She couldn't stop sobbing & crying for this to be all a bad dream. She looked across the river and realized that she was just too high and the water was way too wide to somehow jump across. She thought maybe it would be better to die from the fall from the tree than to be picked apart alive by the ants. Then she saw a vine dangling from way out on the end of a branch facing the river. She had a very slim chance to reach the vine without breaking the branch & falling to the piranha below.


Traci took the only chance for survival and gently balanced her way out on the narrow limb. The branch creaked under the stress and she could feel it ready to break from her weight. The branch snapped. Traci felt her heart almost come out of her mouth. She saw the vine and grabbed it on her way down. She felt like her shoulders separated from out of their sockets. The pain was excruciating, but Traci held on for dear life. Her bare legs dangled from tree some 30 feet above the water. Her hands could not hold her for too long. Traci's hands began to slip down the vine inch by inch. She was going to have to swing her legs to get up enough momentum to swing across to the other side before her hands failed her. She began to kick back & forth building up a good swing. When she let go it would be a hard fall, but she had a large soft looking plant in her sights that might help in breaking her fall. There were extremely long green petals that extended out from it spread on the ground at the edge of the river. It had a beautiful deep red almost pillow like center. That was her salvation. She knew she would most likely kill the beautiful plant with her fall, but it was going to be Traci or the plant. She got close enough to the other side to let go on the next return swing. She swung back towards the ants to prepare for her final life saving leap. Her eyes were focused on the target. She began her return swing and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. The plants long green petals began to rise up into the air completely blinding her view of the soft center and reached out for her. Traci screamed at the top of her lungs in total disbelief. She had no way of avoiding her contact with the plants petals. She tried kicking, but the green petals were like tentacles and wrapped themselves around her golden brown legs. As soon as they made contact with her skin, they stuck to her as if tiny hair-like needles were coated on the petals. Her legs began to sting from the contact but it was a very strange stinging feeling.  The stinging made her legs tighten. She had this urge to stretch her legs. She stiffened her thighs and her calves soon followed. Traci noticed her bare feet were still visible and she could see her toes were fanning far apart. It must have been some kind of poisonous venom being injected by these hair-like needles that were sinking into her legs. She couldn't stop the urge to stiffen & stretch from her legs down. She was in a sheer panic and could not cry. She didn't let go of the vine. The plant held on to her legs. She couldn't pull herself free like she could with the ants. The plant had her and was never going to let her go.  The plant pulled on her forcing her hands to slide down the vine. Another tug and her hands slipped down to the last few inches of the vine. The tentacle like petals slipped up to her groin and began to slip between her and her white micro thong bikini bottom. The petal tips began to slither over the tops of her  hips, her buttocks, and her lower belly below her navel. Traci began to feel a nervous tingling chill which made her shiver kind of like she would feel after getting sunburned. Traci began to shiver & shake uncontrollably firing off strange shrieky spasms throughout her entire body. At the same time she could not stop the urge to stretch all over. She noticed the baby fine blonde hairs on her arms were standing as if she was being electrified. She could feel the blonde hairs all over her body becoming erect. The final pull came and Traci was free from the vine. She screamed, "No! Please!". The plant had complete control of her now. The weight of her body forced her to slide deeper down the long green shafts of the petals. The plant held her suspended in its grip engulfing her entire abdominal region. The tips of the petals were at the base of her rib cage and just a few inches below her shoulder blades. She tried to use her hands to force herself up and out of the plants grip, but it was no use.

All Traci felt was tingly chills running down her body. She couldn't stop tightening her muscles and stretching. She could see the ants attempting to cross the water to come after her, but they were getting shredded to pieces by the piranha. The rest of the ants watched as Traci was now nothing but plant food. Again gravity took over and she slipped in even further. The tips of the petals worked their way under the white strings and the two itsy bitsy white triangles that just barely covered her nipples. She was now up to her breasts wrapped tightly by green petals. The hair like needles penetrated the skin of her breasts and it had a strange reaction to her super sensitive nipples. The tingly feeling increased on her breasts now that they were in direct contact with the plant. Her nipples had become more erect and stiffer than they had ever been in her life. She never imagined such a tingly sensation such as this. She felt so sensual & horney she felt like she was going to explode. Traci slipped in even further up to her shoulder tops. She could feel some kind of bottom now just touching the tips of her widely fanned toes.

Then she began to feel spasms, twitches, & convulsions deep inside her body. The venom must have been working its way deeper into the core of her body, she thought. Her breathing became heavy and she felt as if her G-spot was being stimulated. This whole predicament, though it seemed inevitably fatal was so orgasmic. She couldn't control herself and she exploded. Her warm juices soaked the tiny white patch of lycra spandex and the string that ran between her soft golden brown buttocks.

A shock of pain ran through her from her feet over the exhilaration from the venom. She tried to wiggle her toes and found out they were no longer there. She looked over to the other side of the river. The ants gave up trying to cross, but they stood & watched as the plant consumed her which is what they wanted to do to her. A bone popping & crushing sound became audible with another shock of pain came from her ankles. Then she slipped down considerably further leaving only her raised hands exposed out of the top of the petals. Traci could now look down inside the enclosure the plant had created around her. She could see that she was up to her knees in some kind of giant thorn like teeth that surrounded them. As she looked down again the thorns crunched down on her legs spurting blood up at her face. She howled over the pain  but also the pleasurable convulsions coming from the core of her body. She burst out with another orgasm. Blood was drooling out around the base of the plant moistening the surrounding soil. Again the thorns released their grip and Traci dropped up to her groin.  She looked down noticing her chest & and tummy heaving from these wild orgasms. Her sweat dribbled down her body. She couldn't believe that in death she could feel so alive. They closed again around her with blood spurting all over what remained of her body and then a loud bone crushing sound came like a muffled crashing of bowling pins. The pain, the blood, the orgasms. It will soon be over. She dropped waist deep into the plant. Traci looked down, she placed her hands over the large thorns after clearing the spray of blood out of her eyes. The thorns were about navel high on her. Then they quickly closed in on her. Her eyes practically popped out as she was being severed in half. The last thing she heard besides her scream was her back break. Traci expired.

The plant continued to eat her lifeless remains. A few minutes later the plants petals relaxed and fell to the ground. There was blood all over the center of the plant. Some golden blonde hair remained at the center of the plant as well. It began to rain which cleansed the mess on the plant & the ants turned back and returned to their hole.


-Squalo- 08/2000 

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