Story 19: Sea Dragon


   Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for women and do not promote killing them. The same goes for sharks as well. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story only as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

   Introduction: I wanted to state upfront not to disappoint some readers that the title refers to a ship name and not a fictitious dragon.

   Chuck & Laura met in Guam a year ago when Laura was hired as an additional manager of the hotel that Chuck managed. Both Chuck & Laura were originally from Hong Kong. Chuck was 40 and Laura was 38. Things were going well between the two of them. They were making it a weekly ritual to go out boating on Sundays. Chuck owned a 35 foot fiberglass fishing boat called the "Morning Star".

   One Sunday morning they left Apra Harbor for the Philippine Sea. It was a perfect sunny day. The temperature hardly ever dropped below 70 degrees there. An hour had gone by and chuck throttled down the motor. He started preparing his rod and reel.  The sea was slightly rough and the boat rocked a bit. Chuck looked over at Laura in the cabin grabbing a beer. The boat swayed, but Laura stood steady. She had very flat, wide feet and she was slightly bowlegged. Chuck couldn't stop admiring her perky C cup breasts. She looked almost edible to him with her skin all slick from the coat of oil she had on her body. She started wearing the tiniest microkinis that summer and the two tiny pieces of white material used for the top could hardly keep her nipples covered. The top was in no way any type of support for those globes. The microkini really made her torso look so long and lean.

Laura climbed up and laid on the deck at the bow in front of the wind shield. The sun was beating down on her already dark skin while the wind passed over her flat body to regulate her temperature. She stood up for a moment to just absorb the sight of the open sea. She saw nothing but a white ship very far off on the port side.

   The crew was out for a few hours now hoisting in the nets filled with sharks for finning. Then they spotted the little white fishing boat. They could see a beautiful female figure on the deck of the small fiberglass boat. They were all grabbing for the binoculars to be the next to see. She looked like a beautiful ornament off the front end of the boat.

   Chuck peered over and noticed that the ship was coming toward them. It got so close that he could read the name on the hull. It was a very large fishing trawler named the "Sea Dragon". Under the name on the hull it said "Taiwan". Chuck grabbed the horn that he kept stowed under the dash and ran out to the stern to blast it. They were going to ram them broadside. Chuck pulled a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol and shot it in the air, but the ship kept it's course. Chuck hollered to Laura to jump. She ran for the edge and jumped in screaming. Chuck dove in from the stern and only a few seconds after that, the ship rammed their little fishing boat turning it into splintered fiberglass planks. The crashing sound was so loud, they both covered their ears. The two were horrified and shaken up from the crash.

   The trawler slowed and turned back to retrieve them from the water. They had no choice but to accept their rescue from the deep water. They were too far away from shore to swim back. When they returned to them, the men threw a small fishing net down and the two swam to it. They immediately grabbed it and hoisted themselves into it.  As the men pulled them up they saw Laura sprawled out in the net on her back. They couldn't get over the miniature size of her bikini. It was almost like she had nothing on but some white strings wrapped around her chest and waist. They were pulled up on the deck and seized immediately. Chuck foolishly started ranting about how they destroyed his boat despite his warnings with the horn and the gunshots.

   While 2 men were restraining his arms behind him, a third man came forward and ripped the buttons off his shirt. He then pulled a dagger from a sheath and immediately plunged it into his stomach. Chuck was wide eyed and let out a loud groan. He cringed as the man continued to twist the knife in his gut. Then he started spitting out blood. Laura screamed in horror as she watched her boyfriend die at the hand of this stranger. Two men kept her arms tightly behind her back as she stood there practically naked with the tiniest white microkini anyone had ever seen before. The man then pulled the blade out letting Chuck fall to the deck curled up on his side heaving his last breath. The man then told the other two to throw him overboard.  Again Laura screamed "No!" as they tossed him into the sea. Laura tugged toward the side, but the two men were too strong to allow her to move. Laura was now all by herself with about 20 men on this ship.

   The men were totally amazed that all she had on was these 3 little pieces of white material held together with small strings and a big white bow in her hair which kept it in a ponytail. The 2 men that held her arms dragged her away from the edge of the ship. It was then that she noticed the pile of shark carcasses laying on the deck close the center of the boat. There was such a nauseating stench coming from the dead fish. She was walking barefoot on a dirty deck with fish guts scattered around. She realized she was on a shark finning boat. These people were the pirates of the Asian waters. She was forced over to a mast that was about 2 feet in diameter. They took her wrists and bound them around the mast behind her with zip ties. A sword was affixed to the mast between her legs that was so long that she had to stand on tipped toes to keep the point from poking her crotch. Her calves and thighs looked so shapely and hard from the muscles in her legs keeping her from getting poked by the sword. Her entire body was still glazed with oil even after coming out of the water.

   They cut the white bow in her hair which allowed it to drop around her face, down her shoulders and flow freely in the wind. One of the men decided to play a little with a knife up and down the centerline of her torso. Her eyes widened when she saw the long, sharp blade. The blade alone was about a foot long. She was so vulnerable and the man wanted to penetrate her soft dark belly flesh so bad. He lunged for her perfectly deep, round navel. She did what looked like a belly dance to parry his threatening pokes. As the knife came closer, she would react by raising her rib cage and sucking in her gut forming a deep concave shape. It was quite a beautiful site considering she was being tortured.

   One of the men loved the way her belly moved and wanted to see what she did when he punched it. He came forward, pushed the other man aside and gave her a gut wrenching punch dead on with her navel. As he hit her the other men could hear the hollow intestinal sound that resonated from her insides from the impact. She let out a cry as the air left her lungs from the punch. She had become vertiginous and very nauseous. At that very moment, she vomited on the deck right in front of them. The man that punched her pulled out a rag and said "Aw you made a mess on yourself" as he wiped the little bit of bile that landed on her heaving chest in the vicinity of her breast bone. The rest of her vomit was left on the deck by her feet. The pain of the blow sent convulsions through her and she could no longer control her bladder. She showered down her leg and down the long shiny blade of the sword. The urine beaded off her tight shiny legs as the final drops were excreted. She felt broken and all she could do was cry and beg for them to stop.  Her legs were shaking from the tension of standing with her heels clear off the deck.

   The man with the knife went over to the starboard side of the ship and was doing something with the knife. He then called over to the others and said, "I have a great idea. Let's have some real extreme fun with her before we use her for bait." Again Laura cried out for mercy. She felt broken and was on the verge of just telling them to kill her on the spot. They cut the zip ties and tied a rope to each of her wrists. Two of the men lifted her over their heads. She was squirming like a fish out of water to try to get free, but there was no chance of that happening.  They let her go over the starboard side of the ship close to the bows tip. They held the ropes that were tied to her wrists and slowly lowered her down along side of the ships hull. She immediately saw the long knife sticking out of the hull attached to some kind of slotted fitting that held the butt of the knife straight out and secured. She was facing the hull and the knife as they lowered her down and she instantly reacted by putting her feet against the cold steel hull to keep the knife from stabbing her. The men then tied the ropes to the rails above deck level. The ropes were spread wide apart keeping her arms out away from her almost spread-eagle. This kept her from swaying sideways away from the knife. It was constantly dead on with her belly. Laura kept her feet planted on the hull's side so that she wouldn't get stabbed, but she knew if they left her down there long enough, her legs would eventually fail her and then end would come.

   She was horrified when the boat rocked from the rough waves. Her feet would leave the side of the boat and then slam back on the side of the hull. In one incident, when she slammed back toward the boat the knife pricked her belly without breaking the skin. She realized that the blade is long enough to go clearly through her and come out her back. Fifteen minutes had gone by but it seemed like an hour for Laura as her endurance in her legs were considerably weakened. She could feel the burning in her groin and thighs from the tension she had to sustain to keep from getting too close to the deck. Then a big wave came and soaked the entire hull and sprayed in her face temporarily blinding her. Her feet left the boat and were free in the air for a split second and then her body began to return closer to the hull. Her feet couldn't grip the side of the boat this time and they slipped down away from the boat in one quick movement. In went the knife with a fast, hard thrust dead center only 3 inches below her navel and right through her womb. Her eyes opened despite the salt water that irritated them   from the splash. She saw stars and looked down to see the knife plunged in her soft tan tummy. She could see around her backside where the point was just slightly sticking out of her back. She looked down again in front of her and saw blood dripping down her chest. She was in shock and didn't realize that she was spitting up blood until she saw it.

   The men cheered and stomped on the deck at the sight of her skewered body. Her body trembled and stiffened from a pain she could never imagine. Cold steel has invaded her body and has become part of her now. Her face was soaked with tears and salt water and her chin was dripping blood. She tried to raise her thighs up and bend her knees against the ship. But even that was too short to come anywhere near getting the knife out of her belly. Her legs dropped straight down again and she could feel her warm blood flowing down her cold legs. She began to get very weak.

   Laura couldn't see the fins swarming below her but the men could see them and they couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. All of the sudden a long blue shark leaped out of the water and grabbed her left leg up to the middle of her shin. She let out the most horrid scream any human could possibly imagine. The shark was almost completely out of the water hanging from her leg shaking violently. Her body shook toward and away from the boat sending the knife in and out slicing her insides up. Then her leg gave at the knee. Blood poured out of her stump and the sharks concentrated in such a little space of water right below her. Another blue shark leaped even higher grabbing her right leg and began tearing the flesh from her femur. The shark dropped back in the water after stripping almost all the flesh from her thigh bone. She died instantly from blood loss after that bite.

   The crew cut the ropes free from the ship and Laura's lifeless corpse slowly twisted so that it was head down toward the waters surface. The weight of the upper body exceeded what was left of her lower body. When her corpse flipped her thigh bone was standing erect and bloody. One of the men grabbed a rope from both ends and dropped it below the body and brought it up between the torso and the ships side. He then proceeded to pull the knife free from the bracket which let the remains and the knife fall into the water with the sharks. They all peered over the side to see the sharks attack from every angle tearing the flesh and bones apart. Blood and froth filled the water along side the ship until there was nothing left. Before the sharks left, the captain called out to drop the nets. They were looking forward to a large catch that day.  


-Squalo- 05/2000 

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