Story 18: The Priestess


   Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for women and do not promote killing them. The same goes for sharks as well. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story only as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

   The earth had regenerated again. Jungles have formed and some humans had survived the disaster. There were no universal guidelines for people to follow because villages were spread so far apart. Janissa was part of a tribe that lived not to far from the equator in a tropical jungle near the edge of a large ocean. Very close to her village, there was a magnificent view of an ocean basin off the edge of a cliff. Not many people climbed the the cliff because it usually took one sun cycle to get to the top. The top of the cliff had become the sacred ritual ground for her tribe. A half pyramid was constructed at the edge. It was carved from the rock with steps leading to the top. At the top was a 6 foot wide and 3 foot deep stone altar where sacred sacrifices were performed. It was said that many years ago before the pyramid was created, two women from their tribe decided to swim in the beautiful basin and that they were eaten alive by a residing shark. Today it is believed that one dominant shark has claimed the basin for it's own. To their tribe, the shark is one of the most sacred gods since like humanity, it had survived the disaster. Now every year, 2 virgin maidens are sacrificed to the shark god and tossed off the cliff to feed him. The tribe felt that they owed the ocean life their gratitude. They could not have survived without the bounty of the sea for food. In return they offered their most beautiful females to the creatures of the sea to consume. 

   As a young adolescent, Janissa questioned the stories of a shark living in the beautiful basin below. When she was 16 she snuck down to the shoreline of the basin and stripped down to take a dip in the water to prove the stories wrong. After 5 minutes in the water she thought she proved them all wrong. Then all of the sudden a gray fin rose to the surface larger than her arms could reach out of the water. Her eyes widened and she swam back to land as fast as she could. When she reached land she turned to look back at the large beast, it had turned away and swam below the surface.

   Janissa was now 18 years old. When she was 13, she was chosen to be a priestess after 5 years. When she was chosen, a tattoo of the sun was drawn along her centerline below her navel. In the center of the tattoo was another tattoo of a narrow vertical slit. From that day on she had to wear two small white loin cloths allowing her entire midsection including the tattooed area to be exposed. Her lower loin cloth hung so low that just the slightest bit of pubic hair was visible. Her tribe had to know that she would be their future priestess. She had to swear to be a virgin until her 23rd birthday. On that day she would be sacrificed by the newly anointed priestess. Now that she had been anointed, she had to sacrifice the previous priestess on her 23rd birthday. Kell would be 23 in 3 days and Janissa had been prepared. From the age of 13 she was trained the proper steps to a successful ritual sacrifice. Her father carved a practically unbreakable, long sharp ivory knife with 12 female figures intricately carved in the top edge of the blade. The carving signified the 12 virgins that would be sacrificed by the knife. Each day she had to practice aiming and plunging her ivory knife into a narrow slit mark made on a piece of stretched animal hide. Her aim had to be perfect by the age of 18 so that she would hit the mark perfectly. There would be 10 maidens and 2 priestesses including her. The blade was made very sharp and very strong. She used it with all her rehearsals. She had truly become a master with her knife. Every year there were 2 blonde headed maidens were chosen for the sacrifice. Each maiden would have a tattoo of a narrow slit drawn below their navel just like the one in the center of Janissa's sun tattoo. They also had to wear scant white loin cloths revealing their entire midsection as well as the slit tattoo. All were well aware who were the future priestesses and maidens. 

   The time had come and Janissa was well prepared for her first sacrifice of the Priestess named Kell. Kell was very beautiful and looked so much like Janissa  with long straight raven hair, a dark olive toned complexion, a thin frame and beautiful shapely tone legs. She was 23 that day and Janissa awaited Kell's ascension to the top of the pyramid. The offering of Kell was a little different from that of the maidens. She stripped herself of her white loin cloths at the base of the pyramid. She also stood at the edge of the cliff with her arms pointed up toward the sun. When Kell was ready, Janissa sent her knife right into the slit in the middle of Kell's sun tattoo. Janissa then pulled the knife out and put the bloody tip to her mouth and licked Kell's blood from it. She then pushed Kell off the cliff where she plunged into the ocean basin at the bottom still alive and bleeding from her lower belly. Janissa peered down the cliff's edge. The shark quickly pick up the scent of her blood and devour Kell alive. From then on Janissa  was reigning priestess of the tribe. 

   That year she sacrificed 2 maidens. Her first maiden sacrifice was a girl named Lisa. She had shoulder length blond curly hair and beautiful golden sun browned skin. She was quite slender and very attractive as all the maidens were. All the maidens wore their white loins to the top of the pyramid and  were placed on thier backs on the altar. They were all willing to be offered, but they were still bound at their ankles and wrists to the cold stone altar. A smooth half round stone was placed underneath them at their lumbar spine to pronounce their lower bellies where the tattoo slit was made. The bindings were pulled tight to stretch their feeble bodies across the altar. It also prevented any movement of the offering which might move the target area during the ritual.

   Lisa was so beautiful lying there in front of Janissa. Her belly was very flat, heaving up and down quite unsteadily and her rib cage was quite apparent. Janissa was ready to remove her own top and begin to chant the sacred words of the shark god. When she finished the chant, she prepared herslef by sliding the tip of her knife along Lisa's centerline from pubis to sternum and back down again. Lisa's midsection heaved even more violently when Janissa slid the knife over her torso. She then slipped the knife into Lisa's navel and pointed it down into her little innie. She then pressed the point down in Lisa's Navel. Lisa's eyes widened and her back arched clear off the altar in surprise. Lisa knew that was not the spot that the knife was supposed to penetrate her first. Janissa settled Lisa down by placing her free hand on her stomach and Lisa responded by resting her back down on the altar again. The bindings kept Lisa centered on the altar so Janissa would not miss the mark.  Lisa's body was trembling from anxiety now as Janissa raised the intricate ivory knife over her head. Lisa's life was now completely in Janissa's hands. Lisa's eyes were fixed on the knife now hovering over her lower torso and Janissa was completely focused on the slit mark on her heaving underbelly. With one quick calculated strike, Janissa drove the knife home into Lisa's belly right on target. Lisa's red rich life fluid sprayed on Janissa's bare bosoms and stained Lisa's white loin cloth bottom. The knife's point hit that front of Lisa's lumbar spine and then Janissa quickly pulled the knife out. Janissa put her face close to Lisa's now widened eyes and licked the blood from the knife before preparing for the next step of the ritual. Lisa knew what was to come next. Janissa placed the still bloody knife up to the base of Lisa' ribs on her left side and sunk the knife deep and made an incision for Janissa's hand to enter. She pulled the knife from the wound and put her hand into the opening. She moved her hand around and underneath Lisa's ribs and reached for her beating heart. She then pulled it out and put it in front of Lisa's face so that the last thing Lisa saw was her still beating heart free from her body. She then went lifeless with her eyes still wide open. After that Lisa's limbs were untied she was tossed over the side of the cliff and fed to the awaiting shark.

   After those few years it came time for Janissa's last offering before she became 23. She knew Nonna very well and allowed her to be placed on the altar unbound. Nonna stretched herself long and lean across the altar and arched her back up clear off the surface jutting her lower belly out for the strike. Nonna held quite still with very short and small breaths. Nonna did not keep her eyes on the knife. Instead she kept her eyes on the heavens above. Janissa slid the knife over Nonna's body like all the others that had gone before her. Janissa asked Nonna if she was ready and Nonna nodded with a slight whisper from her mouth. She rose the knife over her head and plunged it into Nonna's soft tummy right on target. Immediately Nonna grabbed Janissa's hands with the knife still implanted in her tummy. Nonna wished only to be impaled in the belly and tossed to the shark alive. Janissa understood because Nonna truly wanted to be a priestess, but could not. Janissa granted her wish and she was carried and tossed over the side still alive and ready to face the hungry shark below. After Nonna was tossed over the edge, Janissa licked the knife of the blood as she always did.

   Janissa had only 30 more sun cycles before her 23rd birthday. She had to mentally and spiritually prepare herself for what was to come. The eve of her 23rd birthday had finally come. Her final day on the earth was upon her. That night, she placed her ivory knife flat on her lower tummy over the sun tattoo. She felt her pulse beating heavily in her midsection with the strongest point coming from her point of origin; her navel. She could not sleep from the anxiety from the fate that awaited her. In the morning before she rose from her resting place, she pointed the knife and dimpled her skin at the slit mark. This mad her heart pound  even harder and made her sex ooze with her slick warm fluids as she did when she played with herself in the past. Her knife would be handed off to the new priestess named Margo. Margo was now 18 years old and would reign until her 23rd birthday.

   The time had come and Janissa stood at the base of the pyramid. She then pulled her white loin cloths from her body and climbed the steps to the top. There she met Margo. Margo was a bit shorter than her with chestnut brown hair that reached the middle of her back. She had sun browned skin and deep brown eyes. Janissa handed her ivory knife over to Margo and went to stand at the edge of the cliff. Margo surprised her by escorting her back to the altar where she was to lay flat on her back instead. Margo had her ankles and wrists bound as well. It would be her first sacrifice and did not know if Janissa could lay completely still. Margo pulled her top off exposing her sun browned globes with prominent nipples. Like most of the young virgin women of the tribe she had small areoles because they were not stretched from anyone's mouth. Janissa could not control her convulsions on the altar. Margo began to chant and then slid the knife up and down her body. Margo placed the knife across Janissa's neck which made her drop her chin and made her lower back arch clear off the altar. Margo's style and practices were quite different and that threw Janissa off a bit. 

   Before Janissa knew it her knife was now clearly over her lower torso and in lightning speed the knife descended into her belly hitting the face of her spinal column. Her blood sprayed out of the wound and spat on Margo's face and bare breasts. Janissa's toes curled and her hands made a fist before she fanned her toes and spread her fingers apart in relief that the ritual had been executed perfectly. Janissa now got to feel what Kell felt as well as all of the maidens that were sacrificed by her. There was no feeling quite like having a knife plunged into her premature womb. An orgasm went straight through her body and she began to cum from her sex. Janissa smiled back at Margo, but Margo would never completely understand until it was her turn. She pulled the knife from the soft tan flesh and placed the knife over Janissa's lips. Janissa responded by licking the knife of her own blood. Margo then had her assistants untie her and carry her over to the cliff's edge. Janissa turned her head to look down at the swells in the water before she was dropped. She felt free in the air for a few seconds before her body hit the water's surface.  It wasn't long before her life's blood was picked up by the hungry one. It came upon her suddenly with a sharp feeling around her calves. It shook her legs violently but not enough to completely throw her around. She could see her own blood spreading throughout the water and then a moment after she felt the pain at the base of her knees. Again a violent shake but her limbs stayed intact. She could feel herself getting drained, but she was still conscious for the next wave of pain at her mid thighs. Now when the hungry one shook, her body was tossed to and fro, but she still managed to hold her breath through the attack. She then felt the sharp teeth sink into her buttocks and just above her pelvic bone. She was lifted out of the water with her lower half in the mouth of the shark. She exhaled and took a deep breath before she was pulled down  below the surface once more. The shark then let her go for a quick moment before grabbing her around the waist just below her navel. This time the bite was too extreme to handle and the pressure made her eyes bulge almost out of their  sockets. The shark shook her and she could feel her insides tearing from the sharp serrated teeth. The jaws closed even harder around her waist and she could sense that she was severed in half just before the life ran out of her. Janice now existed with the gods as she died with honor.



-Squalo- 11/99 

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