Story 17: Distant Rumble


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about sharks. Any actions in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

   It was warm that early September morning. There was a nice breeze coming off the shore at the Florida State University. Class had already started and Brandi had no intention in staying in school on such a beautiful day. First class was English and her friends Anita and Julia were already in the classroom when Brandi walked in. There was no sign of Tina yet though. She spoke to her yesterday on the phone and she said she’d see her in class that day. She could completely understand the difficulty in getting up to get to an 8:00 class after working the night shift at the gym though. Professor Schwartz already started lecturing and then finally Tina showed up.

   Tina was a bright and quite attractive girl. She had blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a figure that Brandi could only wish she had. She would always find time to spend under the tanning beds at the gym during her breaks. She wondered if she was a natural blonde because her eyebrows were brown. There was only one way to know for sure. Brandi had long baby fine chestnut brown hair that draped just over her shoulders. She had dark brown skin and brown eyes. She was very shapely but carried a little baby fat on her. Anita had light brown curly hair  with green eyes  and a very thin figure. She was the tallest out of the four of them and very unspoken.  Julia was a pretty, petite Spanish girl with straight black hair and dark skin. Her figure was very thin as well and she had perfectly straight white teeth and loved to smile. She was always happy no matter what happened.

   After 20 minutes into the class, Brandi was already getting fidgety and wanted to just walk out of the class. She had on a matching auburn top and shorts set. The top was cut off at the midriff and her navel ring was visible from above the waistband of her shorts. She wore tan leather strapped sandals and you could see the freshly painted fluorescent orange nail polish on her toenails that matched her fingernails. Tina wore white shorts that covered her navel and a pink tube top the accented her perfectly perky round globes exquisitely. She wore white ankle length socks and white leather skips. Anita wore a white T-shirt and long denim jeans with sneakers on. Julia was wearing white frayed short shorts a white off the shoulder Spanish style blouse with an open midriff and white skips with no socks. All that white was such a contrast to her dark olive skin.

    Brandi actually lasted the hour in the classroom and burst out the door to the hallway. She waited for the other 3 to come out and then she would hit them with the news. When Anita finally stumbled out of the classroom, Brandi told them that she was cutting class for the rest of the day and going to her father’s marina to sunbathe on his boat. Anita declined right away but Tina and Julia were ecstatic because they knew that it wasn’t just a boat, but a beautiful 70-foot yacht. Since the other 2 wanted to go, Anita agreed to go as well.

   They all hopped into Brandi's car. It was only 10 minutes away from campus. When they got there they saw the boat wasn’t there. It must have been rented for the day. The marina was completely desolate when the yacht is out. Right away Anita said she wanted to go back to finish school. Brandi said not to worry they could still lay on the dock and even take a dip in the water. The water was fresh because the currents came in right from the edge of the inlet. None of them had bathing suits either except for Brandi who planned on going there that day. Brandi told them that no one is down on the dock when the boat is out and they could lay out in their bras and panties to get some sun. The three agreed after some debating. 

    They started to strip down taking their shoes off first and they were noticing each others feet after they took their socks off. They already knew that Brandi had her toenails freshly painted orange to match her fingernails but not until she took her matching shorts and top off that they noticed that her nails matched her orange knitted string bikini. Anita pulled off her sneakers wearing no socks  and they saw her silver toe rings, her white toenails which looked great with the nice brown tops of her feet. She wiggled her toes to air them out and the other three giggled because her toes were so long since she had long thin feet.  Tina took her skips off following with her socks and they saw her golden skinned feet with white toenails. Her feet had the impression of the fiber from her socks. She also wiggled her toes to air them out and rubbed them to smoothen out the impressions. Julia took her skips off  and she had an ankle bracelet on her right ankle and a French style pedicure. Her feet were the smallest out of all of them and she had a dark olive tone on the tops of them and pink along the lower sides following along her soles. Brandi said, look at how cute her feet are and they all giggled.

    Brandi said, c'mon girls, time to take the clothes off. Brandi was already just in her bikini. Anita followed by taking her jeans off exposing her long very sexy thighs her small kneecaps and her smooth and thin shins. She slipped her shirt over her head stretching her long lean belly and they all saw the matching lavender cotton bra and string panties she wore. The color looked hot against her light brown skin. Julia slipped her white shorts down and lifted her feet to get her pants off. She revealed very thin white thong panties and oops she had no bra on under her off the shoulder blouse. Brandi said, Julia, how daring. Finally, it was Tina's turn. Tina said, she's not the only one, Brandi. She pulled her tube top off exposing her beautiful breasts that jiggled slightly when the top slipped past her nipples. Then she went for her shorts and once she unbuttoned the top and unzipped them they all saw she had her navel pierced. Ooh Tina, yelped Julia. Very nice, she said. Then down went the shorts and they were all amazed at the tiny little zebra striped micro sized string panties she had on. There was not much left to leave to the imagination there. Brandi had to ask, Are you truly a blonde? Tina said, does this answer your question? She pulled the tiny triangle of her panties down to reveal the smallest patch of blonde hair. Brandi said, OK that's fine and the other two giggled with Tina giving a smile looking at Brandi.

    Anita quickly said, let's lay down and get some sun then. OK girls, you heard it from the quiet one, Brandi said. So they all laid down and fell asleep. An hour went by and Tina was hot and wanted to cool down. She looked down at her feet and lifted her soles off the dock so they were supported only by her heels. She noticed the dark creases of skin at hte front joint of her ankles. So she asked Brandi if she was sure the water was clean enough to wade in. Brandi said, sure I've been in it plenty of times and never found anything in the water. The other two shaded their eyes and looked up at Tina about to go off the dock. Brandi followed right behind her, so Julia and Anita decided to go in too.  They all put their heads back and wet their hair. Julia said to Tina, don't think that I'm strange, but there has always been one thing I wanted to do with another girl. Tina says, what's that Julia? Julia said come here a second. Tina approached her and Julia wrapped her arms around Tina's back like a hug. She pressed her healthy olive toned bosoms tightly against Tina's round globes. So Tina followed along and squeezed Julia closer to her making their breasts press so tightly against each others that it looked like all 4 of them were about to burst. Cool hah, Julia said. Brandi giggled and then looked over for Anita, but she wasn't there anymore. Brandi shouted, Anita! All of the sudden Tina and Julia screamed as they felt something grab them both around the middle of their thighs. Anita popped up immediately and took a breath then laughed. Julia said, shit Anita, I though it was a shark grabbing us. Brandi then said, I haven't played this since grammar school and I would love to play it with you three. Tina said, What's that Brandi? Brandi said, let's play jaws. Whoever gets eaten gets to be jaws and has to eat someone else. Anita said, not really Brandi. But the other two said why not, it could be fun. Anita said, OK I guess I started something by scaring you two.

    Brandi said, OK Anita, since you gave me the idea, why don't you be jaws first. Anita agreed. So the other three were swimming trying to dodge Anita's approaches, but Julia being the smallest could not reach or swim as fast as the other three. Anita grabbed Julia and really played along with it and shook her back and forth as if she was really attacking her. Julia shouted, OK Anita, I'm it. So Julia tried so hard to catch the other three, but had a really difficult time because they could all dodge Julia's lunges at them. Tina was starting to get cramps in her lower abdomen and she could feel her tummy rumbling pretty  violently like things were shifting around in her tummy. She realized she had to empty her bladder and then maybe that would relieve some of the cramps. She let her urine go but what she didn't know is that she was releasing blood as well. She had gotten her period a little earlier than she usually gets it. So while they were still playing, Tina's tummy kept rumbling like mad and she kept oozing blood out of her vagina which was staining the string of the lower part of her panties. 

    It was very hungry looking for any small bite it could get along the shoreline. Being the tiger species, it had fed on wading gulls before, but none were around. Then it smelled blood. The sensation drove it mad and needed to know were it was coming from. It followed the trail into an inlet where the tide was bailing out into the ocean. The scent got stronger and then it felt a sensation running along it's lateral line. The sensation was of a distant rumble that  came every few seconds. It lost the trail of blood, but the rumble was still there. It waited until it felt it and then would proceed to get closer to it's source. It knew the feeling must be coming from the innards of a living creature. Whatever living creature it was coming from would soon be in it's mouth. It had to eat and fast. The scent of blood came again and it approached the source now ever so close. The rumble was even stronger now and it realized that the rumble must be coming from the blood source. Then it could see four figures with eight limbs dangling at the top of the water. It found the source and found it's next meal.

    Julia was trying very hard to grab Anita and the two were laughing. Tina then said to Brandi, you go play with the other two, I'm getting tummy cramps and I'm going to go lay down for a while. Brandi said, OK I hope you feel better. Tina was the furthest out away at about 70 yards from the dock heading back when all of the sudden Brandi yelped and Tina looked at Brandi and said, What's wrong? Brandi said, something just brushed passed the bottom of my feet. It felt rough like sandpaper. Tina said maybe it was a rock you brushed against. Just a second after Tina screamed with a more blood curdling scream than the other three had ever heard in their life. Brandi yelled, What Tina? Tina screamed with every ounce of air she had in her lungs all to get out one word, SHARK! Anita said to Julia, there she goes kidding around again.

    It had the source in it's mouth holding tight around it's lower left side but above it's kicking limb. 

    Tina could feel the teeth sinking into her lower left side. It dug it's teeth into her from her lower tummy and down to her upper thigh at the groin. She could feel the teeth penetrating her lower back and her buttocks. She looked down and through the water beyond her blood she could see the head of the shark and one of it's eyes. She could see that the shark had her all the way up to her navel on her left side and one of it's teeth had her navel ring caught on it. She screamed again as it sunk deeper into her hip. She tried punching down at it, but it would not let go. 

The other three thought she was just fooling around like she usually does around them. Then all of the sudden she was lifted up out of the water higher than any person could leap in open water. Brandi saw the gray snout of the shark break the waters surface with Tina's hip in it's mouth. She could also see the blood running down Tina's tummy onto the sharks head. Tina was swinging her hands down at the head of the shark. Then they knew it wasn't a joke. Brandi screamed, SHARK! It grabbed Tina tightly and didn't let go. Her eyes were closed and her face was all contorted from the pain of the sharks grip. Brandi yelled, Oh shit Tina, oh my God! She turned to the other two who were closer to the dock and told them to get out of the water. It now shook Tina violently and she could feel her inner organs being squeezed and cut in the sharks mouth. It pulled her under and she needed air at that moment. All she had was water to inhale. She surfaced again choking from the water that went down her lungs. All of the sudden she heard a pop. Her left leg had broken free from her pelvic socket  and fell to the bottom of the water. She also felt a loud crack and the shark had let her go. It didn't actually let her go, but took the flesh from her hip including the whole left hip bone with some of her organs as well.

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    Brandi swam back to the dock because she knew there was nothing she could do to help Tina while she was in the water. Tina was in shock an still conscious. It came back for more and she was again lifted out of the water. This time from below. The shark had her right leg and what was left of her lower torso in it's mouth. Her loose intestines were hanging over the top of the sharks jaws and he squeezed her again just below what was left of her navel area. Brandi looked back for a second only to see Tina getting closer to her as she was reaching the dock. Blood now came spurting out of Tina's mouth and her eyes were tearing blood as well from the pressure of the bite. It shook her back and forth so fast and violently. Brandi had finally reached the dock and Tina and the shark were not too far from them either now. Her head just swung back and forth as she began to lose consciousness. Then with one large crack Tina's eyes opened wide and the life was taken from her. She was completely severed in half and it had left her there with blood and innards dangling from below her severed torso. Tina's eyes were still wide open. The three of them could see the crystal blue irises between the bloody edges of her lids. They all yelled Tina, but there was no response from her. Julia had put her blouse back on and went to grab a pole from the little shed at the beginning of the dock. Anita grabbed the pole since she had the longest arms and was able to reach her with it. She pulled her closer to the edge of the dock and Brandi and Julia laid down on their fronts to try to reach her arms that were just floating at the surface of the water.

    They got her to the edge of the dock and the two girls had her arms to pull her up onto the dock. Anita helped and they noticed she was very light. As they easily heaved her up, they saw her guts hanging from her lower torso. She was half eaten by the shark. Brandi let go of one of Tina's arms and turned to gag and puke on the dock. Anita grabbed her now dangling arm from the water again and helped Julia pull her remains onto the dock. They could see her severed organs and her spinal column above where her pelvis used to be. The three were crying  their eyes out. Their friend Tina was gone forever. Brandi turned toward the water standing in her orange string bikini still dripping wet with water beads all over her dark skin. She could see the sharks fin in the distance leaving the inlet. She then screamed with anger and guilt, You God damned monster! Brandi could only blame herself for this incident.

- Squalo - 10/99 

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