Story 16: Time Warp


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about prehistoric animals. Any actions in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

   On one sunny afternoon, Bob came to pick up Diedre for her photo shoot out in the Arizona desert. Diedre was a beautiful Italian American fitness star with a 6 foot amazon like body. She had dark olive skin, very long black hair and beautiful brown eyes. She had beautiful Mediterranean facial features with a very distinguished nose.

   The horn of the jeep honked and Diedre stepped out of her house with a little duffle bag wearing white short shorts, a tight blue tank top and white canvas skips. She hopped into Bob's jeep and they were off to the desert. Bob told her that she had some burn from her morning sunbathing. Even though she was very dark skinned, she had a new glow over her tight shoulders. Bob also noticed the thin white spaghetti string tied at the nape of her neck from her bikini. He pretty much told her what to wear for the photo shoots. It was her first time wearing it and he couldn't wait to see what she looked like in it. He really loved his work. 

   It took 45 minutes to reach a scenic rocky point. They hopped out and Bob started setting up his photography equipment while Diedre slipped out of her skips, shorts and shirt displaying the new white string bikini with tiny red dots by the jeep. She walked over to the rocks and adjusted her top, flexed her arms and legs as Bob focused for the first photo. She posed sitting on the rocks first with a nice big smile with her beautiful full rosy lips. She then went into some poses laying on her front showing off her silky smooth, well rounded bottom. She then suggested that she climb up to the top to the rocky ledge. Bob realized it was a great idea. She stood proudly looking over the horizon while Bob took some powerful looking shots from below. Bob thought her tight, fit body looked like it was sculpted out of the stone that she stood upon.

   Bob then told her to change into the next outfit. She came down from the rocks and grabbed her duffle bag and walked around the rock mass for a little privacy while she changed. As soon as she reached the other side, she was totally awestruck by the vision of a large blue crystal. It was stuck in the rock mass and was the size of a basketball. Her mouth was wide open and she couldn't speak. She walked over to it, dropped her bag and placed both hands on it. At that very moment, everything had gone black. A few seconds later daylight returned and Diedre was still standing with her hands on the crystal. She noticed that she could hear waves rolling across a shore behind her. She turned around immediately to see a shoreline that wasn't there only a a few seconds ago. She walked around the rocky mass to see if bob was there. Not only was he not there, but the desert was now a jungle.

   She couldn't understand what happened to her or where she was. It looked like the same place, but things were looked totally different. The land was now full of life that just a minute ago was a brown baron desert. She got nervous not knowing where Bob was. She felt totally lost and alone. Diedre also felt so defenseless and underdressed. She wanted to get back into her shorts and shirt, but she left her outfit in the jeep. Her duffle bag was not around either. She was now very afraid and wanted to return to where she was. The last thing she remembered was touching the crystal. She went back around to touch it, but nothing happened.

   Diedre decided to walk along the shore and maybe something would look familiar to her or maybe she would find someone that could help her. It began to get very warm and from walking along the shore she got quite perspired. She decided to take to take a dip just to cool off, but when she looked in the water she saw some thrashing spread across a wide area not too far from shore. Then all of the sudden off to the right of her, she saw an immense shark fin rise up out of the water. The fin was even larger than the one she saw in the Jaws movies. The last thing she wanted was to become a shark's meal. She was shocked and didn't even want to put her feet back in the water. She continued to walk and eventually,  the adjacent land from the sandy shore went from rocky to flat with trees a little further inland. She decided to walk back to the edge of the trees to take advantage of the shade.

   She looked at the beautiful sand behind her once more and saw a shadow that looked like that of an airplane, but she didn't hear any jet sounds. She looked up to see the plane under the sunlight and was shocked to see it wasn't a plane at all. It was a bird with Eire bat looking wings that spanned about 16 feet across. It had a long beak and long, sharp talons. It wasn't a bird, but in fact a prehistoric pteradon. Diedre screamed and ran barefoot toward the trees that were still a distance away. She thought it would be best if she hid in the trees from the flying creature. Before she was even close, the pteradon knocked her off her feet with a swoop over her head. The bird returned to grab her in it's talons, but she got up and continued to run for the trees.

   She was totally focused on the trees and didn't notice the conditions on the ground ahead of her. A few steps more led her into a puddle of a thick gelatinous green substance like that of tree sap. It slowed her down, but she could not turn back. She had to continue toward the trees or the prehistoric bird would surely capture and eat her. Unfortunately the sap got more viscous and eventually she couldn't lift her feet out of it. It was only ankle deep, but she couldn't even pull her feet from it anymore. She was only a 50 yards from the woods now and she couldn't move an inch.

   Diedre let out a blood curdling scream and the pteradon flew past her and over the trees. It was certainly going to circle back for her. All of the sudden her body shook from a thundering pound to the ground; and then another. The pounding got louder and faster. It was coming from the trees in front of her. It seemed to be too strong even to be an elephant. All of the sudden, from out of the trees came what seemed to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It stood about 3 stories high and spotted her immediately. At that very moment the Pteradon returned and smacked the T-Rex in the back of the head. Diedre screamed again and then hollered out the name Bob in vane. She was thinking that it must have been a bad dream, but it wasn't. The Rex stepped over her and went after the Pteradon. The two were fighting behind her while she stood facing the trees. While they were fighting, she desperately tried to free herself with no luck. She tried pulling on her now throbbing and pumped legs to release her feet. She was at the point of desperation where she would leave her feet behind if she could tear them off. 

   The sun was now just about setting at the horizon.

   She screamed again and her head became beat red and tears ran down her face. The fighting had stopped and she turned her head only to see the Rex approaching her from behind. She just continued to scream with only time to inhale for the next scream, standing practically nude in just her tiny white bikini. She was like a sitting duck waiting to be plucked. To the Rex, she was just a fresh, warm, living piece of flesh to satisfy it's never ending hunger. She stood below him going out of her mind, not knowing how to deal with the end of her life that would come from what was now standing behind her. Diedre was all hot sweating muscle from her fight to free herself. 

   In an instant, it's head descended with it's mouth of long pointed teeth approaching above her. Saliva dripped down on her head. She raised her arms over her head as a reflex to keep its drool from dripping on her face. She let out one more scream before the teeth were engulfed around her waist. Her scream continued and began to echo in the Rex's cavernous mouth and throat. The Rex crunched it's teeth closed puncturing her skin all around her waist below the navel. Her navel popped out from a hernia caused by the extreme pressure that was inflicted to her abdomen. The teeth slipped through the muscle fibers in her torso with no resistance at all. The scream of life threatening fear became a scream of excruciating pain. The top and bottom teeth met in the center of her bowels. The Rex had a little difficulty lifting her off the ground. She was still alive and her whole body had stiffened up from the unimaginable pain that inflicted her lower midsection. She felt like her legs were going to pop out of their sockets in her groin. Everything on her body froze; she even stopped breathing in fear of anymore pain to her torso. Like Diedre's body, it was like time froze for her. Her long feet were finally free and would never touch the earth again. As she was being lifted she could feel her heart pounding in her chest and up through her neck and into her head. Her blood was now dripping down her cold lifeless legs.

   The Rex then lifted it's head to send her down it's gullet. When it's jaws opened wide and the teeth left her body, her heart stopped and her eyes froze open. The last thing that her eyes saw was the Rex's throat as her head fell into darkness that became the darkness of death as well. After two swallows, the corpse had reached the Rex's stomach. Still not completely satisfied, the Rex went back to the corpse of the pteradon to end it's hunger for that day. 

- Squalo - 12/98 

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