Story 15: Shark Huntress


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about sharks or shark behavior. I have a great love and respect for sharks as well. Any actions in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 
   Tanya was a 25 year old blonde who was born into a wealthy Southern California family. She was 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She had a beautiful, slim, fit, and slinky body that weighed in at 110 pounds. Every year her parents would give her money for her birthday that she used to travel to different parts of the world. For the past 4 years, she never told her family where she was going and they never knew what she did. She would always tell them that she just loved to lay on the beach in some warm place to relax. Her birthday was in February so she was always able to keep her golden brown complexion all year around. 

   What Tanya's family didn't know is that she was bored of being served and pampered all the time and needed a break. She decided to do something life threatening for excitement each time she went on vacation since the age of 20. She was quite a strong young lady and started hunting sharks, but not like the unfair challenge that anglers had. She wrestled them in their own environment. When she defeated the shark, she would leave a mark on her opponent with a bite out of its underside. She learned to hug a shark from it's underside belly to belly. She knew that if she rolled a shark on its back, the shark becomes sedated. So her goal was to wrestle the shark and quickly roll it on its back. She would then take her victory bite from the sharks underside and have enough time to return to her boat before the shark came out of its trance. 

   She knew that in order to come face to face with this particular creature, she would have to present herself as food. So each time she wanted to provoke an encounter, she wore a yummy yellow micro sized eye patch bikini and spread an oil mixture of squid, tuna and shrimp all over herself. When she got in the water she would kick and splash on the surface like an injured fish. She  then dove to face her potential  opponent.

   In the past, Tanya had defeated a small great white in Australia, a hammerhead shark in Japan, a tiger shark in the Bahamas, and a Mako in Cancun. This year she headed to Hawaii. She knew of a small uninhabited island where the jaw of a prehistoric shark was left standing at the center of it's jungle. Many years ago, people lived on the island and had found the remains of what was thought to be a prehistoric shark called the Carcharadon Megaladon. Tanya thought this would be a great place to start on her search for her fifth opponent. She boated to this island with enough supplies to last her for the duration of her vacation. 

   As soon as she landed, Tanya stripped down to her yellow eye patch bikini and never wore another thing until she was ready to leave and head back home. She spent days just lounging in the warm Pacific sun, browning her beautiful soft skin. A few days before she went for her annual hunt, she took a hike in search for those jaws that remained on the island. When she found them, she was awestruck at their immense size. The jaws stood up supported between the backs of two very weathered totem poles. The height reached way over her head. She could just reach the pending top teeth when she stood on her tippie toes. Each of the major teeth was larger than her hand. She could never imagine challenging an aquatic beast this large. She would just be an instant meal to something this large. She was glad that they didn't exist anymore. 

   Tanya decided to camp out at the site for the night before her 25th birthday. When she woke up, she took a stretch and walked over to the amazing jaws. She decided to jump up and hang off the top of the jaws to give herself a good stretch. While she hung, she got a shriek that quivered through her body when she envisioned falling into jaws of a living monster like this.  As she did every year, Tanya didn't eat anything all day on her birthday. She only ate the chunk of flesh that she took out of the shark after her victory. She decided to head back to shore for her hunt. When she got back, she packed up her things and headed out on the boat to the deep. 

   Tanya stopped the boat and got warmed up so she would be prepared for another victorious challenge. She did some sit ups to get her muscles pumped up and to get her adrenaline flowing. She then did some push ups and chin ups on a support beam to build up her arms as well. Tanya then went through her annual ritual of coating her body with the oil mixture. She enjoyed rubbing oil on herself. It made her feel like a savage, sexual being. She felt very horny when she stretched and sucked in her scrawny, flat belly. Her nipples got perky and hard when she rubbed around the edges of her healthy globes. She also got very wet when she rubbed the oil hard into her lower tummy between her hips. The last thing she did was to strap a knife onto her shin just in case things ever got a little out of control. 

   The sun was going to set in about two hours and she was ready for a great bout. She dove into the water and started thrashing immediately. She kept checking below her, but no activity was stirring in the depths. Thirty minutes had gone by and still nothing. A few minutes later, she felt a strong current rush past her feet. She dove her head down to take a look and in the distance she saw what looked like a great white approaching. She knew this would be some fight since the last great white was the toughest struggle she 
had ever experienced. The fish kept getting bigger and bigger as it got closer. She thought it was upon her already, but it was still getting larger. Tanya's eyes opened wide in total shock at the size of this fish. The sharks snout was not pointed like a great white though. It was blunt and stubby looking. The sharks color was much brighter than that of a great white also. 

   Tanya had no time to pull her knife and bolted back to the surface. Before she knew it, the gargantuan shark  was shoving her in the back with its nose right up to the surface. She was literally launched out of the water and into the air. She splashed back into the water totally disoriented and scared for her life. She spun around trying to locate her boat and saw it about 50 yards away. Just before she went to swim toward the boat, she was lifted out of the water with teeth clamped down on her midsection and one of the large triangular top teeth plunged right through her navel. She spurted up blood as her slender guts were squeezed and severed. She felt  as if her eyes were going to pop out of her head. She kicked for a few seconds into the its cavernous maw until its teeth penetrated to her spinal column. 

   When gravity took over , the energy exerted from the crashing return broke Tanya in half. The upper half of the corpse slowly plummeted into the depths with bulging, lifeless, green dilated eyes. The remains didn't have much time to travel down until the young Megaladon returned to finish its meal. 

- Squalo - 11/98 

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