Story 14: Last Stop, New Guinea


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about  New Guinea, its people, or its culture. Any actions in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

   Tara was a blonde German and Irish divorced woman in her mid forties. She had lived a great life with no kids partying and having a great time anytime it was possible. Even though she was getting older, she still maintained an outrageous body and could wear bikinis even better than some younger women. She knew she would not have this body for all her life and didn't want to die all decrepit and shabby looking. She wanted to go out in whatever prime she had left. She knew when she used to enjoy sex with men, she would role play and fantasize that they were cannibals and would eat her as a main course. That used to turn her on so much that she couldn't hold back her orgasm. 

   Tara decided to do a little research on cannibal tribes that still existed today. She found that it was theorized that there were a few tribes that have been left undisturbed up in the highlands of Papua, New Guinea. She had mapped out the vicinity that these tribes dwelled in. She made reservations and set up all accommodations to get her hiking up in the highlands in a week. She quit her job and was pretty much prepared for her final adventure. 

   That week, she bought a safari outfit including a matching pair of shorts and button down shirt. Of course she wouldn't be complete without a white pith helmet and hiking boots with plenty of white socks. She also purchased a very tiny white eye patch string bikini that looked awesome on her. She really was still fit and trim looking. Since it was winter where she lived in the states, she did not have much of her color left. She did have a hint of tan that seemed to stay with her all year around. She got herself a great backpack for hiking to hold her water and food as well as a tent, since she estimated that it would take a few days to hike up to her destination in the beautiful rain forest. 

   The plane she took brought her to Darwin, Australia, where she transferred to another smaller plane that got her to her intended destination. There was a hiking tour that she joined with to get her to a certain point of her destination. The night before they were to head back, she snuck off with all her gear and got herself lost in the thick vast jungle so that no one would find her nor go looking for her since they knew that any further into the highlands was not safe for anyone to go roaming around. The tour guide did conduct a search in the safer areas of the trails and did not find any evidence that she was around at all. It was if she got up intentionally and left the group. 

   Tara did get lost, but had a general direction to follow. She knew she would have to bump into somebody on her venture. After 2 days she finally reached a clearing where a tribe was living. The temperature was very hot and the humidity was unbearable. She could feel the sweat dripping down the wide valley between her well endowed breasts and settling into her deep navel. She realized that, where there are people; there was water. Tara was dying to cool herself off in a pond or river. Looking past the huts, she could see a watering hole at the foot of a waterfall. 

   She knew that it was time to introduce herself to the tribe. She took a squat in the bushes since it might be her last. She walked in with some of the tribe members just staring at her. Some of the people went running to inform somebody. When she got halfway to the watering hole, a dark man stopped her wearing very little clothing, and the plume of feathers from some birds of paradise that dwelled in their native land. Some other men came around his sides and surrounded her looking in amazement. She bowed as a friendly gesture and the chiefly looking man bowed back. She pointed to herself and said, "I'm Tara". The man pointed to himself and said, "Kun Kow". They both bowed again. 

   She gestured to Kun Kow that she was hot and wanted to cool off in there watering hole. They allowed her and she proceeded to the edge of the water. She stripped down just leaving her white micro-sized eye patch bikini on. The people were amazed at what they saw. They couldn't believe the long navel reach she had. Her underbelly was so long and bountiful that it could feed up to four people alone. They all stared at her as she slowly entered the water. She began pouring water over her shoulders and over her healthy chest letting the water drip down her beautiful torso. She could swear some of them were drooling. Her plan was actually working. She just had to remember what the taboo words were that she wanted to say. Then she remembered and came out of the water dripping. The water rolled down her freshly waxed legs to the ground. When she came up to the Kun Kow who she believed was the chief, she blurted out the phrase. It was supposed to be the worst taboo saying you could let past your lips before you were killed. He hollered out something and instantly two men seized her arms behind her back. He walked up to her and blasted an awesome punch to her wide open and defenseless belly. 
   This was it, she thought. She did wonder if she would be tortured after her insulting remark. She instantly doubled over with a loud groan as soon as she was hit. The men pulled her right back up. Tara desperately tried to lift her legs up into her aching mid-section. Kun Kow then ordered them to tie her to a long bamboo pole on her back with her arms stretched over her head and her ankles tied to the other end. They did so and then carried her away. 

   They took Tara down a path and over to a large boulder that had been shaved flat. They laid her on her back and notice that when she was stretched like that, her navel pulled the soft skin of her underbelly making a center crease that ran down to her sex. They immediately pulled a wicked looking stone knife that startled her and she let out a small shriek. She thought they were going to gut her right there on the boulder. The man took the knife and cut the string of her bikini top between her wide cleavage revealing her perky round melons. The man then brought the knife down to her groin and she lifted her head to look between her valley still worried that they might plunge it into her belly. He slit the sides of her bikini bottom and let it lay between her legs, revealing a small blonde patch of hair that was hidden behind that white bikini bottom. She sighed with relief when the man put the knife back in the sheath. 

   A young girl came up to the men with a ceramic pot the size of a bowling ball with a spoon in it. They ordered her to put it down on the ground near them and then she left. They took the bindings off the bamboo pole and rolled her on her stomach. They then pulled her bindings to the ends of the boulder. Three men began beating her back and legs with rapid hand chops like a massage, but harder. She thought they must be tenderizing her body. After a few minutes, they turned her over while she was still being stretched to the ends of the boulder. Tara's nipples scraped against the hard surface as they forced her on her back. When she turned over they noticed her nipples were very stiff and pointing to the sky. They then began giving her rapid hand chops on her front. As one of the men started chopping her below the navel, she could feel her G spot being stimulated in her lower tummy. She began to let out pleasurable groans and fanned her toes in exhilaration. They realized that they were turning her on. 

   The men decided to have some fun with her. As one of the men was chopping her lower belly, another began caressing her clitoris, while the third grabbed her breasts and began sucking on her nipples. Tara couldn't control herself. Not only did the idea of her being tonight's meal turn her on, but the physical stimulation was going to send her over the deep end in a matter of seconds. She was panting and yelling out with pleasure as her body squirmed on the boulder. After a few seconds she shivered and let out the sound of relief. The men knew they made her climax. She never felt that stimulated in all her life. Her belly heaved deeply as she tried to catch her breath again. She looked like an awesome piece of meat now sweating all over and juices flowing out of her vagina. 

   They immediately took the pot and began pouring a spicy aromatic sauce on her body. They began to rub the sauce in with their hands getting it into every open, perspiring pore. As they went over her lower belly, she jolted from the stimulation they had given her before. Tara noticed that the sauce must have had a numbing effect, because after a while she couldn't feel their hands rubbing her. She also got a little drowsy and her hearing got quite clogged. All she could hear was muffled sounds. Her eyes began to get blurry as well. She heard the men talking to themselves and they tied her back onto the pole. 

   They then carried her on the pole to a well lit area. She now heard the crackle and smelled the scent of a wood burning fire. She could now hear the muffled sound of drums beating. She wondered if the drums were lined with human skin. The light got brighter until it was blinding, even for Tara's blurry vision. She was now over the open flame, but she didn't feel like she was burning. She only felt a little warm inside. Her eyes dried instantly and she had to keep her eyelids closed. After 15 minutes she felt her body begin to stiffen up and within another 15 minutes she had expired. Her juices were dripping, and sizzling into the flame. After a few hours, she was done.

   The men pulled her body off the flame and onto a stone table. The chief always got the first cut. Kun Kow pulled his knife from its sheath. He immediately poked the knife into her now crispy belly, which popped when it broke the skin. He began slicing from the center of the underbelly at the base of the pelvis up to her sternum. The steam rose from her open torso and he cut a piece free from the left side of her lower belly making sure he took her navel with his share. The tribe enjoyed a delicious banquet that night. 

    - Squalo - 10/98 

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