Story 13: Operation M.A.K.O.


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This story is not for the faint hearted. It involves fiction with extreme bodily mutilation.
Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about Japan, its people, or its culture. Nor did I write this to illustrate falsities about sharks or shark behavior. I have a great love and respect for sharks as well. Any actions in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as a Science Fiction fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

  Daniel Tanaka was a Electro-mechanical Engineer for a highly prestigious robotics company in Tokyo, Japan. He was the best in his field working in the development plant. One day he was fired for almost killing a co-worker in an accident from one of his experiments that went out of control. He was never the same after he was let go. While he was working there he also was taking parts home for his own personal project. He had a real appreciation for the perfection of the evolutional design of the shark. His favorite shark was the mako for its great speed and power as well as ability to shred it prey with its long fang like teeth. 

   The timing of his removal was just right for him to have all the components he needed to finish his project. He had created a design for a robot shark and was just putting the finishing touches to it before he tested it. The shark was made of stainless steel and was eight feet long. It was the perfect replication of the perfect predator in the worlds oceans. It was powered by six small hydrojets pumping water through the gill slits. It also had a very powerful dorsal fin for it's main propulsion. The eyes were a pair of camera lenses that could switch from regular vision to infrared. It had seventy two retractable pointed ice pick like teeth in it's steel jaws. It also had a grinder deep in its innards that was powerful enough to grind rocks into small pebbles. It would eject it's ground up waste through the same area a real shark defecates from. Except for the lack of artificial intelligence, the machine was a perfect aquatic predator. The shark was controlled remotely using a satellite signal that was in a batch of signals that were used for testing purposes at his old company. 

   The day had come when Daniel hoisted his shark into the water for a true test. He had already tested it underwater in the lab to make sure that the sensitive components were perfectly sealed.  It's battery could go on almost forever since it carried solar panels on its topside behind the pectoral fin. When cruising, it was programmed to stay close to the surface if not completely at the surface to keep the battery charged. He first let it swim around off the coast in front of his cliff side house. The next day he sent it out to go lurking around on its own just along the shore. He was hoping to find a sizable fish like a tuna to test out its oral defense. There was nothing around though. The shark was pretty quick and unlike a real shark it would not tire even after a duration of excessive energy. After a few hours, it was roaming around the Southern shore of Kyushu. 

   Daniel tried the infrared vision out for a while and then all of the sudden something came into view. It was still far away, but it came up as a narrow horizontal object in the water. When he got the shark close enough, he switched back to regular vision expecting to see a fish judging where the shark showed up on with the G.P.S. unit. To his surprise it was not a fish, but a human female who must have been a marine biologist, because he could see her collecting small samples of organisms in the coral. She was clear enough to see that she was snorkeling off a small raft that was anchored above. 

   Daniel got a rush of adrenaline and his face went flush from the sharks first encounter. She was an exceptionally fit and healthy Japanese woman with dark, sun-browned, Asian skin wearing a tiny black bikini. Other than her bikini, she wore a snorkel, mask and flippers; that was it. Strange thoughts started racing through his head. He was very anxious to test out its oral weapons and no other living creature seemed to be around. He was really becoming flush getting the temptation to try his shark out on her. He was imagining what it could do to a human. 

   Something came over him and he started studying the graceful female subject swimming through the coral. She didn't even know it was there since her vision; even with the mask; was not that far. Daniel waited and the temptation took over. He kept the shark at bay for the right moment. She was on her way up to the surface to replenish the air into her snorkel when all of the sudden Daniel closed his eyes for a second and then let the control go forward at full speed. He opened his eyes to watch the monitor and position the shark to snatch her her up from her side. With one quick maneuver, he sent the shark into a quarter spin so that it was swimming vertically in order to grab her ascending body. 

   All of the sudden, the marine biologist  noticed something coming at her from the right side, but had no time to move out of its path. The shark grabbed her her right side, but no teeth penetrated her. They were still retracted up into the jaws. It held her with its right side of the jaw grabbing her across her lower midsection into the soft flesh above her hip bones. Its left side of the jaws caught her around the ribs a few inches below her breasts. The front of its jaws had just cleared her left side making her soft, beautiful mid-section completely engulfed by the sharks mouth. The pain didn't hit her right away since she was in shock. 

   As soon as the shark had a good grip on her, it instantly surfaced and reversed the pumps in the gill slits to begin filling air into its bladder containers to keep it buoyant. The biologist immediately pulled off her mask and gasped for air just before she let out a blood curdling scream. She was laying on her back on the lower jaw of the mechanical beast at the surface. She now got a good look at her captor and screamed again with all her lung capacity. When she screamed, the cold steel jaws closed down more on her soft warm flesh restricting her breathing even more to maintain its grip on her. She began banging on its snout, looking into the red eye lenses as well as kicking in vain in an attempt to free herself. 

   Unfortunately she was diving alone with no one there to help let alone to witness the horrible tragedy. Both her flippers had come off from her energetic and uncontrollable kicking revealing her small top-browned feet. When Daniel focused the left lens, he could see the water beading off her beautiful dark chest and a pair of sexy legs, kicking in the sight of other lens. He concluded that she was a real sun worshiper because she was so dark. He then adjusted the right lens down some more and saw that there was plenty more flesh exposed before the top of her bikini bottom began. That was some tiny bikini she had been wearing. He then snapped out of his visual trance and realized he had to take her away further out into the open ocean. He realized that there was no turning back now and he had no choice but to finish her off with his final test. 

   He set the controls for the shark to head out to deeper water with her in its maw. She was still alive and surprisingly still conscious. The shark cruised on the surface which allowed the biologist to breath with limited capacity from the pressure of the jaws constricting her. She kicked, punched, and cried as she was being carried out. 

   After about ten minutes, the shark had traveled close to three miles and then stopped. She had no more energy to fight and her warm body was trembling from head to toe clamped in the unyielding cold steel. She must have been in complete mental and physical shock. Daniel tested out the pinhole camera that was located in the roof of the mouth only to see the part of her belly that was not constricted heaving deeply from every breath she took. 

   It was now time. Daniel had to finish his test and eliminate the witness and the victim. He again closed his eyes and pressed the button to hail the seventy two lethal weapons to the surface of the jaws. The jaw opened slightly, but not enough to release its hold on her. She thought it was going to let her go. A hydraulic sound resonated from the beast. The steel teeth came out slowly, puncturing her tight brown skin with unyielding ease. The right teeth went through the upper pelvic cavity almost two inches below her navel and from the back, above her tight rear. The left teeth plunged into the main ribs that were connected by cartilage below the sternum and in the back below the shoulder blades instantly puncturing and collapsing both lungs. The main arteries in her torso were fatally damaged. As soon as she felt them, she let out a final scream with blood gurgling up her throat. Her face showed extreme agony with blood spurting out of her wounds. Her beautifully toned muscular legs curled up against the sharks snout from the extreme dying pain the skewered through her torso. Then she went lifeless with her eyes frozen, open, and blank like a dead fish. 

   The next button Daniel pushed was labeled process. The jaws began to close with no hesitation which crushed down and severed her midsection from her upper torso and her hips and legs. The large chunk of flesh rolled down the steel gullet and was ground and ejected as shreds of tissue, bone and blood out the bottom rear of the shark. Daniel then maneuvered the shark to do the same too the remaining two body parts and then had it return home. 

   When the shark returned, Daniel hoisted it out of the water and brought it back to his lab to be checked out and cleaned. As he was cleaning it, he found a gold bracelet with the name Noriko inscribed in Japanese letters on the small gold plate which was lodged between the coils in one of the lower jaw springs.

    - Squalo - 10/98 

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