Story 12: Cuban Capture


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about Cuba, its people, or its culture. Nor did I write this to illustrate falsities about sharks or shark behavior. I have a great love and respect for sharks as well. Any actions in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

    Lourdes was a 27 year old spanish girl who was born in California, graduated from high school and  started entering swimsuit contests. She did very well at it since she had a beautiful thin body, light olive skin, long black hair, and of course a beautiful face. She was making so much money from the contests she won, that she was able to move out on her own at a young age. After a few years she had built up so much money that she would be able to live comfortably for many years. She eventually moved to Florida where the bikini contests were the best on the planet. She really preferred the Atlantic side of the United States because she loved getting up early to watch the sunrise off the horizon. She moved to a nice house off the shore just South of Palm Beach. 

    Lourdes was a girl that liked taking chances. She truly loved a challenge. She really wanted to one day lay on the beach off the shore of Cuba. Many Cuban immigrants that she met at the contests had told her that that was the one thing they will always miss about Cuba. She loved the beach more than anyone in the world and had rested herself on many beaches around the
world, but this was one that was not possible since Americans were not welcome there. The challenge enflamed a burning temptation in her to do it on her own. She knew if people could sneak out of the country, that people could sneak into the country for a day as well. 

    So one day Lourdes drove down to Miami and purchased a large raft with a powerful outboard motor and a trailer. She also purchased a GPS device for tracking where she was via satellite. She then drove down to Key West and stayed in a hotel for a night. She rested herself up for her planned trip that next night. Her plan was to boat over to Cuba in the middle of the night and land on shore before the next morning. She would spend the day there basking in the sun and the next night boat back to Key West. She purchased more than enough fuel to get her there and back. Since she always ate light she only took highly concentrated food supplements and plenty to drink. The only clothing she brought with her was a navy blue air force flight suit with no markings on it. She wore white leather skips and underneath her flight suit was a baby blue string bikini with three of the smallest triangles anyone had ever seen on a bikini before. The only other material she took along with her was a warm beach blanket which came in handy for her midnight trips, since the air over the ocean was cold in the middle of the night. 

    That next evening, Lourdes dropped the raft into the water, packed her gear, and headed out to sea. Hours were spent maintaining her course and she planned to reach Cuba within a few more hours. By about 5:00 am she saw land an headed into the first beach front she could find. She came up to land and a man fishing off the shore just happened to see her raft coming in.
When she landed, she pulled the raft up into the sand right near a string of rocks. She gathered her gear and planted herself about a hundred yards from the boat. As the sun was breaking off the horizon, she slipped off her skips and unzipped her flight suit, revealing one of the most beautiful slinky bodies God has ever created. Her baby blue bikini did very little to cover her
privates. So she laid in the sand waiting for the sun to build its intensity. 

    The people she talked to were right, the beach was absolutely beautiful. She could not believe she was actually there. After a while some people began laying in the sand and enjoying the waves crashing on the shore. After two more hours, a cuban military helicopter noticed  the raft in the sand and had sent some soldiers to investigate. At the time she was sleeping and she
was mingled among the crowd of people and no one knew it was her raft. The soldiers asked a few people that were closer to it than she was if they knew whose it was, but no one knew. The soldiers decided to let time pass and monitor the raft from a distance away so no one would be suspicious. Meanwhile, the man that was fishing that morning at the shore noticed the
soldiers were staking out the raft. He went over to them and told them that he saw it come in that morning with what looked like a young girl in a flight suit. They waited until the sun was going down and many people had left. Lourdes did not know that anyone was watching the raft at all. When the were only a handful of people scattered on the beach, one of the soldiers spotted the only young woman laying down about a hundred yards from the raft. He notified the rest of them and they proceeded over to her. Two of them instantly grabbed her arms and yanked her up off the sand and to her feet. One of the soldiers poked his fully automatic rifle at her open and defenseless belly. He kept the gun pressed against her soft tan skin. Another soldier immediately grabbed her bag and emptied it out on her blanket. They looked at the wallet and saw she had a Florida license and American currency. They told her she was in a lot of trouble and cuffed her hands behind her back, stuffed a rag in her mouth and were going to bring her in for interrogation. 

    When the soldiers reported back to their general, they described the illegal alien as being a beautiful spanish woman from the states wearing the tiniest bikini they ever saw. The general instantly came up with her punishment and told them to meet him at the aquarium in the laboratory and to wash her down first. The soldiers took her to the aquarium and brought her over to the
fish cleaning area right near the gate where the aquarium received their fish. They cuffed her hands around  a tall steel pole that was planted into the cement and began to hose her with cold water. Lourdes took advantage of this moment to relieve her bladder without them even knowing. She looked down to see some remains of fish guts on the white painted cement ground.
She thought that her guts could wind up there as well. One of the soldiers lathered up a large sponge and began to scrub the oil off her body. He couldn't help getting a lump in his pants. She was just too beautiful and it made it worse by him touching her. They then hosed the soap off her and another soldier toweled her shivering body down. They then proceeded to the laboratory where they sat her down in a chair still cuffed while they waited for the general.

    About 20 years ago a scientist had done some experiments with genes from a variety of sharks and had developed a shark that was larger than any great white and had the features of a tiger shark. Basically he created a living eating machine. Recently he had trouble keeping it because his facility was too small and it was difficult keeping up with its eating habits. The aquarium offered to take it from him and care for it in a new tank they had just built and last week it was delivered to the aquarium. It has not been fed yet and the grand opening of the new tank and its new addition were to be shown tomorrow for the first time. Billboards were posted all over advertising the shark and also that they were going to feed a prisoner who was given the death penalty to it. 

    The general realized that a beautiful illegal alien would make a more spectacular show than just some low life hairy male prisoner. She was also already dressed for the occasion. When the general met the soldiers there with Lourdes , he could not believe how beautiful she was. She would be perfect for the sharks first feeding at the aquarium. So the general ordered the
soldiers to stretch her out, and tie her from end to end to a 10 foot long narrow wooden plank on her back. She looked like a raw piece of meat on a wooden chopping block. He then ordered someone to get a sizable fish hook, pierce it through her navel, and leave it there for later. One of the aquarium workers came into the lab with a hook and handed it to one of the
soldiers. The soldier went over to her lean stretched body. Lourdes began to whimper through the rag in her mouth.  Lourdes tried to scream and squirm as he pinched a finger full of skin, then took the hook and pricked it into the top of her navel and pushed it through making the hook face outwards in front of her navel. Her belly began to heave up and down deeply as she cried through the rag in her mouth. Tears began to fall to the side of her face as well. He left the hook in and then gave her two hard smacks on her scrawny lower belly making a hollow intestinal sound. He then sunk his fingers into her belly over her pelvic cavity and grabbed a handful of flesh.

   He said, "what a hunk of meat to feed the new guest".

   The general grabbed one of her beautiful bare feet and said, "I agree". 

   All the men in the lab cheered. But one of the soldiers came up to her and pointed his knife below her left breast dimpling her skin between two of her ribs right above her heart and said," why don't we do her right here and now and gut her like a fish". The general energetically replied, "No, we will not". 
    The general then told the troop that they will leave her there over night and return tomorrow for the shark feeding. They all left and shut the lights and locked the door. The only light that was illuminating the room was the daylight shining down into the water creating a blue haze from the observatory glass from the new tank. Lourdes writhed and squirmed in vane to free herself
from the ropes. Then a shadow cast where the light was entering the room and she turned her head to look. What she saw was some sort of shark that was the size of small whale. It was gray on top and white along the bottom with long perfectly aligned fang like white teeth hanging out of its mouth. She tried screaming through the rag in her mouth and started violently convulsing
on the plank when she saw it. She thought she was going to mentally snap, not knowing what she could do or how to escape this fate. She cried all night without a wink of sleep while her mind was racing. 

    The next morning came and the men entered the room, some holding spear guns. The general came in holding a dead squid and a pair of pliers. He went over to her and hooked the squid into the hook that skewered the upper lip of her navel. He then closed the hook into a loop with the pliers so the squid would not fall off. Then the general ordered two men to carry her on the
plank up to the top of the tank which was outside. There they waited for the scheduled show time of 12:00 noon. So she lay there on the plank, her body basking under the warm summer sun right at the edge of the tank crying her eyes out. 

    It was now time. Two soldiers placed the plank over the tank with her face down just inches above the waters surface. The ends of her long hair dangled in the water as did the squid hanging from her navel. She was feeling the way she would if she was just about to be dropped 20 stories off the end of a building. All of the sudden, the shark came up from below and snatched the
squid off the hook giving a little tug on her skin before the squid was torn off . Lourdes flinched and sucked in her tummy to raise it higher away from the water thinking the shark was going to take out her whole midsection. She went into shock and her belly started heaving from the panic. The crowd couldn't wait to see the feeding. They were all awestruck and moved closer to
the glass along the sides of the tank when they saw the immensity of the shark as it rose to the surface to grab the squid. 

    The general then ordered the men to cut the ropes at her ankles and wrists and when they did, she dropped in the water with just a light splash. They immediately pulled the plank away and soon after 3 soldiers with spear guns moved forward to the edge of the tank. Even though she was in shock, she instinctively pulled the rag out of her mouth and started treading water now
that her wrists and ankles were free. She started to scream with bloodcurdling intensity. The crowd moved even closer when they saw Lourdes's legs dangling at the surface. She looked all around her seeing that there was no way out of the water without being shot with a spear which in turn she would be eaten anyway, but while she was suffering.  

   Her mind was gone now from total shock and she stopped screaming. She only moaned now looking around in the water. She did think logically, and realized that the quickest way to go was to just let the shark take her. So she dove down head first to reach the shark where ever it was. The crowd stirred with some noise when they saw her long lean body in just a tiny blue bikini now totally submerged diving down to find the shark. She was such a beautiful sight, gracefully submerging below. Out of nowhere the shark torpedoed at her. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened screaming out all the air from her lungs as the giant gaping mouth approached her and engulfed her upper torso with perfectly white finger length and fang like pointed teeth. With one tremendous bite, the shark bit her in half just below her navel with such a clean cut it looked like it was done surgically. 

    The crowd screamed as it bit her, some had turned their heads and then they looked again to see the shark out of sight, but her legs began to spasm on their own just attached to the hips. Blood was spewing out of her open lower half. Her blue string bikini bottom still intact around her hips. The guards only saw shadows and then tiny bubbles fizzling to the top and then blood
dissipated at the surface. Then the shark returned into view and opened its mouth and within a split second her lower half disappeared into its mouth.. The people could not believe what they just saw. 

    Back in the states, she was put in the missing persons files and would never be seen again. 

- Squalo - 8/98 

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