Story 11: Gargantuan Island


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and
you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about oysters, hermit crabs or ants. All oyster, hermit crab, and ant behaviors in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 
    Michelle and Matilda were two co-workers who were employed by the a law office in Chicago. Michelle was a 33 year old Italian woman who was not really thin, but a flawless figure and deep olive skin, chestnut brown hair, and big brown eyes. She had a pair of legs that made most men drool, especially in the summertime when she went to work with no stockings wearing her black pumps. It gave a true meaning to the word pumps. Her calves looked so pumped up in them. She  had  a big family that never got along with each other because of disputes over what this one said about the other an things like that. She was called Shelly by most of her friends. Matilda was a 27 year old Puerto Rican woman with a nice thin figure and well toned looking since she went to the gym 3 nights a week. She had nice yellow, brown skin, brown hair with gold highlights and brown eyes as well. Her family was mostly in trouble for one thing or another and she wanted to stay as far away from their influence as possible ever since high school. She worked many jobs to get herself through college and felt like she had really accomplished a lot in her life. Although she never felt like she was getting paid for what she was worth. She was a hard worker and was getting fed up with the politics that went on in the companies that she had worked for. 

    Shelly and Matilda spent a lot of time together even outside of work shopping, going to night clubs never finding mister right, and every weekend they would head for the beach by the Great Lake. When they went to the beach Matilda always complemented Shelly for having such beautiful shapely and very sexy looking feet. Even her toes were beautifully shaped unlike
any other woman she had ever seen. Matilda was an expert with feet because during her high school years she did manicures and pedicures in a beauty salon for money. Shelly eventually let Matilda do her hands and feet. 

    These two women really knew how to wear a bikini. Shelly liked wearing white and very minimal bikinis. The white looked outrageous against her dark olive skin. Matilda really liked the way leopard print looked against her body and always looked to find the tiniest eye patch string bikinis in a leopard print pattern. She would frequently fantasize of being jungle Jane swinging
from the trees. This summer she found a complete sliding triangle bikini and got the smallest size they had. All that mattered to her was that the strings were long enough to tie around her body. The 3 pieces of material barely covered her privates. Both truly should have been swimsuit models, but it wasn't their thing. They both agreed that most people thought of swimsuit models of having nothing better to do with their lives and didn't like having every man in creation ogling over them and only thinking of them as a piece of meat. 

    Shelly and Matilda played the lottery every week hoping to escape from the rat race of the city and just take it easy for the rest of their lives. One day they had won 24 million dollars in the Lottery and both of them had promised to split the money and go live in a tropical place somewhere in the South Pacific. They wound up on this quiet little Island not too far from Fiji. The people were very nice and it was a peaceful place that they knew they never had to worry about anything again. After a year of living on this beautiful little island, they had taken boating lessons, learned how to navigate and purchased a speed boat that they could now explore each island that surrounded them. 

    One day they decided to try to get lost and find their way back. They speeded out north until they emptied a quarter of their very large fuel tank. They packed some things including a large cooler and some clothes in case it got chilly, but they boated out in their favorite bikinis and soaked in the sun as always. Much to their surprise they spotted an Island about 3 miles away from
the point they were about to turn back. Of course their curiosity got the best of them and they went for it. They noticed that the greenery on the island was quite strange looking. Nothing like they had ever seen before. They decided since they had enough supplies and food that they would spend the night on the island and explore it the next day. They had anchored the speed boat
and took their inflatable with some gear to shore. They chowed down a meal and rested on the shore still only wearing their bikinis and letting the waves spray over them keeping them cool in the hot tropical sun. 

    Matilda noticed that there were vines hanging from the strange looking trees and asked shelly if she wanted to go for a swing. Shelly declined since her arms were soar from paddling to shore. Matilda had to row back to the boat when they would leave. Matilda could not resist the sight of the vines waiting for her to swing on. She told Shelly that she would be back in about an
hour. Shelly told her to be careful and Matilda told her she would not go far since they had no idea what inhabited this island. Matilda ran for the vines finding that the ones near the edge were thin and brittle from the exposure to the sun. She ventured in a little further and saw that the vines were getting thicker. She went just a little further and saw a tall rock formation that would
give her the advantage of swinging very high in the vines. She climbed to the top and reached for a strong vine. She was ready and took her swing. All of the sudden, she heard a loud crackling noise down below and looked down to see what is was.

Foolishly she did not see where she was headed. All of the sudden she crashed into a tree. Her chest and stomach hurt like hell
and completely knocked the wind out of her. Her legs were not in the position to stop her before she hit. She was too busy
looking down for the noise she heard. 

    Matilda let go of the vine and grabbed onto the tree. She was now stuck hugging the tree in a lot of pain from the collision. The pain was so excruciating that it overshadowed what was really wrong. Her heart began to beat very fast and her stomach began heaving and convulsing. She then looked down and was in total shock when she realized she was not only hugging the tree, but something protruding from the tree had penetrated her lower belly between her pubic bone  and her navel. It was so large that her wound ran from where the top ridge of her bikini bottom slung to the base of her navel. Then she maneuvered one hand behind her to feel her lower back only to feel a point protruding from her. She was not only punctured, but run through. She looked up the tree with tears running down her face from the pain only to see a large narrow triangular thorn sticking out of what she thought was a tree, but realized it was more like a giant thorn bush. She was too winded to scream and she saw her stomach was turning purple from the blood under the skin around the wound. She was in sheer panic and wished that Shelly were there with her. She knew it was inevitable that she was going to die there. And she was going to die doing something that she always fantasized about doing and finally got the chance to actually do. 

    She tried kicking and swinging her legs to free herself, but then she realized that she didn't have the strength to hang on to the stem of the thorn bush and in fact, the giant thorn through her was actually supporting most of her weight now. It was a long way down from where she stayed suspended and if she freed herself from the thorn, she would fall to her death anyway. There
was no way out of this situation at all. Now she saw because she was kicking that the the blood was no longer being sealed between her skin and the thorn that skewered her. The blood began welling up out of her stomach and dripping down her leg and then dripped down the stem of the thorn bush. She began to feel her consciousness fade from the loss of blood and the
sheer panic from the predicament she was in. Before she blacked out she heard the crackling noise below her again, but this time she felt the stem shake that she would now be forever stuck to. She then faded into oblivion. Her lifeless body hung with her arms to her side, her head rolled back with her back arched away from the stem and her legs dangling freely off the stem
with blood dripping off her toes and down to the ground below. The stem began to shake energetically now and up from the ground came a giant ant like insect that clamped around her body with it's talons in front of it's mouth and then took her down and crawled into a giant hole in the ground. You could hear the wet sound of tearing flesh and the sound of bones being
crushed. Matilda was no more. 

    Back at the shore, Shelly noticed the tide was going out and saw the boat looked out of kilt. She decided to swim to the boat so Matilda would not panic if she didn't see the raft on the shore. When she got close enough to the boat, the water was clear enough to see to the bottom. She couldn't believe her eyes. She was looking at the largest oyster anyone had ever seen.
In it was a pearl the size of a bowling ball. She had to have it, so she took a deep breath and dove to the bottom. She instantly reached her hands out to retrieve it. All of the sudden she felt a strong current force her down as soon as she touched the pearl and the next thing she knew was everything went black and she felt extreme pressure around her waist that came just above her
hip bones but slightly below her navel. Shelly was being squeezed to death at her lower waist. The air was forced out of her lungs and she thought she was going to drown first, but she was able to take a breath of air. There had been air trapped in the underside of the oyster shell. She couldn't budge. She tried using her hands, but the slick soft flesh of the oyster didn't give her much leverage to maybe slip her way out of its grip. She was trapped half in an oyster shell and had no possible chance to get out. All Shelly could feel now was her guts being squeezed beyond comprehension. She kept her eyes closed because it felt like her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets from the pressure. She thought maybe in a minute it would open up again
and she could make a break for the surface. But this didn't happen and in fact the shell was increasing it's deadly grip on her. She was kicking uncontrollably and fanning her beautiful toes when she kicked. There was no escape and in fact the fishy smelling flesh of the oyster began sticking itself to her upper body. She wondered if she would run out of air before she started
getting absorbed by the oyster. 

    What Shelly didn't know was she had not experienced the worst of it yet. A gargantuan hermit crab was approaching after  noticing all the violent activity by the oyster. She didn't stop kicking or screaming and she could feel her heart beating in her head because of the  extreme pressure that was being inflicted upon her waist. Her legs were starting to feel extremely cold.
She then started getting a ticklish sensation on the bottom of her feet. The sensation started climbing up her leg and over to her rear. Then something grabbed onto her legs and began pulling on them very violently. She thought maybe it was Matilda trying to pull her out, but the pulling was much too strong for a person  underwater to do. She wanted to know what was going
outside the shell as well. Shelly felt another violent pull and heard her lower spine crack this time. The oyster closed down a little tighter now and she couldn't feel her legs at all. 

    Her guts felt squeezed to a new limit of extremity and she now felt like she was going to be cut in half below her navel. She gave one last scream and the hermit crab yanked her legs with all its strength and and her lower half was completely ripped from her upper torso. The oyster completely closed down and her life expired. The crab instantly sucked Shelly's lower half
into its shell with lightning speed. Then bits of flesh were flowing out of the crabs shell. Shelly was gone. 

   One month later their speed boat was spotted anchored off the island, but nothing of Matilda or Shelly were ever found. 

- Squalo - 8/98 

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