Story 10: Fatal Decision


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a great love and respect for women and do not promote the killing of them. If anyone does this site is not for you and
you should close this document immediately. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about piranha. All piranha behaviors in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

    There once lived a young lady named Patricia who grew up in a village within a beautiful rain forest in Central America. She was of Spanish descent and in her mid twenties. She had long brown hair that reached her rear end and had dark latin skin. She stood at about 5 feet, 7 inches and was very lean and fit. Her torso was so fit that her inguinal ligaments were visible at the base
of her hips. She was always cheerful and smiley around her fellow villagers. She had such a big smile, that her large mouth of teeth would show including her gum above her top teeth. She wore very little clothing since the climate was warm all year round where she lived. She would walk around in open sandals with leather strings that wrapped around her lower leg almost up to
her knees. Ever since she was an adolescent she would only bath in stringy thong micro eye patch bikinis. She always liked to feel as free and natural as was acceptable in her village. She also liked to get as much of a tan as possible without being nude. She liked to bathe every day in the cold waters surrounding her village.

    Before her father passed away, she always remembered that he told her never to give herself to any man until she knew he was the right one. That would be the man that she would marry. For now she was single and a virgin.  Many men desired her, but she knew that they were only after one thing. 

    She was told never to bathe in one particular body of water. It was said that piranha thrived in it. This pond was the most beautiful body of water around her village. It was replenished by a large waterfall that made the site even more beautiful. She would lay next to it and sun herself and just relax and listen to the water crashing onto the rocks at the further end of it. Some
days she would get so hot that she would wet herself at the waters edge by scooping up the water in her hands and splashing it on her perspiring skin.

    One particular day she went to the waters edge and had her breakfast. She just relaxed basking in the sun and after a while began to perspire from the heat. She wanted to cool off by wetting herself, but on this day she got up the courage to go in for a swim despite the warnings that were told to her. She could not believe that a body of water so beautiful could be so dangerous.
She slowly began to enter the water. She found it to be very cold.  She entered gradually at first with the water up to her ankles and then just below her knees. She walked very gently not to stir the water up too much. Then she suddenly dropped one foot more where the cold water met her thighs. Her first reaction was to raise her hands in the air to catch her balance. Then she
whimpered in shock from the chill of the cold water. She also sucked in her tummy because she thought she was going to drop further down to the point that the water would be past her waist.  It didn't though. She was in the water up to her groin and only 10 feet away from the shoreline. 

    She didn't want to go too much further in case she did happen to see something swimming in the water. She took one more step forward and she dropped almost 2 feet more. This gave her a good reason to suck in her tummy until she got over the shock of the cold water around her waist. She could feel with her feet that she was standing on large rocks and to her surprise they didn't feel slimy from any growth on the bottom. Still nothing swam around her and she was truly in heaven. The water was very cold and refreshing and she really believed now that what the people told her was just a myth or a legend. Maybe they even thought it was taboo to enter this water. She just relaxed where she was. She did not go any deeper. She wanted to be
able to touch bottom at all times. When she stood the water reached just below her breasts. It almost looked like they were bobbing on the surface. 

    Her intestines growled after having a good meal that morning. Then all of the sudden, she felt something poke and pinch very hard at her lower abdomen. She slowly slid the 2 middle fingers of her left hand down the center line of her stomach, down passed her navel only to feel another hole besides her navel. Something had bit her and tore a small piece of flesh from below
her navel. Instantly she panicked and began to scream, but no one could hear her. She turned towards the shoreline, but it was too late. The other piranha smelled blood in the water and instantly darted to the source. Now she felt little pokes and pinches all around her waistline and also on her legs. The piranha were coming at her from all angles, tearing little chunks of flesh each
time they hit her. She was being riddled with bites from hundreds of piranha. She couldn't even move. The fish eventually broke through her abdominal wall and began ripping at her innards. At that point, she began to throw up blood. She tried as hard as she could to stand up so her head would not go under the water. But this was very difficult because of the pain that was being inflicted to her legs from the piranha bites. 

    Patricia realized this was the end. The piranha were going to rip every piece of living flesh from her body and leave nothing but her bones. She screamed in vane as the piranha penetrated further into her torso. At this point, she couldn't even feel her legs. They must have been pulp by then.  She then began to black out and finally lost consciousness. Her head submerged and her lifeless body was being picked, pulled, and torn from every angle. The fish were done with her legs and were now going up into her chest cavity. After an hour, all that remained were her bones and some shreds from her tiny bikini lying at the bottom of the water. 

    Patricia's sandals were found right by the waters edge that evening. Everyone knew she was gone. 

- Squalo - 7/98 

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