Story 9: The Chosen


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended   to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure  fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

There lived a tribe on small island in the South Pacific not too far off from the Fiji Islands. This tribe believed that their people were created by the god of the sea many generations ago. Shana was a young girl and like all the people on the Island, she had straight black hair and a shade of olive complexion. Her hair fell down to the middle of her back. She was growing up in this tribe who believed that each year an attractive young female from the Island should be offered to the god of the sea. Each year two thin and very attractive 13 year old girls were chosen to become a sacrifice when they hit the age of 19. On Shana's 13th birthday, a tattoo of a fish was marked on her lower spine. This was the marking of the chosen females that were to be offered to their god. Two were chosen in case one did not survive the next six years of their lives. One of the two became the prime chosen and the other was secondary. In this case, Shana was the primary over Mara who was the other girl. The females are picked at 13, because the are just beginning to develop and would probably keep her attractive figure for the next six years.

   For those next six years the two girls are treated exceptionally well. They are fed very healthy diets and are pampered with a body message every day after their exercise routines. They are taken care of by islanders that are well trained in fitness and diet.

    Any girl chosen felt honored and very privileged to be thought of as one of the best. All the girls enjoyed living together in a segregated part of the Island where most of the time they got to do anything they wanted. They were each treated like they were queens. 

    Six years had gone by and it was Shana's time. Mara would be free to live out the rest of her life after she assisted in the sacrifice. Basically her job was to do all the preparation for the offering. Two days before Shana was to be sacrificed Mara was told to use hot bees wax and strip every hair follicle of Shana's body with the exception of her head. She also had to dress her in a small animal hide string bikini. There was one day left and both of the girls were told that the chief enjoyed the sound of his sword impaling and completely running through the abdomen of the chosen offerings just before they are fed to a shark.

   That night before, Shana kept looking at her bare and beautifully tanned underbelly. She wondered where exactly was the sword going to be plunged into her. Her stomach was very smooth lacking all hair. She rubbed her belly all night because  it was pulsating intensely from the pumping of her heart like she never felt before. She was all full of anxiety, feeling butterflies in her stomach. 

    The next morning Mara was told to tie Shana's wrists and ankles to the corners of a square bamboo frame so that her body was stretched apart spread eagle like a pinned animal about to be dissected. When she had finished,  Shana was stretched so tight that her breathing became limited to short breaths. Four men then came and carried Shana to the place of worship near the shore. The four men placed the frame into 2 small holes in the ground so that she would be hung straight up. When the bamboo frame was stood up she looked like a human web. The chief was very pleased with the beautiful sight before him that would soon be consumed by a worthy and very hungry shark. He took his sword and pointed it about the length of an index finger
below her navel. She could feel the very sharp point touching her bare defenseless skin. She now knew where the sword was going to go through her. The chief quickly pressed the point on her abdomen enough to just break the skin and then quickly pulled it back to see that she had shed a little blood. Her abdominal region was so stretched that when the point penetrated her,
the skin separated like the cracking of a perfectly smooth dried film on pudding. Shana could barely get her words out in reaction when the point cut into her skin. Her words were more like a whimper. 

    Shana instantly tried in vane to breath deeply. Her chest and stomach began intensely heaving in and out from the anxiety since she thought that the chief was going to run his sword through her with that stab. Droplets of blood ran down her soft tan skin and traveled out of sight into her rawhide bikini bottom. 

    Mara was told to stand on a stump behind her and on the chief's nod, Mara had to wait for Shana to make her next exhale so that she could then cover Shana's nose and mouth so that she couldn't take another breath. At that moment the chief thrust the the sword all the way through her at the spot he made his initial cut. Shana saw stars in front of her face and felt like her
whole body was going to explode from the extreme pain inflicted on her at this very moment. The point of the blade hit the front of her spinal column and stopped. The chief then shifted the sword to his right and thrust the sword until it came out her back. Mara saw the sword come out her back and go right through the tattoo of the fish on her lower spine. Since Shana could not
scream, the chief was able to hear the hollow sound that her belly made when the sword passed through her lower abdominal organs. It sounded quite like the the impaling of a watermelon. Mara had heard it too. Mara then let go of Shana's face and Shana took a deep breath before crying in agony from being skewered. When the chief pulled the sword out of her slinky belly, her blood now flowed down from her wound and soaked the animal skin bikini bottom. 

    Four men immediately pulled the bamboo frame out of the ground and proceeded to carry her to the large rocks at the waters edge. They carefully placed her over the water face down; still tightly bound and stretched by the vine and bamboo; where the rocks supported both ends of the bamboo poles. Her life blood began dripping in the water which instantly alerted a
shark. As soon as the fin was spotted, one of the men reached over and cut the vines that bound her wrists to the bamboo corners. Shana was now hanging by her ankles over the water. The water level reached the middle of her forearms. With the freedom of her wrists, came the freedom of no longer being stretched. She instantly began breathing freely and very heavily trying to fill her lungs with precious air. Again her chest and stomach heaved in and out intensely while her blood now ran down the centerline of her body and down to her chin where it dripped off into the water. 

    She kept her head pointed at the water looking for anything that would move below the surface. Before she knew it rows of sharp triangular and serrated teeth came up at her and instantly engulfed most of her torso. The shark chomped down on the soft flesh of her waist sinking it's teeth into her at a height that was enough to take her navel in the first bite. The shark began
shaking it's head back and forth, tearing through the defenseless and very forgiving living tissue of her body. After a short time of struggle, the top and bottom jaw rejoined and the shark fell back into the water with her upper half in its mouth. 

    Her legs and pelvis still hung from the bamboo frame. The innards were dangling from the gaping wound inflicted to her mid section. One of the men started to slice the remaining two vines that bound her ankles just enough so that any weight added to her dangling remains would break the vines and send her lower half into the water. The chief was anxiously waiting for the shark
to return and claim the rest of it's meal. After a short time, the shark lunged for Shana's remains and pulled them free from the bamboo frame. 

    Shana had satisfied the god of the sea that year and Mara would never forget her. 

- Squalo - 7/98 

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