Story 8: Eaten Dry


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure  fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities
about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 
    It was a beautiful sunny day in Ft. Lauderdale where three young men were about to go 10 miles out hunting for mako sharks. Joe owned the sixty foot boat named Mako II since this was a regular event for the three. Dave and Bill were the names of the other two. They were all in their late thirties. Bill and Dave were married and Joe was still a bachelor. As they were getting ready to leave, a young woman came up on the dock with a professional 35 mm camera around her neck. She asked if she could go along for the trip to take photos of their venture. She was willing to pay 50 dollars for her fare. They
gladly accepted after they got a good look at her and noticed that she was quite attractive. Her name was Michelle, she was German and Italian and was in her early thirties and she had been vacationing down in florida. She was an avid photographer and enjoyed taking pictures based on the marine theme.

    So the guys headed out and when at least two of them got far away for her not to hear, they would mention how lucky they were to get an attractive guest on board with them. She was wearing thin white cotton shorts and a white cotton cut-off t-shirt, skips and a small ankle bracelet on right ankle. The guys were impressed on how beautifully dark her mid-section was. She must be a bikini wearer. Joe noticed that she was wearing something yellow under her thin white shorts, possibly a bikini bottom.

    Joe went up to her and asked if she was single. She told him yes and that she had just broke off her engagement just a month ago and had come down to Florida to take her mind off of it. What they didn't know is that she felt like ending it all and that maybe a shark accident could be a nice way to do it. Joe had taken the opportunity to show her around the boat and taught her how to watch the navigational instruments when taking a boat out from the shore. She pretended to be interested, but she was not. Michelle asked if she could just sit up on deck at the front of the boat and watch the water rush past them as the wind blew her long beautiful chestnut colored curly hair. 

    They had finally gotten to their planned spot and began chumming the water. Michelle had taken a few photos of the guys setting out their lines off the back of the boat. Bill asked her if she wanted a beer. She declined since she never drank. She was traumatized as a teenager when she had too much to drink and got so sick she swore to herself she would never take another
    An hour had gone by and nothing biting, but they did see 1 or 2 fins further out. Michelle had told them that she was going to lay out at the front of the boat and sun herself. The guys could not wait to see what she was wearing under her white cotton clothes. She had gone below into the cabin where there was a small enclosed toilet area. She slipped off her white shorts outfit
to reveal a stringy yellow cotton crocheted bikini. She fixed the cups so they sat right and she checked the bottom to make sure it was not slung too low to reveal the little pubic hair she left down their. She then began to rub oil all over herself with her own additional ingredients. She added tuna oil to the suntan oil to hopefully get a shark's attention. She came up from below all slick with oil in her little yellow bikini and the guys liked what they saw. She smiled at them after noticing their expressions. She wasn't really thin, but she was very exceptionally shapely and already had a gorgeous tan. Her long dark brown hair rested across her beautiful shoulders. Michelle made her way up to the front of the boat laid her towel down on the deck. She waited a while for the perfect opportunity to get in the water. Finally they were all laughing and telling stories looking toward the back of the boat when she made her move. 
    Michelle slipped through the guard rail at the front of the boat and quietly and grabbed onto it from the outside edge of the boat. She began to slowly hang herself off the side of the boat and then let go of the guard rail plunking into the water very quietly. The water was chilly. She just held onto the anchor line and started squirming around the line and kicking hard and frantically to send vibrations of a struggle in the water. Out of nowhere a large mako came bolting toward her and rammed her hard in the lower belly. She let out a yelp and began to double over in the water. The guys had heard her yelp and noticed she was not on the deck. The 3 ran over to the front of the boat and found her in the water in pain from the thrust. She knew once they saw her she could do nothing else, so she reached her hand up to meet theirs in order to pull her up. When they were pulling her, she tried to keep her knees tucked up into her chest like a cannonball dive, but she couldn't. In order to get her on
the deck she had to straighten her legs out, which made her tummy hurt more.
   When they got her on the deck, she laid on her side doubled over. They asked her if she was all right. Michelle cried, "shark poked my belly". That was all she could say at the moment. After about 20 minutes she was feeling better and said she would be all right. They just let her lay on her side doubled
over on the deck along the side of the boat. Her toes were curled and her arms were wrapped around her tucked legs. Joe asked her if she wanted to go to a hospital and she said she would be all right and not to worry. They all wondered why she didn't have the sense to stay out of the water when they were shark fishing. 
    At that very moment one of the lines had a tug on it and Bill and Dave ran for it to try to pull it in. They could see in the distance that it was a large mako caught on the line. Joe said he would check back on her in a little while. Joe went over to help the other 2 reel the shark in. Michelle had fallen right to sleep after Joe left her side. 
    Hours had gone by as they tired the mako and got it closer to the boat. Michelle was all dry and warm now from the afternoon sun. The 3 finally got the fish to the side of the boat and wanted to bring it on board alive and let it suffocate out of the water so as not to damage it in the least. They got it on board and were very careful to stay clear of it as it lay on the deck on the opposite side of the boat that Michelle was laying on. 

   They heard Michelle crying, " No! Don't kill him, Please don't!"

   She had crawled over to the other side of the boat where they were still standing carefully over the jaw snapping mako.

    They looked at Michelle and saw her laying on her right side, stretching her beautifully tanned body across the deck with her left hand reaching out toward the shark and the right hand tightly holding her left ribs under her breast. She stiffened her legs straight which made her thighs bulge with beautifully curvaceous muscles. Her calves were so stiff that it revealed a beautiful
horse shoe shape and her feet were pointing down with her toes fanning apart. Bill couldn't help but notice that Michelle was sucking in her tummy. It left a gap between her outrageously smooth olive skin and the low riding front of her yellow cotton bikini bottom which revealed a very well trimmed black patch of hair inside. Dave couldn't get over how the yellow strings on her top were able to hold such a healthy pair of breasts. 

    Michelle cried again, "Please feed me to him, he's hungry." The 3 ran to her immediately and picked her up to carry her onto the other side again. When they lifted her she did not relax, she was still stiffened and reaching for the shark, crying, "No!". The 3 of them couldn't control the bulges in their shorts after seeing her like that. And carrying her only made it worse, because they
were then able to touch her soft tan skin. 
    Joe thought it was unfortunate that they had to cover her beautiful body with a blanket, but she was covered with goose bumps and shivering. All 3 agreed that she must have been delirious from the blow she sustained to her abdomen from the sharks pointy snout. They calmed her down and got her to fall asleep. When Dave went to lift her to bring her down into the cabin, she woke and told him to please leave her there. She told them she would be all right. Michelle convinced them that she was rational now, but really her heart was racing and her tummy was heaving deeply when she exhaled under the blanket. She was hoping they would go below deck and let her do what she literally was dying to do.

    The 3 realized that the shark was practically dead by now and nothing could really happen anyway. They were very tired from the struggle and after a few beers they were beat. So they decided to take a nap below. Bill said to Dave, "could you imagine if the shark ate her?". Dave said, " I wouldn't mind eating her myself". Joe checked on Michelle and she was sleeping again; so he thought; and he fixed the blanket on her before he went below. The 3 fell right to sleep. 

    After about 20 minutes Bill heard some sounds on the deck that woke him up. It was some kind of snarling and snorting sounds. So he went to check on Michelle. He didn't see her on the side they left her, so he went to the other side only to see her legs hanging out of the sharks mouth. The shark was still alive and gobbling her up. He couldn't believe his eyes. The shark was laying on its left side and biting and chomping on her mid-section. Blood was all over the deck and was spraying from his right gill every time he bit down on her. Bill yelled, "Michelle!", which woke the other 2 up. 
    It was too late. Michelle was dead. Dave couldn't understand how she got that far into it's mouth head first all the way up to her navel, unless the mako  was able to wiggle around a little and managed to pull her in that far. Either way she definitely forced herself into it's mouth. Michelle's yellow bikini bottom was almost all red now. Joe didn't know what they were going to
do. Bill said to them that no one else knows that she came along with them and Joe said that she told no one where she was going since she wanted to get away from it all after her breakup with her fiancé. 

   Dave said, "I'll bet she was depressed and she came out here to end it all". 

    Bill suggests that they let the shark finish her off and then let it go free since it it obviously still alive. They all agreed and realized that they had to keep the shark alive. They started pouring water on it's body and it's gills. They then helped the mako finish it's meal by grabbing her legs and slowly feeding her to the shark. Then all 3 rolled it over to the railing and tossed it over the side where it immediately swam away. A few seconds later the mako jumped clear out of the water as if it was jumping for joy. The 3 washed down the deck and promised to keep it a secret for the rest of their lives. No one ever asked them about a missing woman named Michelle. 

- Squalo -   7/98 

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