Story 6: The Dilemma


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure  fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them.The same goes for women as well. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story only as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

    Tina was a 26 year old thin blonde with a light golden tan. She was an independent writer and photographer from Northern Italy. Most of her work was documenting strange and sometimes bizarre places all around the world. She sells most of her stories to the National Geographic. While travelling to South America, she was told by someone that she met in the jungle that there lived a tribe not far from where they were that offered young women as a ritual to sharks as a sacrifice and that no one should ever get lost in that region since there are a few rivaling cannibal tribes that dwell in that part of the jungle.

   When she heard this, it sent a warm rush through her body. She had gone flush red in the face. She was always fascinated by sharks and thought that could be some story to write about if she could see it first hand for herself. That must be some way to die; being honored by a tribe and then offered as food to such a fascinating fish. She acted as if she had discounted the whole conversation so no one would suspect her to go wandering off in the jungle.

   The next day she told everyone that she had come in contact with in South America that she would be going back to Italy. She even went to the airport by cab from the hotel she was staying at.What she actually did was to store most of her bagage into a locker and took a cab into an adjacent city where she did some shopping for extra supplies. She bought a pretty lethal knife in case of danger, some food, and a swimsuit in case she had to swim along the line. The only thing is that in most cities in South America, a swimsuit to them is really only a few strings with tiny patches of material to just about cover your privates. She never wore a thong before, but she tried it on and realized that she looked quite appealing in it. She decided that it would be the only undergarments she would wear. Tina could then wash it when she washed herself. 

    Tina was now ready to head out the next morning in search of this strange, but exotic tribe. It did not take her long to track back to where she was a few days ago. She then headed forward where she saw nothing or no one. She had reached a point where there was a major climb. When she got to the top she realized at the other end was a steep cliff that she had to climb down. Near the bottom of the cliff she saw a waterfall leading into a large revine. She looked around everywhere and saw nothing still. So she decided to take a dip. It had been extremely hot at the top of the cliff and it took alot of effort to climb down it. It was a good time to get rid of the sweaty, sticky feeling she had. Everything was stripped off her except her black stringy bikini. 

    Some people from a tribe had heard the splashing in the water and thought it may have been one of their enemies they were trying to attack. This was because they themselves had travelled into the nieghboring tribes dwelling. The tribesmen hid in the brush at the shore right where she left her belongings. When Tina came back, she was in for a surprise with some dark men grabbing her wrists. Two others then grabbed her ankles and lifted her clear off the ground and over their heads facing the ground soaking wet. A fifth one poked a spear up with the point dimpling her tiny outie navel. She screamed, but couldn't scream loud, because any slight movement would send the spear through her belly button. And if she wasn't careful they might send the entire spear completely through her torso. They realized that she was not from the opposing tribe. So they carried her back to their dwelling quickly and discretely. Some of the opposing tribe did see the woman suspended in the air way above their enemies heads, but saw nothing else after that. 

    The chief of the tribe that captured her was curious to see what they caught. He knew right away that she was European and could make a fine meal. But he knew that it was time for another human sacrifice with an offering to the shark god and that he had to proceed with the ritual even though he wanted to taste those tight lean loins. The chief ordered that only a select few will witness the sacrifice and that since it was late already that a shark had to be immediately picked and placed in the shark feeding tub. The chief also insisted that he perform the cermony and not by the high priest of the tribe since he had a personal interest in this offering. While the preparations were going on the other tribe was very curious and started lurking around the enemies perimeter. They saw them pull a tiger shark from the nearby waters and knew there was to be a sacrifice soon. They wondered if it was to be the blonde female they saw on their territory. 

    Tina was captured in only her black string thong bikini and this is what they kept her in. It would be a perfect outfit for the ritual sacrifice. The sacrifice is performed because of their complete and endless love for the sharks that surround their continent. She was first taken to a table where four women had surrounded her. Her wrists and ankles were now tied and she had a piece of hide was stuffed in her mouth. It could have been human hide. She was scared and did not know what to expect next. They started to pour thick oil all over her that smelled a little fishy. She instantly thought that she possibly found the tribe, but unfortunately has become their next victim. Her hunch was right as she saw many tribesmen carry a shark over to this large dark colored canoe shaped tub filled with water. The women rubbed the oil into every golden tan pore on her body. Tina had been going to a tanning salon back in Italy and would bath under the lamps completely nude. They had gotten heavily aggressive when applying the oil over her pelvic cavity. She was unaware that this spot was very special since the sharks always seem to lick this area first and then apply the fatal bite, gutting every inch of flesh from the cavity. All she knew was that the oil rubbing in her pelvic cavity was soothing and she felt a warm rush down in her sex. At one point, the woman pressed directly in the middle just below her tiny navel and she felt an orgasmic eruption come over her.

    A horn blew and three men moved the women aside and lifted her over their heads on her back. They carried her to a pyramid where they met the Chief at the top and laid her on the altar. The altar had a large set of shark jaws at one end of it which was close to where her head now laid. The men were told not to stretch and tie her down to the altar. Instead she was left free except for the vine that bound her wrists and ankles. Tina was completely amazed at what they had gone through to prepare her for the shark feeding. Of course she was scared, but deep inside she felt that this was really a beautiful way to end her life where something else would benefit from it. She layed on her back on the altar with her thighs tightly clenched together and her knees slightly bent. The only part of her feet touching the altar was her heels.

    The Chief looked down upon her and was completely awe struck at her sheer beauty. He focused his eyes along the black strings of her bikini bottom that looked more like a "V" shaped eyepatch. He also noticed the tight, bronzed and oily creases between the base of her hip bones that met with the top of her thighs, just around where the inguinal ligament is positioned on the human body. All he saw in her was a delicious piece of meat laying at his mercy in front of him. 

    He picked up the obsidian knife and waved the blade over her belly up and down in a straight line along the center crease that separates the abdominal muscles on the left and right sides. He glided the knife down to her pubic area and up to the base of her sternum. As he did this the point would bump and scratch her outie navel that protruded very slightly above her abdominal plane. He then waved the blade slower now noticed her pulse beating throughout her whole abdominal cavity, with the strongest point located at her tiny grizzly looking outie navel. He then stopped 3 inches directly below her navel and pressed the tip dimpling into her soft golden tan flesh. He then raised the knife way above his head and Tina responded by pointing her head up at the shark jaws above her, and arching her back off the altar. Now the only thing touching the altar was her head, rump and heels. She also reached her hands out above her head and through the open shark jaws and spread her fingers wide apart. At the same time she fanned her toes apart as well. She looked ready and willing for anything at that moment.

    The chief looked down at her and his eyes opened wide absorbing the view of her long gaping defenseless navel reach leaving a very large target for his knife to deeply plunge precisely between her navel and pubic bone. She did not have an idea that the Chief truley wanted her cannibalized. He was really hoping that she would fail the knife test and scream so that the knife would not stop its descent and would penetrate that soft, flat, wide open abdomen. He could then think of getting her on a roasting pole to eat her that night. He thrusted the knife down at her and she did not scream because she had accepted anything that would happen to her at that very moment. Tina trusted the chief to do whatever it took to perform the sacrifice. The knife stopped with the point pressing into her soft tan belly without breaking the skin only 3 inches below her navel as it should be if one passes the test. Tina was a little confused that he didn't actually stab her with the knife. She looked up at him seeing him growling and revealing an unhappy expression. She did not understand why. He then put the knife down and picked up 2 long bamboo sticks with freshly wrapped palm leaves on the end of each. The Chief then placed his hands on her, gesturing her to lay flat, which she did. He then took the bamboo sticks and began to pounce them on her belly making hollow rythmic sounds that come from deep in her bowels. He began to hum and the small group that were witnessing the ceremony joined in.

    When he stopped, he sat her up and untied her ankles and the stood her up on the altar. When she stood the small group raised their hands and chanted something she could not understand. With all this going on she still wished that this could be documented with pictures taken of the ceremony. The three men then came over to her and carried her down the pyramid stairs and brought her over to where they had placed the shark in this large dark canoe shaped tub filled with water. They made her stand on top of it at one end. She looked accross at the other end and down in the water she saw the large hungry tiger shark. She couldn't believe this was actually happening to her. 

    All of the sudden voices came from the trees surrounding them and she could hear the sound of arrows whistling by her. They were striking the members of the tribe. The enemy's expert marksman had stretched his bow and aimed his arrow at Tina's belly and let the arrow go from his hand. The arrow hit her hard and plunged into the soft but tight flesh of her abdomen only a few inches directly below her navel. The obsidian arrow head traveled so deep that it lodged itself into one of the verterbrates in the front of her spinal column somewhere around where her tailbone was located. Tina screamed as she looked down at her tummy between her rounded melons and saw the long arrow sticking out of her with blood dripping below the entry point. She pulled at it in vain hoping to dislodge it, but the point was stuck too hard in her spinal column. She then passed out and fell face down across the shark feeding tub with her hips supporting her on one side and her raised arms still bound at the wrists supporting her on the other side. The arrow was pointing down into the water of the tub. Blood was now dripping down the arrow and into the water. The shark smelled the blood and could not control himself anymore. He swam thrashing toward the other end of the feeding tub where Tina laid unconcious. The first thing the shark did was to snap down on the bloody arrow and pull hard on it.

    At that point all the other tribe members in the small group were dead and the marksman and one of the other enemy tribe members grabbed her by her hands and feet and tried to pull her from over the canoe shaped tub. It was difficult to lift her since the shark had its jaws clamped down on the arrow that was still planted deeply in her abdomen. They tugged on her as the shark fought with them. Finally with one strong pull the arrow dislodged itself leaving a small one inch wound in her underbelly.

    The two men carried her off to the enemy tribes dwelling where she finally woke up and saw another bunch of people around her as she laid on a table. They were all women and they were performing the same oil rubbing ritual that the other women had done before. But this time she was stretched beyond belief to a pole still wearing that poor excuse of a string bikini. She could feel the sharp pain that inflicted her from the wound in her belly. These women were rubbing a different kind of oil on her and it hurt every time they rubbed their hands over her wound which was still freshly bleeding. They rubbed the sweet smelling oil into her mixed with her blood. As they pressed on the wound, more blood welled up to the surface. They stopped when her whole body was richly covered with blood and oil. 

    Two men came over and carried her on the pole to a high point at the edge of a cliff. They stuck the pole in the ground with her hanging upside down in the blazing sun. Tina realized that she was on the cliff that she had climed down. She could feel the blood rush to her head and after a short time, she then drifted into unconciousness.

    The next day, the two men came back for her. She was barely alive and completely unconcious. They brought her down from the cliff since she was ready to be roasted over an open fire. Tina would make a delicious meal that night. 

- Squalo - 4/98 

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