Story 5: The Piercing


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure  fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them.The same goes for women as well. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story only as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

    Kim was a 25 year old Italian girl. She had long dark brown curley hair, brown eyes and beautiful olive skin. She was not a thin girl, but considered voluptuous and shapely. She was about five feet and three inches tall. Her measurements were 38G,28,39 and a foot size of 8. She loved keeping her skin as dark as it could be. During the winters she would be at a tanning salon at least once a week. She wore this very tiny bikini which barely supported her well endowed breasts. The bottom of her bikini was stringy on the sides and had a small V cut triangle in the front exposing all of her abdomen. The bikini was black with pink borders and strings. It fit her beautifully.

    One September evening after work she went to the tanning salon to maintain her hot looking Mediterranean complexion. On her way out she was grabbed by a man who knocked her unconscious and tossed her into the back of his van where he immediately tied her hands behind her back and stuffed a cloth in her mouth. He then proceeded to drive her to a dock where he had a fishing boat tied. 

    By the time she came to, she was on the boat in a dark cabin laying on a bunk. She was stripped of her outer clothing and was just wearing her bikini which she had on underneath. She tried to scream, but it was futile being that the cloth was stuck in her mouth. She shivered from nerves and was scared. She had a strange sense that she was going to die. She realized that the boat she was on was moving. She could hear the waves spraying across the hull and she heard the motor running at a steady pace. She laid there all night not being able to sleep because she did not know what she was in for.

   Morning light broke through the port hole of the cabin she was in and she heard some footsteps getting closer to the door. A tall man walked in with gray hair and hazel eyes. He also had a mustache and a beard. He walked over to her admiring how beautiful she looked in that bikini. He pulled the cloth out of her mouth.

   The first thing she said was, "What do you want from me?". 

   He just replied in a raspy voice, "I need you".

   She replied, "what for". 

   He answered back, "you'll find out soon enough".

   At that moment she screamed from the top of her lungs. He told her it was useless to scream out in the middle of the ocean. He then stuck the cloth back in her mouth so he wouldn't have to hear her anyway. He dragged her up on the deck now barefoot just in her bikini. He prodded her over in front of the cabin to a four foot by eight foot wooden board with a hole about 2 inches in diameter near the center. He took a yard stick and measured from the floor to the height of her navel and then went over to the board and measured from the floor to the height of the hole. He made some adjustments to the deck to adjust the height and then prodded her to stand up with her back against the board. He then put metal cuffs around her ankles that were attached to chains that were secured to the deck. The cuffs kept her legs together so that she was still standing straight up. He then untied her hands and cuffed her wrists high above her head stretching them from each top corner of the board.

    She then noticed a polished steel shaft in front of her. It was about four feet long and was pointing right at her. She jumped with fright as she saw the very sharp end that was pointing at her. It was almost like a shiny javelin on some kind of contraption. She first thought it was a spear that would be shot at her. 
The man finally explained that the shaft will move closer to her at a rate of one inch every minute. He told her the shaft will pass through the hole in the board in thirty minutes piercing her body completely through at her navel. She began screaming through the cloth and tears rolled down her eyes. He then left her after turning on the machine in front of her and he stated that he would return when the machine had stopped so he could continue preparing her for what he needed her for. 

    The cuffs were so high that she was practically hanging from them. She was not able to move left or right to avoid the point which was on it's way to her gaping wide open abdomen. After a few minutes the point had finally reached her navel and was about to poke her belly. She thought to herself how painful it is to have something poke her in the navel. So she was able to raise herself higher by raising her heals off the deck just standing on her long tan toes. This raised her a good three inches higher which allowed the shaft to poke her below her navel. This would be less painful as it entered.

    The shaft was now close enough that it dimpled her skin. She thought to herself that the only way to prolong the shaft from plunging into her abdomen was to suck her stomach in. So she did and the point came off her skin again. You could see the grand arch of her rib cage and the large outlined U shape that came from the outline of her pelvic cavity. After two minutes the point had pricked her again and there was nothing she could do. She now was in an extreme panic and then realized that she needed to urinate. So she let herself go and it ran down her legs. This emptied her bladder which in turn made her belly flatter.
The point was now just barely touching her beautiful tan skin again. She was still in a panic and her legs began to tremble from standing on her tippie toes. Kim tried to move her hips left and right, but looking down at her brown, sucked in tummy, she could see that the point would not release its grip it had on the centerline of her underbelly. As she shifted from side to side her skin at the point remained in place, making the surrounding skin pull on one side and crease on the other.  
    The point finally broke her skin and began to enter her belly. She kept on her toes and kept her abdomen as flat as she could get it to prolong the damage of her organs. But it was inevitable and the shaft was plunging deeper into her. She could feel the needle like point puncturing each of the walls of her
intestines. Two minutes later she realized she would have to somehow shift herself to one side slightly so that the shaft would not damage her spinal column and leave her paralyzed from the waist down. She went to shift herself and realized she was stuck and could not move her hips left or right. It was too late the point had already started pushing through one of the vertebrates in her spinal column. 

    Another two minutes went by and she could feel numbness in her legs and waist. All of the sudden she felt a snap and she lost all feeling from her waist down. Her legs had lost control and she was now hanging from the wrist cuffs and pinned by the shaft. After another two minutes the shaft had gone cleanly through her body and into the hole in the board behind her. She was
still alive with very little blood loss since the shaft had passed under the split of her main artery. 

    The man came back and saw that the piercing was complete. He then went to the end of the shaft in front of her and disconnected it from the machine. This put more weight on the end of the shaft and pulled her down, adding more weight on the cuffs that she hung from. He then clipped the end of a thin steel cable to the end of the shaft. At that point he walked behind her
and pulled the shaft through her until the cable came out from behind her. He then freed her ankles and placed a thick piece of leather like that of a miniature saddle behind her where the cable exited. The leather had a hole in the center and a metal rod running across the hole He then clipped the end of the cable to the piece of leather. Kim was losing consciousness about now. The man then let her wrists free and she dropped to the ground and just barely alert. He then dragged her by wrapping his arms around her from under her arm pits and around her chest. He pulled her to the side of the boat and hooked the opposite end of the cable to a winch. He then took the cable and affixed it to a beam the hung over the side of the boat. He then hoisted the cable
up with her on it where she swung freely on her back over the side of the boat. 

    When she was getting pierced he had baited the surrounding water with chum. She was just barely conscious when she heard splashes below her in the water. As soon as she realized that she was dangling over a large shark, the giant fish leaped out of the water with his mouth wide open coming straight for her head. All Kim saw was rows of sharp white triangles from the sharks lower jaw ready to engulf her upper half. The great white grabbed her as far in as he could which was only limited by the cable that ran through her lower belly. With one powerful chomp he severed her in half leaving her lower half on the cable which was hanging on by very little flesh. The remaining flesh from the upper half could not support the weight of her lower half and ripped free and dropped into the water awaiting the sharks return. The shark had swallowed her upper half in one gulp and went back to finish her off. 

    A tooth caught into the leather support and was freed from the jaw of the giant monster when he bit down on Kim. The man was very happy to have a souvenir from the event and he will never forget that moment. 

- Squalo - 12/97 


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