Story 4: Mica's Misfortune


 Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them.The same goes for women as well. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story only as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

    Antonio and Mica were out sailing on a thirty foot schooner on the East Coast of South America. They were both thirty years old and from Brazil. They had gone out sailing for the day on Antonio's boat to sunbathe. Not that Mica really needed to since she had very dark olive skin. Antonio was lighter skinned and had not been in e sun for months. It was an excessively windy day and was a good day for sailing more than sunbathing on the boat. Antonio had asked Mica to winch the sail in toward her side.  She did so, but since it was her first time on Antonio's boat she did not know much about how to handle the equipment on the boat.  She did not lock down the winch after she pulled the boom in. And unfortunately Antonio was standing up on the other side of the boat and at that moment a strong gust of wind filled the main sail and let loose the sheet that Mica had pulled in. The boom went free and smacked Antonio unconscious and off the boat.  Since they were both sunbathing, they
did not wear life vests and Antonio had submerged under the water. Mica could not find Antonio and did not know how to stop the boat that was now out of control. 

     The boat had sailed one hundred yards away from where Antonio had fallen in. At that point the sail had caught another gust of wind that healed the boat to the rail on the port side. Mica was not prepared for this extreme motion since she was looking back calling out for Antonio. She did not have a chance to brace herself and was hurled into the air and out into the water. The
water was cold, but Mica swam in water this cold many times. She was only wearing a white floss eyepatch bikini with three tiny identically sized triangles that covered her private parts. It did not leave very much to the imagination.

     She was an excellent swimmer, but could not swim after the boat. The boat was still gliding at an extreme speed and Mica could never swim to it. She started swimming toward the spot where Antonio fell in which in her fortune was on the way back to land. She could see land, but it was pretty far. She could not waste too much time looking for Antonio. She had hoped he
would surface and would be O.K. She stopped at around the spot he fell in, but she did not see him at all. She knew she had to get back to land and it would take all her strength and endurance to make it. It was a shame that Antonio disappeared she thought to herself. She had only met him the week before and he seemed like a nice guy. So she swam at a steady pace so as not to burn herself out before she got to shore. It was tough enough with the choppy water from the wind. Mica could feel the tension in her upper arms and back from the extreme amount of swimming she was doing.

    She finally reached the swells that became waves as they hit the shore. That last minute to get to shore felt like an hour. She hardly had any energy left and she felt so stiff she almost felt that she couldn't make the last strokes to land. Mica finally made it to shore and crawled on her hands and knees to the dry part of the sand. She then flipped herself and dropped on her back. Mica
spreaded her arms out away from her torso to make the shape of a T. She laid on the dry hot sand with her heart beating so hard it felt as if it was giing to pop out of her mouth. She felt very dizzy as if she was spinning and rolling in a free fall sky dive. She was breathing so heavy that when she exhaled, all you see was a complete ribcage with a very dark, flat, and narrow mid section.

    Little did she know that she just landed only a few yards away from where a young blonde girl named Danielle disappeared a year ago. She had no energy at all to move and practically every muscle in her body was trembling from her life saving swim. She didn't even notice that two native tribesmen who were peering through the brush a little further inland. They could see her
dark sleek wet body laying in the sand breathing very fast. She looked down to notice that her belly was also pulsating very strong at every heart beat. It was most intense at her navel where her main artery split to run down her legs.

    The two men couldn't resist anymore and proceeded to sneak up behind her. Quietly they tip toed through the sand and then in an instant the two grabbed her arms and pulled her up and lifted her clear off the ground before she knew it. She could not even catch her breath to scream. She just kept breathing strong and fast breaths. The two took her back to the tribe. She didn't even have any energy to kick. When they got back to the tribe the other people stood in awe at the beautiful sight of what the two men
had just captured. Mica looked like a wet fish dangling off their big strong shoulders. She tried so very hard to reach the ground to possibly run, but being only 5 feet, 1 inch tall she had no chance. Even if she could reach the ground, her legs felt like jelly and she couldn't even stand anyway. 

    Mica was very scared and did not know what was going on. The two tribesmen finally came to a shaded quiet spot in the jungle past where the huts were. There stood a tall pole with a leather strap hanging from the top of it. When they reached the pole one of the men held her in the air while the other grabbed her wrists and tied them to the leather strap. When he finished tying, the other man let her go and she hung from the pole with her toes just barely reaching the sand below her. The men admired her long loins and how sexy she looked with her knees just slightly bent as she tried to reach the ground for relief. The men noticed that she was blessed with a very long NAVEL REACH and one of them mentioned that she would make a great offering to the shark god.  (NAVEL REACH is the distance from the pubic area to the navel.) They knew that the high priest would be very happy with what they had found. 

  Still exhausted and weary from her swim, her chin rested on her chest while she hung. She finally blacked out from lack of oxygen because her lungs were being restricted from her arms hanging. 

    Mica woke from a large splash of very cold water that now soaked her again. She looked up to see a few tribes people standing in front of her including one with a large colorful feathered head dress. She could actually understand most of what they were saying since her native language was Spanish. She heard one of them tell the priestly looking man that she would
make a wonderful offering in sacrifice to the shark god. At that she realized she had enough energy to scream, but she was quite limited by the restriction of her breathing. They all gave a little laugh at her poor excuse of a scream. The priest moved closer to her and addressed her by asking if she understood them. 

   She told them, "yes". 

   The priest then said, " good, you will be sacrificed to our shark god tomorrow, but first you must choose a shark that will eat you". 

   She said, "Never would I do such a thing".

   The priest said, "Very well than we will have the shark choose you then".

    At that the priest told four men to tie her ankles to the other end of the pole and take two canoes out to the sharks for them to decide. At first one of the men took a leather strap and tied it around her ankles. Three of them then pulled the pole out of the ground with her on it and laid it on the ground. Mica then let out a blood curdling scream for her life, but no one could hear her except the tribe. She started to cry and begged and pleaded for them not to do this. They then pulled very hard on her and hooked the other leather strap to the end of the pole stretching her so hard that the pain was worse on her wrists and arms than when she was hanging. They then lifted the pole by both ends and carried her face down to the shore where the canoes rested.

    The men laid her on her back in one of the canoes and headed out to some calm inlet from the ocean. Both canoes were brought together and the two men in the other canoe lifted the end of the pole that her wrists hung by. They then started separating the boats with Mica hanging face down between the two canoes. They waited for the first hungry shark to come up for her since she would not choose one to eat her. A 15 foot male tiger shark came up underneath her and nudged his nose into her belly. The sandpaper like denticles on the skin of his nose gripped, but did not scrape the soft tan skin below her navel. He snarled and snapped his jaws closed a few times as he rubbed his nose into the soft, tan, and wide open flesh. This behavior by the
shark was given a name of SNUBBI-NUBBI by the tribe since it was a common occurrence for sharks to do this  before gobbling up their  food. She twitched and tightened her body each time the shark snapped his jaws below her. She let out more blood curdling screams that could not be heard over the ocean currents. They let the shark enjoy her a little while rubbing his wide, flat snout across her abdomen. You could hear his nostrils sucking in air to get a good smell of her tasty natural aroma. 

   The men were thinking that the shark probably couldn't wait to gut her pelvic cavity clean in the first bite. There would be very little time that her body would remain in the sacrificial tub when the shark began to gobble her up. They then pulled her back onto one canoe and lined up the other canoe with the great shark. They then hauled him on board where he laid still the whole trip back to land.

    When they got back to land, two men carried Mica on the pole over to two cut down tree stumps with notches in the top
which held the bamboo pole nice and snug on both ends. She was still hanging face down on the pole. She then looked over to her side only about 10 feet away was an immense canoe like boat which was black and had many colorful etchings along the side. Taking a closer look she noticed the etchings were of shark figures with human figures half in the sharks mouth head first. She then heard one of the tribesmen call out to a bunch of them saying to put the shark into the sacrificial shark feeding tub. When she heard that she squirmed an writhed struggling in vain to free herself. The men put the shark into the sacrificial shark feeding tub for tomorrow’s feast. She looked down and saw gray ash on the ground. She realized that she was hanging over a barbecue pit. 

    Meanwhile back at gathering place for the tribe where they were eating supper, the priest mentions to the people not to prepare dinner too early the next day since he felt she might not pass the ultimate test at the altar. All night she didn't sleep from the anxiety of what awaited her the next day. The splashing in the tub keeps reminding her that she will be consumed by the great creature that lies only 10 feet away from her now.

    The suns rays fell past the jungle trees. It was early morning and Mica's stomach started to growl from hunger. She noticed that every time her stomach growled the shark would splash and thrash in the water as if he could hear the growls. She then sees the women of the tribe surround her and then carried her off to a table where they laid her on her stomach. They began to rub oil into her skin very hard along her spinal column and on the rest of her back and then her legs. They then turn her over and start rubbing plenty of oil into her skin on her front. They repeat this over and over applying the oil liberally on her feet, legs, chest, and stomach. One of the women began pressing the oil  with her hands quite hard on her lower abdomen. As she ran her hands hard a few inches below her navel, Mica began to groan. Mica never felt anything like this before. The woman rubbed again in that spot and Mica started to pant and energetically arched her back as high as she could. The woman realized that she had found her G spot and continued to rub even harder and deeper in this spot. Thd other women giggle quietly to themselves when they see this. Mica felt a rush of warm fluid begin to seep past her vaginal lips and she felt like she would climax at any second. All of the sudden she hears a horn blow through the jungle. The women immediately back away from her and two strong men come and lift the pole above their heads. She only weighed 105 pounds which was very easy for the men to carry. They carried her past some of the people and she heard a man telling someone that she looks like meat on a stick. 

    They carry her over to a pyramid with steps on 4 sides of it. They then carry her up the steps where they meet the priest. They lay her down on the altar and turn her on her back. She notices that there was a large set of shark jaws above her head on one end of the altar. The horn was blown again by the priest and there is silence down below. The priest picked up two
sticks with fresh green leaves wrapped around one end. He began to beat her belly in a rhythm that made a hollow intestinal sound and he began to chant some kind of tribal hymn. The crowd joined in on the chant and then after a minute or so he stopped and turned away from the altar. When he turned back, he was holding a long obsidian knife.

  Mica began to whimper and cried, "NO PLEASE". 

  He begins to wave the blade over her belly up and down in a straight line along the center crease that separated the abdominal muscles on the left and right sides. He glided the knife down to her pubic area and up to the base of her sternum. He then waved the blade slower now noticed her pulse beating throughout her whole abdominal cavity, with the strongest point
located at her navel. He then stopped 3 inches directly below her navel and presses the tip dimpling into her soft tan flesh. Tears ran down her cheek
as he raised the blade over his head, hovering over her completely exposed and defenseless belly. She whimpered again and in one burst of energy the priest began to thrust the knife down at her. If she stayed silent, he would be ready at any moment to stop the knife before it punctured her skin, but she let out a blood curdling scream and the priest knew that she was not worthy to be
the shark sacrifice. The blade continued and plunged deep into her abdomen 3 inches directly below her navel. The tip of the blade tapped the altar behind her passing through her back just a little off center so that it was able to pass along side the spinal column. He immediately pulled the knife out and in one motion she arched her back as the blade left the newly created hole.

   He had sliced her main artery at the point before the split that runs down her legs. She cried uncontrollably and her blood began to flow, spurting out each time her heart made a beat.  The blood began to stain the tiny triangle of her perfectly white bikini bottom. The priest immediately dropped the knife to the floor and bended his head over the wound. He took a big lick of blood and
swallowed it. He then begins to hum another tribal hymn and the crowd joined in. It was the last thing Mica heard before she blacked out from the loss of blood. Each tribe member climbed the steps to take a lick of blood from the belly wound. There was enough blood for all of the tribes members. The blood had stopped flowing as the last member took a lick. The priest laid
his ear on her chest and heard no heartbeat. She was dead.

    The two strong men that carried her up, now carried her down still hanging and stretched on the pole. They brought her lifeless body to the table that she was basted on. The women began basting her again in oil, but this time the mix included herbs and seasoning for the feast they would all partake in. She was then carried over to the barbecue pit which was now heated with
embers so she could cook slowly for hours.

    Later that evening, while eating some part of Mica, the priest said, "I must now choose a female to sacrifice".

   They must choose the youngest and leanest mature female in the tribe. She would be offered as a sacrifice to the shark god tomorrow. All the women were willing to be offered because at a young age they were told that they could be sacrificed at any time. 

-Squalo- 12/97 

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