Story 3: Great White Love


 Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended  to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure  fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

 Maria just turned 27. She was an Italian American with dark olive skin. She was chunky, but very shapely. She always wore a small, white crocheted bikini under her clothes every day. Even though she had an "E" bra size she wore very stringy tops. She lived for the beach going at every chance she could get. This was one of the reasons for always having a bikini on. She loved basting her body in the sun with the most expensive tropical oils on earth. Even in the winter she would take numerous vacations to tropical places to keep her tan. 

 She had a great fascination for sharks especially great whites. She owned every shark movie ever made including of course the Jaws series. She watched every shark documentary that was televised and always thought that she would taste good to a shark. She always fantasized about feeding her dilectable body to her favorite shark, the great white. She even went to
Universal Studios early one morning wearing a pair of shorts, sandals, and a midriff cut T shirt and of course her bikini underneath that. She had someone photograph her in the mouth of the hanging Jaws model. Before the picture was taken she slipped off her sandals, and dropped her shorts revealing her tiny crocheted bikini bottom. She stood on tippie toes and leaned forward allowing the large rubber teeth to dimple her soft tan belly just has the person took the photo. 

 One winter she took a trip to Australia. While lounging on the sand, she thought about getting on a boat and going face to face with a real Great White shark and possibly doing more than that. She realized this would be a good opportunity if any since great whites flourished in Northern Australia. She went out looking for private charter boats near the Great Barrier Reef. She found a man with a research boat that had a shark cage to take her out for photographs. His name was Captain Joseph Tabor. She gave him enough money for the ride including feul and chum. He also had underwater video equipment. Little did the captain know that it wasn't just photographs that she wanted to take in the water. She thought that with that video equipment, he could be the first person to ever videotape a real attack on a human. Some lucky shark was in for a surprise when they got out there.

 Maria signed a paper stating that the boat owner was not responsible for any possible injuries or accidents that could occur. She had also left a note in her apartment back in the states in case she did not come back home again and if she did, no one would ever see the note. The day had come when they set out to sea. Maria decided to just wear her bikini while she was on the boat. Captain Tabor enjoyed the site. He liked the baby fine hairs on her lower spine above her bikini bottom. The two of them threw buckets of chum overboard to attract some sharks. 

 Finally two great whites arrived on the scene, a male and a female. They got the cage all set up and dropped it into the water. Maria had to get the underwater equipment on. They also dropped two video cameras into the water, one focused on the cage and the other right in front of the cage. After getting the mask, the tank and the flippers on she strapped a knife with an eight inch blade to the outside of her right thigh. Maria dropped into the top of the cage and eventually landed her flippers onto the bottom. She was amazed at the immense size of these sharks. The anxiety just thinking of these sharks gobbling her up created nervous cramps in her tummy that made it growl. Everytime her tummy growled the sharks would point their large conical snouts toward the cage as if getting their direct attention. She took a few pictures of the hungry fish before she felt she was ready. 

 Maria was finally ready. She then slipped her flippers off and pulled the tank off her back. Captain Tabor did not understand what she was doing. She then pulled the knife out of its sheath and unstrapped the sheath from her leg. She pulled the latch on the cage door and the door swung wide open. She took one deep breath and then pulled the mask off. The captain was in shock.  When he saw this on the screen he jumped up and ran to the winch pulling the cage up, but it was too late. She stepped out of the cage and swam away from it. She then took both hands to hold the knife that was now pointed at her and
plunged it deep into her belly three inches below her small deep navel. She then pulled the knife out and let it drop. Blood was pumping into the water each time her heart made a beat. This sent the two sharks into a wild frenzy. 

 She streched her body out face down pointing her hands over her head, stiffening her legs straight, and fanning her toes. She sucked in her stomach revealing the shape of her ribcage while the blood still pulsed out of her now flattened belly. The males jaws opened up around her; head first for the first chomp. The shockwave created a ripple that ran across her long, soft, tan,
completely exposed, and defenseless abdomen. He bit hard and sunk deep into her underbelly below her navel, but not low enough to completely disembowel her from her pelvic cavity. He lifted her lifeless body out of the water. Captian tabor could see her blood draining down the sharks white chin. The captain screamed "No!". He helplessly stood on the deck watching
Maria get devoured. The great white slammed down into the water which carried enough force to finally break her in half. Her lower half dangled in the water motionless with intestinal viscera springing out of her pelvic area. Instantaneously the female came in and finished Maria's lower half in one gulp. The two great whites left the scene and the water became silent and
calm. Captain tabor was in tears. All he could do was return to shore and report the accident. 

- Squalo -    10/97 


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