Story 2: Mako's Breakfast


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended   to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure  fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

 Kianna was a Hawiian Fitness Star who made lots of money with her books and videos. She purchased a mansion in the Fiji Islands mostly because of its very large and deep swimming pool. She converted it from a chlorine pool to a salt water pool. She had a fantasy of being eaten alive while she was still in prime shape. She did not want to grow old, she wanted people to remember her as being young. Also there were no men that could love her for herself only for her dilectable body. This was too shallow for her so she thought maybe there is another kind of love she could share. A love for a fish that could help her achieve her ultimate goal in life and for a shark an appreciation and respect for feeding it all that she could offer to it. 

 Kianna did not know much about sharks, but thought that this may be a way to achieve her goal as well as feeding one of God's creatures so that it will be nourished. She did know that sharks must live in salt water and that a shark could probably live in her salt water pool long enough to feed herself to it. 

 She got connections to have someone deliver a very large man eating shark to her pool on the mansion's grounds which was prepaid. The deal was that she would take care of the shark for a month and that when they came back to take it, they would promise to free it in the open oceans again. 

 The shark was delivered in a big truck with a small crane to drop it in the water. The shark was an immense 15' female Mako. She did not feed her anything at all so that the mako would be hungry for her. Kianna herself went on an all juice diet which would keep her insides pretty clean of any solid waste. 

 After the mako was delivered, she found it enjoyable to have her juice breakfast out near the pool in her very small white bikini. Every once in a while, she would peer over the side to look at her new guest and see the mako turn her head toward Kianna seeing death in one of her endlessly deep dark black eyes as the mako just stared at her. Sometimes she got close enough to the pool that the mako would put her large conical head up to the edge of the pool and open her mouth like a dog waiting to receive a bone. Kianna would see the long, slender, razor sharp teeth hanging out of the makos mouth in all different directions; each one hungry for her flesh. Makos were not known for having straight dentures. 

 Before the mako was delivered, Kianna had practiced diving off the diving board to the point that she could make a clean vertical plunk into the water. Out of curiosity she climed the 7' ladder of the diving board and looked down of course to see the mako looking up at her with her mouth agape as wide as she could stretch her jaws. Kianna had thoughts of diving right into her mouth off the board. Then she thought that the thrust of her body could choke the shark to death and then someone would find them dead together. Kianna had another plan which was to dangle the upper half of her body in the water face down while the weight of her legs would keep her on the side of the pool and not completely fall in. The mako would then snatch her off the side of the pool.

 One morning she decided to lay on her back close to the edge of the pool. She looked down at her navel and noticed her pulse beating in her flat tan stomach. She then decided to lay on her side facing the very close edge of the pool. To her surprise, the mako surfaced and with a burst of energy, propelled her body out of the water and poked Kianna with her conical nose in her soft tan belly just below her navel. The force rolled her on her back and made her double over in pain as if somenone had punched her very hard in the stomach. After a while Kianna felt better, but she knew now how very much the shark wanted to eat her. If the mako had put any more energy into that jump, she would have come out of the water and landed on top of Kianna. 

 She then decided that tomorrow would be the day that she feeds herself to her hungry guest. She was tossing and turning that whole night with anxiety. She kept getting cramps, but she knew that there was nothing in her intestines since she gave herself a warm water enema that day to make sure nothing was in her system. At times she would be wrapping her arms around her slim 
waist and at other times she would be sitting in bed hugging her copper toned legs to her body and looking down at fanning her toes while thinking how much she loved herself and then how much the mako would love her.

 Daylight broke and she only got about an hour worth of sleep. She went down in the basement and pulled her white bikini off the clothes line and put it on. She wore nothing else so that her guest had only her and her very small bikini to eat. She had no juice that morning because she did not want to bloat herself at all. She wanted her tummy as flat as it could be when she served 
the mako her breakfast. Kianna thought of putting a heavy coat of coconut oil on herself to help her slip into the makos mouth and to add some flavoring to her body. But she decided not to so that when she entered her gaping jaws, her pointy teeth would instantly stick into her soft tan flesh when she chomped down around her waist. 

 Kianna was ready. She walked outside and slowly to the poolside. The mako did not notice her presence yet. Kianna laid on her stomach and crawled closer to the pool. Then moved her torso until her groin was touching the edge of the pool. She took a deep breath and let her hands go from the edge of the pool which let her torso fall into the water. The mako was instantly alerted and bolted toward her. Kianna's hands were pointing over her head and in the direction that the mako was coming. Kianna looked up only to see rows and rows of razor sharp pointed teeth about to engulf her. The mako passed her mouth over Kianna's hands, arms, head, shoulders, and rib cage. She got her bottom jaw all the way up to the edge of the pool. She then crashed her jaws together excerting about 1500 pounds of pressure down around Kianna's lower waist, below her navel and right about where the top of her bikini bottom started. She then lifted Kianna's legs into the air, shaking back and forth trying to bite her in half. Kianna had very little life left in her but enough to stiffen her legs and point her feet to the sky fanning her copper toned toes.

 The mako could not slice her in half in one clean bite due to the fact that her teeth are not aligned in straight rows. She was not able to make a clean cut and to gorge Kianna's innards out of her abdominal cavity. Even with the violent shaking of her head, she could not make a clean break at her waist line. The mako leveled her body off at the waters surface which allowed Kianna's legs to float in the water. She began to chomp over and over sending knife like teeth stabbing into her soft abdomen. This action created a frothing of blood and shredding of tissue around her waist sending viscera out all over the pool. Finally both top and bottom jaws met at her spinal column. With a great burst, the mako lifted her head up and in two swings of her head, the spinal column separated tossing her legs and empty pelvic cavity back into the water.

 The mako swallowed Kianna's upper half and went swimming after her legs that were still attached to her pelvis which was still wrapped in her bikini bottom with the top edge shredded from all the biting. As she accepted Kianna's legs into her mouth starting at the hips, she bit down on her tough muscular meaty legs puncturing her tight, tan skin. The first bite was at the thighs, then at the calves, and then into her ankles. Then with one final gulp Kianna was completely gone, satisfying the mako. For the rest of the day she swam around grabbing any tissue that was floating in the pool. A few days later, the mako was picked up and brought back to the open ocean to enjoy the rest of her life. 

- Squalo - 9/97 


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