Story 1: Shark Sacrifice


Note: This story is purely fiction and no portions are in any way intended   to be real. The characters are completely fictional and are not  intended to depict any one person or group. This story is pure  fantasy and is not in any way a plan to become a reality. I have a  great love and respect for sharks and do not promote the killing of  them. I did not write this story to illustrate falsities about shark  behavior. All shark behaviors in this story are completely fictional  and unreal. Please enjoy this story as an erotic fantasy. 

 - Squalo - 

 Danielle was 23, single and just finished college when her parents died in a freak car accident. She was a 5'5" blonde with a lean, tone, almost considered slinky muscular body. She was training to be a fitness competitor while in school. Since her parents died, she came into a large insurance settlement and being an only child she received the full amount broken up in monthly payments. She was really distraught over her parents death and decided to take a trip to South America to get away from her thoughts and try to relax. She had a fascination for sharks and once heard that there was a possibility of a tribe living in South America that offered human sacrifices to a shark god. This sort of thing fascinated her and she had even fantasized about being eaten alive by a shark herself. 

   When Danielle was only 10 years old, she was out with some of her friends on her friend's parents boat. They all went swimming off the side. Danielle was the only one wearing a bikini. After a few minutes of playing marco polo, Danielle felt something grab her leg and it pulled her down for a second. She came up choking from the water that went down her throat. She took her fist and pounded on whatever it was that grabbed her leg. She though it was one of her friends fooling around. When she started to cry over her choking, the parents came over and pulled her up out of the water by her hands. What they saw was blood running down her left shin out of a wound on her knee. They got her on the deck and told the other children to get back on the boat immediately. What they found was the tooth of a great white shark tucked under the laceration in her knee. It must have been loose and easily came off the shark. Danielle was in shock at that moment and couldn't comprehend what the parents were talking about. She really didn't know anything about sharks or even what they looked like. 

   They took her to the hospital and it wound up that she only had puncture wounds from the sharks teeth and it just required a few stitches. The doctor told them that she was lucky because if that tooth wasn't so loose in the sharks mouth, she could have lost her leg from the knee down. Danielle understood that, and could not believe that something would actually do that to a person. 

   When she got home, she asked her parents to buy her a book on sharks. She was very curious about this type of fish that almost ate her leg. She was amazed that these fish were so big, especially the great white shark like the one that bit her. She now understood that it wouldn't have been just her leg that it would have been eaten. A few days later, her father came home with that shark tooth set like a pendant on a black leather necklace. She wore it every day of her life to remind her that she was almost food to one of the most feared and dangerous creatures on the earth. 

   As she got older, her body began to develop and puberty was setting in. She found out how to pleasure herself physically and for some reason she would think about being eaten by a shark to get herself excited. It might have been the fact that when she would look down at what her hand was doing, she would notice the tooth laying on her chest. 

   When she got to South America, she planned to stay a few days in a hotel to give her time to acquire some maps and to study the coastline. She realized that the tribe would have to be close to the shoreline of the continent in order to utilize a living shark for a sacrifice. Danielle also looked at the documented shark spots along the coastline and realized that the east coast had more. So she decided to start her journey along the east coast. She purchased a large heavy duty canoe, camping gear, and plenty of health foods and diet supplements. The boating store was right near the shore and had gotten the canoe in the water for her and her trip had begun. 

   She kept a tarp fixed over her to protect her from the scorching sun and when she was hot she would plunk herself in the water to cool off. Danielle spent days looking for signs of any kind of tribe along the shore. 

   On some days she would relax and take in the sun on the beautiful sandy shorelines. The one other feature she had was that she worshipped the sun and all year round she was well tanned. When she laid out she would wear this one specific style bikini that she loved. She loved it so much, that she bought enough to last her ten years. It was a black micro sized string bikini. The bottom was a thong back with a front that had only enough material to cover the little amount of pubic hair that she kept. All that was left was the black strings that hung off the sides of her pelvic bone. The top was two tiny triangles that slid along the string that tied behind her back and was suspended by strings that tied around the back of her neck. She liked to keep the two triangles far apart from each other leaving a large gap of open chest between her well endowed breasts. The only other thing she wore was the 2" great white tooth around her neck affixed to a black leather necklace. 

   Some days when Danielle laid out she would get the sense that someone was watching her, but nothing ever happened to her. When she laid out, she would cool off by taking a nice swim in the ocean and then go back to rest again. 

   One day she was canoeing along and saw some things floating in the water. They were small, dark, and round kind of in a linear pattern. She got close enough to find that they were coconuts floating attached to something. When she finally reached them she lifted one out of the water to see that there was a net attached to it. It was some kind of fishing net that surrounded this one piece of beach with about a fifty yard diameter with the ends anchored to the shore. Her first thought was that this could be something and almost expected to find fins swimming in this net, but to her surprise there was nothing. Danielle knew she had to investigate what was on land. 

   She pulled her canoe up into the sand as far as she could and brought a backpack along with some supplies she might need, but she did not bring her tent since she did not want to leave her canoe unattended overnight. She searched the jungle looking for more clues or even paths or even weeds that had been broken from some inhabitants that may exist in the area. She found nothing and it was getting late. By the time she would get back to the canoe she would have to rest overnight. When she finally got back she saw bare footprints leading to her canoe that had originated from the water. She was just about to give up on her search in this area when this discovery had changed her mind. She decided to sleep in the canoe anchored near the shore so as not to be noticed in the dark while she was sleeping. 

   In the morning she came back to shore and thought about what to do about this situation. Should she wait there to see if someone comes back or should she go a little further south to see if she finds something else. That day was exceptionally hot and she even had difficulty wearing her denim low cut shorts and white cotton crop top. So she decided to stick to wearing her black string bikini. She looked around for more footprints leading somewhere, but could find nothing. She was so hot that particular day, that she kept going in the water to keep her body cool. Danielle took short swims out fifty yards into the deep and back. She kept her body wet with the salty ocean water while she was on land by taking her swims as soon as she dried off naturally. 

   She took one swim out to the end of that fishing net and dove deep to see if she could see anything in the inside of the net, but saw nothing. She swam up desperately reaching for the top when she saw the shadow of a canoe bottom right above her. She suddenly panicked and felt her heart racing and a sudden nervous chill in her abdomen. Danielle realized she could not swim away from the canoe especially because she needed air immediately. She had no choice but to confront whoever was in the canoe as defenseless as she was just wearing her bikini and her shark tooth necklace. As soon as she broke the surface two very dark hands reached out for her and her first instinct was to reach her hands out to them without thinking of anything. 

   Suddenly she was ripped from the water in one mighty pull completely clearing the waters surface. She saw three dark native type people in the canoe, two of which had pulled her on board. Suddenly one of them grabbed her ankles and tied them to the canoes bottom. One of the other natives tied her wrists together and bound them to the other end of the canoe stretching her out on her back with the ropes pulling as far apart from each other as her long lean body would possibly let them. Of course she screamed, but no one could hear her over the sounds of the ocean currents. There were two men and one woman wearing very little clothing. She noticed that the two men had been wearing very large tiger shark teeth around there necks, larger than she has ever seen. The woman had on a very minimalistic top and a very low cut bottom on and was quite slender. She was wearing a tiger shark tooth also, but not around her neck, it was around her waist and it hung a good inch or two below her navel. 

   The three were amazed by her long straight blonde hair and in awe over the great white tooth that hung around her neck. One of them closed in around her waist and put his nose to her wide open stretched out belly and took a strong sniff. She knew that he must have smelled the tropical scent of the remaining suntan oil that coated her body. He rose from her giving out a groan as if smelling something delicious. She first thought that maybe it was the tribe she was looking for, but on the other hand it could be a cannibal tribe that might possibly want to eat her. All she knew is that she was very scared and her body was trembling. They seemed amazed at how tight and well defined her body was and especially amazed at the cuts in her washboard abdomen. One of the men put his hand on her stomach and outlined the cuts to show it to the other two. He then put his ear over her navel and kept tapping on her underbelly. She had no idea what they had in store for her. She sensed that she would not come out of this situation alive. 

   Danielle realized they spoke some kind of broken Spanish so she decided to ask them in proper Spanish what did they want from her. They were a little surprised, but replied in mumble jumble to her except for the words in Spanish for chosen, shark, and sacrifice. Her body jolted and jumped clear off the bottom of the canoe like a fish that had just exploded on a boat deck from being in the air too long. Her mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and she tried in vane to break loose of the ropes. With that she heard the words beauty and honor. She suddenly calmed down to listen for more words. She thought to herself about the fantasies she had about being eaten by a shark and how pleasurable it made her feel when she masturbated. She then laid there not knowing where she was headed and all she felt was a nervous trembling in her stretched out stomach. Her only thoughts at that moment were that she would become shark food and she would be nourishment to her favorite fish. Maybe it would be honorable to keep a shark alive by sacrificing herself and promoting the ecology of the sharks existence which was her favorite cause. 

   When the canoe made it to land, they untied her feet, but kept her hands tied. The two natives noticed that she did not try to run away so they did not have to carry her on a pole. Danielle walked willingly through the trees and deep into the jungle where she saw the whole tribe almost waiting for their arrival like the catch of the day. She was still not one hundred percent sure that she was to be sacrificed to a shark. The tribes people had their eyes wide open staring at her and reached out to her lightly pinching her skin and raking their fingers through her hair. She realized that she was not being physically harmed or sexually molested and that maybe she was being treated special because they all admired her. She noticed the small tribe were all wearing tiger shark teeth either on their chests or hanging below their navels depending on whether you were a man or woman. She was not only wearing the wrong shark tooth, but on the wrong area of her body. Maybe they thought she was from another tribe; she had no clue. 

   They stopped her at a hut where she was seated, sponge bathed, and groomed. They kept her in her bikini the whole time. She smelled wood burning outside and thought to herself that this was the moment of truth whether she was to be eaten by the tribe or possibly a sacrifice to a shark god. They led her outside with a spear pointed at the base of her spine and she could see a large fire with a pole across it, her thoughts were of  shish kebob Danielle. She then saw some tribes woman affix a pot to the pole and she sighed in relief. They had her sit down and watch the women add vegetables to the large pot. She knew even if they were to cut her up in pieces she would not fit in that pot. She got up enough guts to ask one of the women if she was to be sacrificed to shark god. The woman replied "Si". Then she continued speaking in the likes she could not understand except for the Spanish word for month. 

   Danielle realized she had stumbled on what she was looking for and that she would see what a real sacrifice is like except it would be the last thing she sees on earth. Actually the last thing she will see is the teeth of  a hungry shark gobbling her up. There was no way out of this predicament and maybe that was why she was put on this earth, as well as why she was so fascinated at this whole concept. Maybe she should make the best of it and be  totally willing to be sacrificed. The tribe allowed her to eat the vegetable soup with them by cupping her hands to hold the bowl given to her. She got up enough courage to stand up and say what she felt. The crowd stopped talking to each other when they saw her rise. She called out in a strong voice in Spanish that she would be honored to be their shark sacrifice. The crowd started whispering to each other and after a few seconds they all stood up cheering. Danielle smiled to their cheers. At that moment, her wrists were untied and she was able to finish eating her meal in total freedom. 

   When she went back to the hut she saw on the reed wall in the window twenty eight bamboo twigs hanging by small threads. She went to sleep with her mind racing and her tummy bundled up with nerves. She was not chilly overnight because there was a warm dry breeze keeping her comfortable in the minimalistic bikini that she wore. When Danielle woke up in the morning she noticed one of the bamboo twigs was gone. She was able to roam the grounds and as people would see her they would kiss her. Even the children would kiss her in honor and gratitude. She never got so much attention or praise before. It made her feel very important and very much wanted. They let her swim in a designated and netted area and they let her do her exercises every morning. 

   As the days went by the bamboo twigs disappeared one by one out of the window area of her hut. When there were thirteen left, two tribesmen had taken her out in a very large fishing canoe, it must have been at least twenty five feet long. The three of them went out to an area where many tiger sharks started swarming around out of nowhere. It's almost as if they were conditioned to listen for the boat. One man got her attention and pointed out to each of the fins slowly as if he was asking her to pick one. She pointed to a healthy 14' male and the two tribesman paddled toward him then had her stand up at the side of the canoe. He stuck his head out of the water and opened his jaws then snapped them closed. The tiger shark then lined his body up against the boat as if he had intelligence to know that they were going to lift him onto the boat, which is exactly what they had done. They hoisted a net back onto the boat that they hauled over the side. They let the shark lay free on the boat and he just laid calmly except for the snapping of his jaws as he looked upon her body in front of him. It was beautiful to see the fish and his food meeting eye to eye for the first time. 

   On the way back to shore, the tiger shark was rolled out into a large netted area. Danielle was able to roam around as she was before. Those next few days she was not allowed to eat anything. She could only drink water. 
She realized that they must be cleaning her out of any impurities. Within those few days she had been looking scrawny. Her stomach looked like she was sucking it in all the time. The Shark was not fed either so that he would really appreciate his next meal. Because of his great hunger, he would probably gobble her up in a matter of minutes. The last few days they let her swim around the netted area that the shark was held in. This allowed him to see and smell his meal for a few days. 

   The time had finally come when there were no more bamboo twigs in the window. Three tribesmen came to greet her each with a kiss on a different body part. They then lifted her over their heads; on her back and carried her to a large South American style pyramid with steps leading to the top. They carried her up the steps and the tribe began to surround the bottom of the pyramid. When they reached the top, a priest like man was awaiting their arrival. He wore a feathered head dress and was holding a large obsidian knife. Danielle did not get nervous because she believed now that this was the reason for her existence. The three men laid her on the stone altar where a large set of tiger shark jaws stood at the end closest to her head. The men then bound her ankles and wrists and pulled on the ropes with all their strength, stretching her body as long as it possibly could. They heard the familiar sound of limb joints cracking before they tied the ropes to the ends of the altar.  Her abdominal cavity was gaping wide open, totally defenseless and at the mercy of the priest. She was still totally relaxed. 

   The priest chanted some things she could not understand and waved the knife gently touching her belly up as far as the base of her rib cage and down as far as her pubic area. He then stopped chanting and raised the knife over her torso. He then had thrust the knife downward at her belly with no screams and not even a flinch from Danielle. He then suddenly stopped his descent with the knife just dimpling the point 3" below her navel. This was done for two reasons: 1) To scare away any other gods that may have possessed her body 2) to test Danielle by seeing if she would scream in fear, which she did not. If she had screamed, the priest would have known that she was not to be chosen for the shark sacrifice and the knife would have continued down plunging deep into her underbelly, severing her main artery before the point where it branches into her legs and only being stopped by the stone altar that she laid upon. You would have  even heard the knife tap the altar with the point. Her lack of fear and her willingness to die illustrated that she was truly meant to be the shark sacrifice. 

   The priest then put the knife down and lifted a pair of narrow bamboo twigs. Each one was wrapped with fresh green palm leaves on one end which made them drum sticks. He then lifted them over her and began to softly beat them against her hunger ridden tummy while humming some sort of tribal music. The humming and the hollow sound being made with her abdominal cavity was loud enough for the other tribe members to hear and so they swayed to the music. 
   When the priest stopped he untied her wrists and ankles, sat her up facing the crowd below and away from himself. He then took her arms and wrapped them over her chest and retied her wrists with the rope around her back making it look like she was hugging herself. The priest then stood her on the altar for all to see and the crowd cheered. They then led her down the stairs and escorted her to a large wooden canoe shaped tub that was carved out of an immense tree trunk and half filled with water. When she got closer, she saw the sharks fin in the tub. She realized that this was a sacrificial shark feeding tub. It had colored-in carved artwork of humans half in a sharks mouth. 

   The three tribesmen helped her up at the front of the canoe shaped feeding tub where she sat on the high bow tip. Danielle put her left foot on the starboard railing and her right on the port side facing the back where the shark awaited his meal. She then stood balancing on the sides of the tub and the crowd cheered again. She smiled being proud of her temple that would at any moment nourish this hungry shark. The shark lifted his head and snapped his teeth shut at the sight of her. The men helped her into the water which was filled just about where her groin was. They kept her far enough away from the head of the big tiger shark. He kept still when she entered the water like a dog that was trained to eat on command. This shark didn't seem to function on instinct, it was more like he had a conscience. 

   The priest took the Great White tooth necklace off her and hung it off the front end of the tub where she had just been sitting. It would never be worn by anyone, but would be kept on the tub in memory of her death. Danielle dunked her mid section in the cold water instantly sending a chill through her abdomen and up her chest and back. Two of the tribesmen then helped her to her knees in the tub. They directed her to bend her head over the water ready to completely submerge herself in the tub. 

   Danielle took one final deep breath which signaled the two men to have her bend her torso pointing it head first toward the shark. At that point her knees had come out from under her allowing her to lay on her stomach submerged in the tub. The shark slowly approached her and began to open his mouth as wide as his jaws would go, which made his nose rise out of the water to be able to accept the meal that was now offered to him. His teeth were not exposed at this time so that she could easily slide into his mouth without leaving a scratch on her. When she was about half way in, he closed his mouth gently around her waist, his teeth still recessed so he would not cut her right away. Her whole abdominal cavity laid on his tongue. He then began to lick her her stomach up and down from her sternum to her pubic bone passing the tip of his tongue over her navel. Her navel being licked started triggering off an orgasm in her body. She began to jerk from the orgasm and then the shark was ready. 

   He opened his jaws wide and his teeth began to become exposed. She felt the lower teeth gripping into the lowest portion of her abdomen just clearing above the outline of her pelvis. With one sudden strike his very sharp hungry teeth chomped down on her instantly gutting her pelvic cavity of all its meaty flesh. You could hear the water splashing as he shook his head back and forth in an attempt to completely sever her in half. Then you could hear the loud bone crushing and a final pop which was the sound of her spinal column very close to her tail bone being broken which completed the separation of her upper and lower halves. 

   With one big gulp, her upper half disappeared and had been thrust down his throat and into his empty stomach. He then moved forward to accept her legs which were barely attached to her pelvis and swallowed them whole completing the sacrifice and satisfying his hunger for now.. 

- Squalo - 9/97 
Enhanced on 10/98 

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