Amazon Rivalry
     Centuries ago, during the Medieval Times, two 16 year old girls escaped the perils of their village which had been overtaken and run to the ground, killing everyone.  The two swam off to a deserted piece of land not far off the mainland in the Mediterranean.  One was named Vicky and the others name was Kim.  Both were slender and blonde-headed.  They were both smart enough to swim accross with a broadsword strapped to their backs and some scraps of chain mail material that they could use for protection.  The piece of land had limited vegetation and could not provide enough bounty for the two of them for their whole life.  Only one could actually live off the fruit of the land for a lifetime.  Before their village was destroyed, the two girls knew each other, but did not like one another.  They would always try to outdo the other.  Since this was the case, they both lived at seperate ends of the land mass.
     The warmth of the Mediterranean never yielded where they dwelled and they both had taken their chain mail material and made the most minimal bikinis out of them.  This was so that the material could be worn at all times to protect their private areas since there wasn't any extra material anyway to protect anything else.  They were also able to bathe in their outfits and still be protected.
     They lived day to day, eating, excercising, tanning in the warm Mediterannean sun, and also practiced with their swords in case the other would ever attack.
     After a few years they were now in their early 20's and each year they noticed the land was producing less and less vegetation for the year to survive on.  Kim came ever so close to the dividing line of the two dwellings and would see Vicky and had threatened to attack her and impale her with her broadsword.  Since the day Kim had first threatened her, Vicky had carried her sword every minute of the day including when she bathed.  This made Vicky's arms very strong for duration.
     If these two ever came face to face with each other, it would be a fight to the death.  Kim was taught as a youngster that the easiest and quickest way to kill a woman is with one stab below the navel at the center of the pelvic cavity.  With that single blow, she would quickly bleed to death since there were plenty of bloodrich organs in this region of a woman.
     The next year, Kim faced famine if she did not face her opponent and take over Vicky's land for the food.  Months later, the time came when Kim only had enough food to last the end of that week.  She had to plan an attack on Vicky when she least expected it.  She had to come up with a plan for a surprise attack.  She knew Vicky would be prepared for her when she was sleeping, so decided it would be best to attack when she took her morning bath.  Kim had to find some kind of tube, like that of a horn pipe, to be able to snorkel her way into Vicky's path without being seen.  She was able to find a piece of bamboo which did the trick.  She knew she had to attack soon since she was running out of food.
     The next morning, Kim swam along the shore near where Vicky bathed.  Along came Vicky with her sword in hand.  Kim had not seen her in a while and noticed the thin, tight, muscular definition of her figure.  Vicky swam out a bit and immediately after Kim swam into the path that Vicky took from land.  There she waited under the murky water.  Kim listened carefully to the splashes in the calm water and then she heard the splashing getting louder.
     Vicky started swimming back to shore when all of the sudden a bright broadsword and Kim's head emerged from the water in front of her path to land.  At that moment, Vicky got a nervous chill that ran through her entire abdominal cavity.  Vicky strenuously lifted her sword in the air and the two clashed.  Cold steel against cold steel, each one defending themselves from the other's swing.
     Kim yelled out, "I want to see your innards spill out in front of me."
     Vicky hollered back, "You won't even have the chance."
     Vicky started to force Kim back to the shore where the two stood barefoot in just their chain mail bikinis, hair heavily drenched and flowing down their backs, water droplets beading and falling off their golden brown skin.  Vicky seemed to get the upper hand and Kim noticibally weakened in her swings.  Vicky did have more arm strength from carrying the sword all the time.  Vicky then cracked Kims sword from her hands and it fell into the edge of the water.
     Vicky cried, "Now you will die!"
     Vicky raised the sword above her head, stretching her well-defined, muscular torso, when all of the sudden Kim ducked and shoved Vicky to the back into the water and she unfortunately dropped her sword in front of Kim.  Kim tenaciously picked up the sword and pointed the tip at Vicky's nose.  Kim told Vicky to stand.  She stood up and prepared to die dripping wet, practically wearing nothing with that poor excuse of a minimalistic chain mail bikini, feeling as defenseless as a caged hare.
     Kim told her to put her hands behind her head, lift her head to the sky, and arch her back as far as she could without falling.  Vicky could now feel the cold, razor sharp point of her own sword dimpling the center of her underbelly only a few inches below her navel.  All Vicky could see was the blue sky.  She heard Kim's voice say "I will finally get to see your innards spill before me, but before you die, I want you to know I'm going to roast you over an open fire and eat you since I have not enjoyed the taste of meat since we swam over her some years ago.  And I will enjoy chewing on that grizzly navel of yours as well."
     Vicky shed some tears down the sides of her face and began to wimper as Kim began to plunge the sword into her belly.  Vicky could feel the layers of tissue breaking as the sword sunk deeper.  The sword hit the back of her pelvis and Kim pulled it out.  Vicky could not stand anymore and doubled over in pain.  She fell to the ground on her side now crying as the blood flowed from her wound.  Vicky looked down to see her blood pumping out of her belly at every beat of her heart.  Vicky finally weakend and began to spasm as her heart gave out from lack of blood.  She had rolled flat on her back and she was dead.
     Kim carried Vicky's body upside-down over her back with Vicky's legs hanging over Kim's shoulders.  She took her body into a wooded area where a tree had fallen and tied her to the tree stump with some vine.  She made a pit below her and slowly cooked her all day.  Kim ate gluttenously for days without wasting any edible morsel of Vicky's body.  She really enjoyed sinking her teeth into her greasy golden brown skin.

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